Sitting at a Desk All Day? How to Maintain a Good Posture?
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Sitting at a Desk All Day? How to Maintain a Good Posture?

|Apr 6, 2021

Ever since the pandemic gained full swing, you have been facing very irregular hours at the workplace. Most of you have even been found sitting at a desk all day. No matter which ergonomic office chair you use or how well designed your standing desk is, a good posture at desk mainly determines how productive you are going to be.

Most of you might have the best desks and chairs, yet they get tired too often and think it is the furniture that needs to be changed. Well, what needs correction is your posture. A wrong posture lays an adverse impact on your health and makes you less productive overall.

Are you among those office workers who are eager to know how to sit properly at work to remain productive round the clock? Well, you have come to the right place. We have shared a complete guide that explains all the Dos and Don'ts you need to care for to maintain a good posture.

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What Defines a Good Posture at Desk, and How is it Helpful for Me?

A good posture is when all your body parts are aligned perfectly in a way that there is no stress on any particular side. Avoiding any muscle tension helps you achieve that quite conveniently. A proper desk posture can help you do wonders. If you think of its benefits, there are many.

The correct posture makes you more productive and improves your health and physique in many ways. It helps reduce the risk of muscle tension and muscle strain, which is pretty common when you sit for long hours.

A very common problem faced by office workers is associated with severe and, at times chronic spinal pain; well, the right posture even helps you maintain better spine health. It even helps with avoiding any wear and tear of muscles in the body and helps you maintain a better balance.

All these positive aspects help you have better health and performance overall. You must be excited to learn about how you can attain the correct sitting posture and maintain it. Well, let’s read further to explore.

What Defines a Good Posture at Desk, and How is it Helpful for Me?

How Do I Maintain A Good Posture on Any Desk?

A good posture at desk is subject to a person's height, the activity they are doing while sitting, and their chair. However, irrespective of the task that you are doing while sitting, you can maintain a good posture by making these little changes:

Rest Your Feet on Floor/Foot Rest Pad

You should ensure that your feet rest flat on the floor while sitting at a desk. If your desk chair is higher and any height adjustment is not possible, use a footrest pad to ensure your feet rest flat.

rest your feet on floor

Have a little gap between the Back of your knees and the chair

It is better to have a little gap between your knee’s back and the chair, so ensure that you have at least a three fingers gap between your knee’s back and the chair.

gap between the back of your knees and the chair

Place your knees parallel to the floor.

You should make sure that your legs rest perpendicular to the seat or your knees parallel to the floor.

Your forearms should rest at 90 with your arms.

To ensure better comfort and satisfy work ergonomics, it is vital to rest your forearms on your table in a way that it forms a 90 with your arms.

your forearms should rest at 90

Keep your shoulders relaxed

For a proper desk posture, it is vital to keep your shoulders relaxed. This ensures that you have a lesser strain on your back and arms, so you are not likely to get tired too soon if you practice that.

keep your shoulders relaxed

Avoid sitting for a longer duration.

You should avoid sitting for long durations. You can use Pomodoro timers to have at least a 10-minute standing break after every fifty minutes, or you can divide your working time between sitting and standing with an adjustable desk.

Use a Backrest/Cushion

The best way to sit at desk is by using a backrest or a cushion while sitting. It would be best if you keep your back against the chair or some backrest, as chronic back pain can also make you slouch.

These common adjustments are vital for doing any paperwork or other tasks while sitting at a desk. However, if you are using a computer desk and have to look at the screen constantly, there are some additional measures that you are supposed to take to ensure that you have a proper desk posture.

use a backrest

How Can I Maintain a Better Posture While Working at a Computer Desk?

You can conveniently improve your posture while working at a computer by ensuring you do the following:

  • Place your monitor at an arm’s length
  • Ensure that your monitor's screen is in line with your sight or not more than two inches above it
  • Use an ergonomic chair
  • Add wrist pad if required while using the mouse
  • Use a standing desk and divide your time between sitting and standing
  • Use a headset for longer calls and avoid using the phone
  • Avoid using bifocals while working
  • Keep your mouse closer
  • Keep your keyboard right in front of you

Incorporating these little additions to the common requirements of a good posture at desk can help you sit the ideal way.

maintain a better posture while working

Wrapping It Up

Working while having the proper desk posture is no less than any art. Although it requires some little changes in your sitting positions, people often tend to sit the wrong way. In addition to all that we discussed above, you can even incorporate certain exercises in your working routine if you tend to spend most of your time in the office while sitting at a desk.

Even if you are working at a home office, you can add the best home office desks in your workspace and couple them with a nice ergonomic chair to make it easier for you to correct your posture. People often like having a white desk setup; however, you can make the selection as per your taste.

We believe that our guide to getting a good posture at desk was fruitful, and you would have earned some valuable information on how to sit properly at work and become more productive.

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