5 Soul Seat Alternatives – Better Chairs for Ergonomic Sitting
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5 Soul Seat Alternatives – Better Chairs for Ergonomic Sitting

|Oct 25, 2021

Soul Seats gained a lot of hype when they first entered the market due to an aesthetically pleasing look that gave them an edge over any traditional chair. Nevertheless, as people started using them, they realized that these seats alone could not be of much use, and they would need some soul-seat alternatives to correct their workplace ergonomics.

We know that at this point in time, some of you might be wondering what we are talking about and what soul seats are. It is vital to know the fundamentals of this seat's design and evaluate its pros and cons to get a better idea of whether it is good for you or not. In this way, it becomes easier to judge and pick better chairs than soul seats.

Therefore, we have first discussed the details about the soul seats and later discussed what other alternatives you can think of if you wish to have a comfortable and healthy work experience. Well, let's have a look at the details without delaying any further. 

What is a Soul Seat?

What is a soul seat alternative

You must have wondered if there was a seat that allowed you to sit with your legs crossed the way you would sit on the floor at times. The Soul Seat is the one that helps you sit like that on your chair. These chairs are similar to standing desk stools.

The manufacturers have designed these seats to have a slightly raised seating surface and a second platform beneath the chair to have some space for placing your legs while you keep them crossed.

These seats are not like the usual ergonomic seats that you would have seen in the market, but the makers promise that they can help you redefine your workplace ergonomics. The seat's height is adjustable, so it can be used by a wide range of different heighted people. The plus point is that you can use this seat for normally sitting as well, with your feet resting on the floor.

But is that the only plus point that you get? Well, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of Soul seats now to make up your mind whether to buy them or look up a soul seat chair knock-off and search for better alternatives.

It is clearly evident that the cons outweigh the pros, which you may expect from any soul seat chair. Therefore, it is better to invest in some cost-effective alternatives that not only suit your budget but help you correct your workplace ergonomics ideally. 

Pros and Cons of Soul Seat

  • icon checkSoul seat chair’s foamed seats are very comfortable.
  • icon checkSoul Seats allows you to sit cross-legged on your chair.
  • icon checkThese chairs feature an adjustable height.
  • icon timesSoul seats lack common ergonomic features.
  • icon timesThese chairs lack a backrest.
  • icon timesThese chairs are comparatively expensive than a typical ergonomic chair.
  • icon timesThese chairs lack a backrest.
  • icon timesSoul seats can be used as an additional accessory but cannot serve as your go-to option for correcting your workplace ergonomics.

5 Best Soul Seat Alternatives to Correct Workplace Ergonomics

Here is a list of all those ergonomic chairs that would come in handy to correct your workplace ergonomics. 

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro soul seat alternative

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro can be the best soul seat alternative that you can think of. This ergonomic chair comes with multiple adjustment features, including an adjustable backrest and headrest so that you can have a fully customized work experience. Overall, the chair is perfect for correcting workplace ergonomics.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

  • icon checkMultiple adjustment features.
  • icon checkAdjustable armrest.
  • icon checkCost-effective as available on easy installments as well.
  • icon checkReclining back offers greater comfort.
  • icon checkBreathable mesh backrest to provide an airy experience.
  • icon timesNewbies might find it difficult to learn how to make multiple adjustments to get a customized experience.

2. Autonomous ErgoStool

ErgoStool soul seat alternative

Autonomous ErgoStool is ideal for those users who like the idea of having an active sitting. These soul seat alternative chairs are not designed primarily to have a backrest, so they serve better as an alternative to your main executive office chair. Like any other office chair, this stool also has an adjustable height, so you can adjust its height to help you have a customized experience. 

Pros and Cons of Autonomous ErgoStool

  • icon checkGreat traction.
  • icon check2-years warranty.
  • icon checkSloped seats to correct posture.
  • icon checkCan carry up to 270lbs.
  • icon checkIdeal for active sitting.
  • icon timesServes as an add on only.
  • icon timesLacks a backrest.

3. YAMASORO Executive Office Chair

YAMASORO soul seat alternative

YAMASORO Executive Office Chair can be a great competitor to soul seat chairs. These chairs have a backrest and all the desired ergonomic features that are usually there in an ergonomic office chair. Since this chair has flip-up armrests, you can even sit with your legs crossed. So, it won't be wrong if we say that this is one such chair that will offer you a dynamic work experience.

Pros and Cons of YAMASORO Executive Office Chair

  • icon checkFlip-up armrests.
  • icon checkComfy back and seating surface.
  • icon checkHighly cost-effective.
  • icon timesThe chair is not made up of breathable fabric, so you might feel stuffy when you sit for too long.

4. La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Chair

La-Z-Boy soul seat alternative

La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Chair is one of its kind. This soul seat alternative chair is not only cheap, but its memory foam makes your work experience worthwhile. This comfy chair is ideal for people who have a stiff budget but wish to buy an ideal ergonomic chair. Overall, the chair has every feature that you would wish to have in your chair. That's why it can be considered a better chair than soul seats. 

Pros and Cons of La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Chair

  • icon checkCost-effective.
  • icon checkWaterfall seat edge ensures better blood circulation in the legs.
  • icon checkAdjustable height.
  • icon checkHigh-end wood finish armrests.
  • icon timesThe armrests are not adjustable.
  • icon timesYou might feel stuffy when you sit for long hours.

5. REFICCER High Back Office Chair

REFICCER soul seat alternative

REFICCER High Back Office Chair is ideal for tall people. Such a chair helps you have a proper sitting posture at the computer. The interesting part is that this is an executive chair, so it can lift up to 400lbs. Therefore, bulky people can look up to these chairs too. However, the hair does not include all sorts of adjustment features.

Pros and Cons of REFICCER High Back Office Chair

  • icon checkWaterfall seat edge.
  • icon checkCost-effective.
  • icon checkMemory foam seat cushion.
  • icon timesThe armrests are not adjustable.
  • icon timesYou cannot sit on this chair with your legs crossed.
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