5 Reasons to Choose Autonomous Standing Desk Black Friday
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5 Reasons to Choose Autonomous Standing Desk Black Friday

|Oct 25, 2021

The Autonomous Standing Desk can be one of the best gift ideas for Black Friday. It can also be a great purchase for working people who need to be more organized while working and to place an emphasis on good health and proper posture. With the possibility of adjusting the height and with AI integration, the standing desk is among the most interesting designs to consider this Black Friday.

Autonomous Standing Desk Black Friday 2018

Those looking to improve the way they work can take the opportunity to get a discount coupon for the Standing Desk and other Autonomous top-selling products this Black Friday. Enter your e-mail address in the dedicated box at the bottom of the page, to be the first to know about our promotion. Until then, here are the 5 reasons to consider the Autonomous Standing desk for Black Friday:

 Autonomous Standing Desk

1. Improved posture

One of the biggest concerns of modern office works comes with problems of posture. A study shows how neck pain is influenced by improper posture. In time, people can develop forward head posture which immediately leads to neck pain. While this can be an issue regardless of the job’s nature, it is shown to be pronounced in office workers. In other words, sitting desk jobs are putting the general health at risk.

The Autonomous Standing Desk addresses these issues. It works well when it comes to posture improvements. But instead of obliging workers to stand all day, the desk actually encourages people to combine sitting and standing. This makes the transition from a simple sitting position much easier.

At the same time, having the ability to work from a standing position moves the shoulders back as the eyes are pointed straight to the monitor.

Another important aspect comes with health issues relating to obesity. It has been shown that prolonged periods of sitting promotes obesity. As sitting increased with modern jobs, it has also been linked to various problems higher body fat. Those who sit for long periods in a day have a difficult time keeping the Lipoprotein Lipase fat burning enzyme at optimum levels. This enzyme has been linked to many obesity problems. Since the developed world has promoted office jobs and the working hours are often exceeding what the body can naturally tolerate, a standing desk can be a great solution to fight the issues.

Furthermore, it is also important to notice that standing also burns more calories than sitting. Even if the process does not burn as many calories as actual physical exercise, this can add up over the period of a Monday-to-Friday work week. Standing three hours per day for five days burns 750 calories. When taking into account that the hours can easily double with a standing desk, this equates to impacting calories burn.

AI becomes reality

2. AI becomes reality

AI is often discussed when it comes to the future of the workplace and the future of how we interact with the world around us. The AI integrated within the Autonomous Standing Desk covers the important areas of a typical workday. It proves that balancing work, downtime, sitting and standing is truly possible. The way the technology works is through its built-in screen interface. The intelligent AI makes suggestions according to best practices.

It is why the desk can suggest when it is time to work. Balancing moments of hustle is important both for productivity and for focus. It is rarely the case that a person can actually continuously focus for 8 hours per day. It is why the desk is offering a proper incentive to work. This is also done through setting various goals such as having various deadlines. These work deadlines can be organized in a way in which they are reached without too much effort.

But the AI also informs users when downtime is required. Since most people need to take brakes, it is a system integrated with simple notifications. These notifications can allow workers to take a short break. The break is great to allow the mind to relax and also to allow the eyes to be taken off the screen. It is why so many medical professionals recommended looking away from the computer at least every two hours. At the same time, the AI is programmed in a way in which workers are integrating these breaks before they start skipping them.

But the AI of the desk also informs workers on the various times when sitting and standing positions need to be changed. If a worker is sitting for a couple of hours, a notification can arrive alerting that switching the position is required. It is why the system works great for those who are planning to switch from sitting to standing. It is during this process that people can actually feel fatigued at the beginning until their muscles are strong enough to support their standing position. Since one of the ways to make this transition easier is actually by alternating desk positions, the AI actually makes life easier. At the same time, it offers a change which can combat low productivity and low energy at the office.

3. Staying active while working

Another reason to consider the Autonomous SmartDesk Black Friday comes with activity levels. Staying active is not easy, especially after years of sitting for work. But at the same time, it might be one of the best times to simply look for a solution which allows things to change.

One of the main issues associated with desk jobs comes with low energy and low vibes. They are often hard to notice but active people can see them immediately. Staying active comes in many forms. Apart from alternating sitting and standing, staying active actually means workers have the ability to do light exercises while at the desk. Simply alternating legs to stand on can be a good way to keep the muscles engaged.

