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5 Time Management Virtual Activities for Remote Team

5 Time Management Virtual Activities for Remote Team

|Apr 20, 2021

Remote working has become the new normal for most of us ever since the lockdowns began. As a manager or an office worker, you are aware that this new working trend has created a lot of chaos because most of you are unable to maintain a work-life balance. Many businesses and teams are now thinking of conducting certain time management virtual activities because the root cause of a lack in productivity, having a poor work-life balance, and lesser efficiency is a lack of time management.

Time management plays a significant role in making your team more productive and efficient. Adopting the proper time management techniques can help you excel in time management. However, as a manager or an office worker, you can also introduce some time management online activities to your colleagues to ensure the entire team is on the same page and you have the desired output. You can find several games and activities online that are dedicated to this purpose.

We understand that it is tough to choose which time management virtual exercise will be the right one for your team. Therefore, we have listed the most effective ones below to guide you better. Without any further due, let’s have a look at them.

1. Overcooked


Overcooked is a fun-filled yet effective time management online activity that you can use to make your team more efficient in decision making and time management. This is a restaurant game, and its prime idea is to provide customer satisfaction upon delivering food in time.

The best part is that you can play this game in multiplayer mode, so creating delegations and teams become easier. Having all tasks time-bound, this game helps your team coordinate to effectively manage their time to get the most done. Since they are working at a specified time and have time pressure, overcooked indirectly polishes their soft skills like effective teamwork and time management.

2. Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is all about polishing your business and leadership skills. Since these skills can help your team become self-sufficient and excel in their tasks, you can see it as a vital activity that can work best for time management online training.

In this game, you are working on your start-up project as a developer. Your responsibilities are to develop top-notch games and consoles for your customers. This game will be more effective for managers, as it teaches you how you can manage teams and hire the right workers to make your team more efficient.

You get to learn about how you can use advertising for polishing your money-making skills and improve your position in the market. So, you can say that it works on several soft skills at once.

3. 12 Labors of Hercules

12 Labors of Hercules

12 Labors of Hercules is one of the best time management virtual activities that can help you learn how to make rapid decisions, think critically and logically, organize your team well, and work on your time management skills.

In this game, you are playing the lead role of Hercules and have to plan a team of 12 laborers that can help you rescue your wife from the wrath of Hades' underworld. Having a fixed amount of time helps you teach your team how to work for a time-bound task.

Since there are different modes in this game, you can ask your team members to play in every mode and judge the modes that suit them best. Like this, you can test them in various ways to inquire how you can make the team with a similar set of strengths improve their productivity.

4. Farmerama

12 Labors of Hercules

Farmerama is a game where you own a farm and have to look after it, keeping it safe from any alien attacks or other challenges that might come your way. If you are a manager and looking for a way to teach your remote team how to coordinate and work on their teamwork skills, you can use this time management virtual exercise.

The users also get to learn how to plan effectively and market their goods. Having such marketing and planning skills can help them become better at working remotely as teams and divide their time wisely between the tasks at hand.

5. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is all about developing time management and critical thinking skills. It is mainly a strategy-building game where you work as an evil side that plans to infect the world and fight the medicines that the scientists design.

You have to play quite logically here and make apt decisions to give your best in the challenges. Such a game is suitable for both managers and office workers, who are thinking of improving their skills as remote workers.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the proper time management virtual activities can help you manage your collocated workers well. Giving a pep talk or a speech on how your team members can become more productive by polishing their time management skills is never the right idea.

However, choosing the proper time management online activities can help you do so and become more efficient. They even teach you how you can avoid the common time management mistakes that affect your productivity as a remote worker.

Using these online activities along with the right time management tools can help you achieve the most. In addition to this, if you create a dedicated workspace, having an ergonomic chair and an office standing desk at your home, you can exponentially improve your productivity and improve your time management skills.

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