5 reasons why should join the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge
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5 reasons why should join the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge

Autonomous|Sep 23, 2020

The biggest photo challenge of the year is here! The Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge is a super fun, creative platform that celebrates Autonomous making working from home so much more efficient and productive for so many of you across the globe. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should join the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge!

1. How can you say no to $2000?

There is some seriously big money up for grabs! What would you do with $2000 cold hard cash? You could buy a brand new laptop to help you with your studies. Add a sexy new screen display to level up your gameplay and Netflix sessions. Grab that latest iPad Pro you’ve had your eye on ever since its launch. Or maybe it could help towards paying the bills or a brand new wardrobe? And with a photo contest that’s so simple to join, why would you pass on the opportunity?

If you own any of the Autonomous SmartDesk range of standing desks, or one of the many Autonomous ergonomic office chairs, then there’s nothing stopping you from entering the photo challenge. Arrange your Autonomous Setup so that it looks tasty AF and take your best photo. Whether it’s from your smartphone device or you have a professional camera, it doesn’t take much at all to create a slick image. And hey, a few post shoot filters and edits never hurt anyone.

2. Show off your personality

You spend so much time working from home that the home office should be your sanctuary and something to be proud of. What does your desk setup say about you? Your home office should be designed as a haven where you produce your best work; so it’s only right that you customize it to your personal liking to show your personality. Show off your personality and individual style by creating a space where you alone feel relaxed, energized, balanced, and happy at work.

Show off your personalityThe Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge is the perfect catalyst to really personalize your space and show the world how your desk setup works specifically for you and your unique needs.

Need some ideas? Here are three unique home office styles to show off your personality. 

3. Flex your creativity

Get creative! It’s not just your physical desk setup alone but the way you present it that will speak volumes to others. Join the photo contest and use whatever apps, editing tools, styling props, and lighting available to you to create your best shot. What’s your favorite time of day? Consider shooting your desk setup in the mesmerizing warmth of golden hour.

Flex your creativityOr if you’re a bit of a night owl, make things a little moody and light your shot with a dramatic desk lamp or maybe some colorful space age LED strip lights if that’s more your jam. This photo challenge is all about how your Autonomous Setup reflects and works for you after all. So have fun with it and really make your entry your own!

4. Become part of an uplifting community

The harsh reality is that lockdown restrictions and working from home has seen an unfortunate rise in cases of depression. Quarantine can get hella lonely and the #AutonomousSetupPhotoChallenge was created not to only highlight and promote some great desk setup ideas and give away some huge prize money, but also to create and bring together a supportive community.

We’re all about them GOOD VIBES ONLY after all! By entering the photo challenge, you’ll be joining a community of like minded people who get tickled pink by taking a peek into the home offices and personal desk setups of others. The LIKE and SHARE point system creates a little bit of healthy competition, but also allows everyone to show some love to others for their creative and innovative desk setup ideas.

5. Get inspired and WIN 

Of course not everyone owns an Autonomous SmartDesk or an Autonomous ergonomic office chair, but that’s totally okay! Even if you haven’t yet invested in an Autonomous product, you can still join our growing community. Head over to the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge page and you’ll find loads of inspiring desk setup photo contest entries to help you discover ways to upgrade your own home office. Get inspired to work more effectively, comfortably, and productively from home by applying some of the clever tools and ideas of others within your own space. You can also actively partake in the photo challenge as a VOTER. Simply LIKE, SHARE, and support your favorite desk setups and you’ll automatically go in the running to win 1 of 3 Dual Monitor Arms from Autonomous! Everyone has the chance to win!

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to share your unique personality with the world.

KVTake part in the #AutonomousSetupPhotoChallenge, and you could win yourself $2000 COLD HARD CASH! Joining the challenge is super easy

  • Get your creative juices flowing and take the best photo of your own unique desk setup. Make sure your desk setup features either an Autonomous SmartDesk or one of our ergonomic office chairs.

  • Submit your quality photo to the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge page

  • Share your entry with your friends, family, and colleagues. The photo that gets the most VOTES, LIKES, and SHARES will take home the big prize! Those that vote for your photo also go in the running to win 1 of 3 Dual Monitor Arms from Autonomous.

  • Remember. The sooner you join the challenge, the sooner you can start accumulating votes! So clean up that workspace and take your best shot. Good luck!

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