Exercises at the desk are also often recommended by professionals as a way to stay in good shape and to bring energy levels up. It goes without saying that a standing desk can be the perfect setting for at-work exercises. These exercises can involve simple core twists, lateral arm raises or neck. Trap stretches and cervical spine extensions can be performed while standing. These exercises directly target the neck pain issues which can come from long periods of sitting.

Trap stretches can be performed from a standing position, simply pulling the head to the right side with the right hand and then repeating the process on the left side with the left hand. With a direct activation of the traps and of the neck muscles, the risk of neck pain is considerably reduced. At the same time, it’s also worth knowing that simply having the ability to bring the shoulders blades to close together while maintaining the position for a couple of seconds can be one of the simplest exercises to perform to alleviate back pain. The movement can also be made while standing.

image ofAvoiding hunger

4.    Avoiding hunger

The Autonomous Standing Desk also takes care of other work-related issues such as eating. For many people, eating is an issue at work. No time to prepare meals as well as a lack of a plan when it comes to taking food breaks can lead to multiple health issues. At the same time, many people are simply skipping meals as they don’t find a tasty delicious food to consume.

The AI of the desk is able to meet these daily needs. It can be programmed to send notifications when it is time to eat. Most importantly, it can also be programmed to make the orders to the favorite restaurant or takeaway place for the food to come when the break time is close.

In the same segment, the smart desk is also able to suggest taking a coffee break. Coffee is a simple way to boost energy and positive moods at the workplace and for many people, it means having the ability to deal with the issues of energy directly. Hydration is crucial at every stage of the day. Actually, there is supporting evidence to show that most people don’t drink enough water. It is why it’s worth to consider the actions which can be taken when it comes to drinking water regularly. Instead of using separate smartphone apps to remind workers to drink water, the software which comes with the Autonomous desk does this automatically.

Of course, all of these processes can be easily used and programmed. Shortcuts to most of these actions are possible. All workers need to do is to set the AI to their preferred plan and use it for maximum productivity and health benefits.

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5. Ending the day with reduced fatigue

One of the most overlooked benefits of choosing the Autonomous Standing Desk this Black Friday comes with the overall refreshing feeling at the end of the day. Compared to a traditional desk which requires people to sit for long periods of time, Autonomous proposes a system which takes the pressure off the spine and the neck. This leads to lower fatigue.

Standing comes with changing positions as it is rare for workers to maintain the same leg posture for the entire workday. It is why it allows various muscles to active. But core activation is also enhanced while standing. This means that the entire area of the lower body generally stays more active withstanding. For many people, it can make a huge difference at the end of the day. While energy levels are generally lower at the end of an 8-hour shift, fatigue can be controlled and diminished. Neck fatigue and leg fatigue can be combated by alternating sitting and standing. This is the perfect opportunity to bring one of the most impressive changes in the way people work to life.

Combining these two main postures with exercises for the upper body means that most large muscles can remain active. Without having to deal with stiff legs or stiff arms, the active posture which comes with the adjustable desk is recommended for both men and women.

Most importantly, the desk comes with various height adjustments which make all of the above benefits possible. At its lowest point of 24 inches, the desk is in a position which can find workers being in towards the end of the day when energy levels are typically lower. Starting the day at the desk’s highest point of 51 inches is recommended for the high energy levels of this time.

This height adjustability can also be alternated through the day to maintain activity levels. For most people, this means multiple height adjustments and a movement pattern which can become second nature. Luckily, the desk is tested for 10.000 cycles which means it comes with a long life.

With an interface which makes it easy to use, a desk is an option for the future. Its integrated display and control center with a 7” screen makes the entire process easier. This, of course, eliminates the need for various cabled alternatives which further minimize the impact of the desk making it a modern minimalist design.

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With various benefits which range from health to productivity, the Autonomous Standing Desk, especially SmartDesk Pro is an inspired Black Friday choice. Made with an integrated controller which handles the most important moment of the day such as those of hustle and those of downtime, the desk is able to make work life easier.

At the same time, it comes with AI integration which simplifies these processes. So instead of dealing with multiple devices such as phones and calendars, the AI integrated Google Calendar and it anticipates food breaks by asking workers if they need to place an order at their local takeaway. When the workday is nearly over, the adjustable desk is also able to quickly call a taxi to ensure workers get home as quickly as possible.

With all of these integrated functions, the desk is also one of the capable solutions when it comes to future-proofing the design. For this purpose, workers also get access to the Autonomous OS platform. The platform connects users and developers and it is a clear sign the technology is always improving and listening to what workers want. With ever-changing working conditions, it is an AI technology orientated towards the future.

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