5 Signs You Need a New Office Chair
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5 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

|Jan 21, 2021

As an office worker, having an office chair is almost a staple. A sense of comfort and access to adequate tools and office furniture contributes to achieving the highest possible level of productivity. That's why employers should be highly concerned with the equipment that their subordinates are provided with. What are some signs you need a new office chair? 

These chairs are not permanent fixtures, and it's important to learn to identify when to replace your office chair. Of course, you can mitigate your back pain through ergonomic sitting, but that's not the easiest thing to do on a chair that is nearing its end of life. Consider the information below, which allows you to choose the right time to get a new chair to truly practice proper sitting posture

List of 5 Signs You Need a New Office Chair

You don't need more than one good reason to replace your office chair. What constitutes an acceptable reason? Consider the following five reliable indicators that you are starting to push the limits of your office chairs staying power. 

1. The Chair Is Worn Out

Worn out chair

Remember that your office chair is a piece of furniture at the end of the day. A reliable indicator of when to replace your office chair is when it starts to show various signs of wear and tear. If it is made up of a material, such as leather, for example, you may find that it begins to look old, and it may even start to tear in places. 

Additionally, you may notice that the plastic components don't seem as solid as they once were. Typically, when things start breaking or falling off your chair, it's a good time to evaluate whether a replacement is in order. If you haven't had the chair that long, it may simply be an anomaly, or the quality of the item was not the best.

Finally, the sturdy characteristic that allowed the office chair to support your back properly seems gone. How long should an office chair last? While it's not impossible for your chair to last a single year, it should stick around between seven and 10 years if the quality is good.  

2. Lack of Fit with Your Working Desk

Lack of fit with your desk

Sometimes, one of the clearest signs you need a new office chair is the imbalance that the current one brings to your ergonomic setup. Remember that ergonomics deals with the way that your environment and equipment swift you and your working needs. Therefore, it's almost always safe to say that you have something to worry about when that fit is thrown off.

This premise is especially true when you have purchased a new desk with some greater ergonomic benefits than the previous one. For example, you may have decided to get yourself an adjustable sit-stand desk to prevent yourself from succumbing to the dangers of continuous sitting. Once you realize that the chair is preventing you from using the desk in a compatible and productive manner, consider that a red flag that it's less of an ergonomic chair than it once was. 

3. Back Pain/Neck Pain

Back pain

In an ergonomic workspace, you should be able to work effectively and pain-free. However, that's not always the case. Back pain and neck pain can begin to set in overtime. Chronic pain is one of the most alarming signs you need a new office chair, and it's not one that is meant to be ignored. You don't want to get to the point where underlying damage starts being done. 

4. Leg Tension

Leg tension

One reason to replace your office chair is when using it stops being a relaxing experience. You normally must place some tension level on your legs to walk around since they bear your weight. In a seated position, however, there should be minimal tension on your legs, and they should be in a position that promotes good blood flow.

When an office chair is nearing the end of its useful life, you may start to notice pressure and tension in your leg areas. 

5. Out of Style

While this may not be a reason to replace your office chair based on function, industry standards do change, which requires you to adjust. The best ergonomic chairs of today all have some level of adjustability and good spinal support. Though many older chairs were meant to be comfortable during their time, their lack of staples makes them obsolete.

When you find that you are falling behind, you may want to consider getting a new chair. 

What to Consider When Buying a New Chair 

Now that you've identified that it's time to get yourself a new office chair, you may be wondering what to consider in buying yourself a new one. What if you were told that there are only three main things to think about? Luckily for you, they're all below. 

1. Functions That Help to Reduce Pain

Reduce pain

This is one of the fundamental principles of an ergonomic design. Your office chair is supposed to help you mitigate the potential for back pain through ergonomic sitting. You shouldn't have to focus on how you sit too much because the lumbar support should force you into the correct position.

Adjustability is another important feature, and it should be present in areas, such as the height of the chair and the armrests if present. Proper leg positioning, elbow positioning, and neck positioning are important in pain reduction, and the ability to adjust helps in this regard. 

2. Materials


The materials that make up the chair are also important. Keep your eyes peeled for solid materials, such as naked TPE upholstery, ABS plastic, mesh, polyester, etc. 

3. Price

The price is the final thing that you want to be looking at. Your budget should never be ignored, and many ergonomic chairs are suited to low budgets just as much as they accommodate higher ones. Ensure that the cost of the chair is both within your budget and is also reasonable. 

Where to Buy a New Chair at a Good Price

Autonomous chair

Autonomous is your best bet for buying a new office chair. You get to choose from amazing models, such as the MyoChair, ErgoChair 2, and the Kinn Chair, which all have superb ergonomic features that mitigate pain. They also represent current industry standards very well. 

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