5 Useful Tips for an Ergonomic Laptop Setup in 2024
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5 Useful Tips for an Ergonomic Laptop Setup in 2024

|Mar 15, 2022

Are you a laptop owner and would like to be more comfortable while working or gaming on your laptop? Here we have a few tips for an ergonomic laptop setup that you can take into account while upgrading your current workspace.

Laptops are more convenient to most users for multiple reasons. They’re portable and more affordable most of the time. However, it can also be a bit complicated to be comfortable while using your laptop. Most people will utilize their laptops while laying, sitting down on the sofa, or perhaps they use it while sitting on the dining table. Neither of these situations is  recommendable as it can result in lower back pain in the long term, as well as lack of focus and lack of productivity.

For that reason, today we’ll help you build an ergonomic laptop setup so you can work comfortably and become more efficient and productive.

Ergonomic Laptop Setup: How to Setup your Desk Comfortably

We will describe how you can build an ergonomic desk with a laptop by using only your laptop’s display and extra monitors if you’d like to expand your field of view. Most people don’t consider getting an additional display at first, but it can be a nice touch if you’re interested in getting started in trading and stock, for instance.

1.  Invest in ergonomic furniture

Invest in ergonomic furniture in ergonomic laptop setup

It is important for you to be comfortable during your work sessions. That’s why ergonomic office furniture exists, so you can adapt your workstation to your needs and preferences. Hence, you can start by investing in a good ergonomic chair and a desk so you can have a specific area where you can work with ease.

There are diverse ergonomic chairs available in the market. It is important for you to make sure that it allows you to adapt the chair to your body proportions. Also, while a traditional desk can be helpful, we also recommend you to consider a height-adjustable desk. This way, you won’t have to remain seated for prolonged periods, which can result in negative consequences in the long-term.

2.  Raise the screen to your eye level

Raise the screen to your eye level

It’s very common for laptop users to keep their laptops below eye level. This can result in neck pain and discomfort, but the solution is simple – you can use some books to raise the laptop a bit so you can keep your neck straight while you’re using your computer. However, we recommend you to use a laptop stand as it can be a better solution for long-term use.

If you’re going to add an extra display to your laptop and monitor ergonomic setup, we recommend you to invest in a laptop stand and monitor mount instead. This way, you will be able to keep both items at the optimal level. Additionally, you can add an USB-C docking station for three monitors so you can connect all your displays and expand the USB ports you have available in your setup.

3.  Get external peripherals

Get external peripherals in ergonomic laptop setup

When you raise your laptop’s height level, you will not be able to use the mousepad or the integrated keyboard comfortably as you did previously. It is important for you to invest in a programmable keyboard for PC and an ergonomic mouse so you can type comfortably and use your laptop in the correct position.

As an extra note, it is also recommendable for you to invest in an ergonomic wrist rest. It will help you feel more comfortable while you’re using your mouse, as it will keep your wrist fully supported and comfortable, helping you prevent issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

4.  Put your feet up

Put your feet up

The proper laptop posture requires you to sit with your feet flat on the floor, with your legs forming a 90-degree angle regarding the floor. Hence, if you feel that your hip is too high or you can’t get your feet to reach the floor completely, maybe using a footrest can help you with that purpose. In the meanwhile, you can use a box or something similar that helps you keep your feet at the optimal level.

5.  Follow a healthy schedule

Follow a healthy schedule

Even if you feel inspired to work, it is important for you to take breaks now and then and stand up so you can avoid feeling lower back pain and other long-term consequences.

Set yourself a determined time to work on your responsibilities, or follow certain time-management methods like the pomodoro technique. This will help you concentrate on your work better while also allowing your body to take a break from sitting for prolonged periods.

What Else to Consider While Building an Ergonomic Laptop Setup

What Else to Consider While Building an Ergonomic Laptop Setup

A laptop can be quite convenient for all of us as it grants us with more portability. However, keeping in mind the following laptop ergonomic tips may help you become more productive and be more comfortable during your work sessions.

  • Using your wrist pad is never a good idea. It will require you to move your hand and wrist in strange manners, contributing to wrist pain in the process. This is why using an external mouse becomes necessary.
  • If you’re using an external display, try to place it in a way that prevents you from flexing your neck. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable after working for a while.
  • laptop and monitor setup can work better with a laptop stand/monitor mount. This way, you will be able to personalize the space better and make it more ergonomic in the process.
  • Not all desks include a keyboard tray. If possible, adding an external solution to this problem can help you keep your hands at the right level while you’re working. This can help you prevent wrist pain and other similar conditions.
  • If you’re using a MacBook, you can learn how to connect a MacBook to a monitor and take as much advantage as possible of the extra display.

There are diverse ways to build a comfortable and ergonomic laptop setup. Remember that investing in your comfort is never a loss. You will see how you’re able to work more comfortably once you build your setup the right way.

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