5 Tips to Foster Employee Loyalty in Corporation
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5 Tips to Foster Employee Loyalty in Corporation

|May 9, 2021

There are two very important things that you need to keep in mind as a corporation. The first is the customer loyalty. It’s often said that you only need 1,000 loyal fans to buy anything you put out, and the only way to get this type of loyalty is to foster it. Customer loyalty is pretty easy to maintain. However, it is also tied to another aspect of loyalty that you need to manage… the loyalty of your employees.

Employee loyalty is something you should care about as a boss, not just because it improves team morale, but also because it is directly tied to customer loyalty as well. What is employee loyalty? Why do you need to care about it? How do you improve it? All these questions are about to be answered, and you might be a better boss after reading this article.

Time Does Not Mean Loyalty

Time Does Not Mean Loyalty

Often, the only encounter people have with the concept of employee loyalty is whenever the boss says, ‘he’s been with the company 10 years, he sure is loyal!’ However, time doesn’t mean that someone is automatically loyal, instead, loyalty is something that needs to be earned and employee loyalty to the company isn’t passively accumulated.

A loyal employee is someone who makes the sacrifices for the company. They get up early, stay late, and put the business first over everything else. They are these employees you can count on to get things done, and they are often the rising stars of your company. How do you make more loyalty in the workplace like that?

Provide Mutual Respect

Provide Mutual Respect

Nine times out of 10 you are the boss and people automatically respect that. You hold their authority, their paycheck, and their future at the company in the palm of your hand. Respect comes with the position… but how many times have you actually respected your employees back?

There are several ways to show that you respect your employees and drive more loyalty in the workplace, and it often boils down to giving them some form of gratification. Everyone likes to be recognized whenever they do a good job, especially by the higher ups!

The employee loyalty to the company can be increased by any one of the employee motivation idea tips in this article.

Pros and Cons Of High Loyalty

Pros Of High Loyalty

  Happy employees

  Employees feel better about their job and they produce more


  No cons here!

5 Tips for You to Foster Employee Loyalty

1. Remember The Beginning

Remember The Beginning

One of the best things you can do for employee loyalty to a company is to provide some employee anniversary gifts whenever you reach the day that your employee first joined the company. A simple gift can be the best way to not only show that you remember such an important day, but also that you are looking forward to seeing what they do for you next year. You can get a small trinket for them, or if you are feeling generous you could purchase a bulk office furniture order for everyone to enjoy!

2. Reward Hard Work

Reward Hard Work

Working late nights, early mornings, and weekends takes a massive toll on people. Instead of letting all that hard work go unrewarded, reward it! Have an employee incentive idea such as an employee of the month program or maybe reward some extra vacation days or offer to take their shifts for a while.

Nothing degrades employee morale faster than whenever they work as hard as they can yet get nowhere. It’s even worse when they are not recognized for their efforts because it makes them feel like their leaders don’t even care. Keep your ear to the ground and reward them for the work they do!

3. Give Some Recognition

Give Some Recognition

Employee recognition programs can also help drive competition in the workplace, so maybe think about some smaller rewards you can give out monthly. A typical employee of the month program works, as do other rewards like a paid for dinner or small gift card. You can give these out to achieve employee loyalty if an employee reaches a certain goal or performs above and beyond. 

4. Give Employees Time and Tools

Give Employees Time and Tools

One of the best ways you can show respect to your employees is to give them two things. Tools and Time. Tools that can allow them to look up answers quickly and also make sure that they have access to something that they can use to solve problems. Additionally, take a look at the time that employees are spending with your work.

As much as we value the people who can get work done fast, there are a lot of good employees out there who do great work a little slower. Make sure to value them too. Sometimes a strict deadline or a daily quota isn’t a motivator for your employees, but instead, it is a detriment to employee satisfaction and productivity. This can discourage employees from taking on tough tasks because they feel they don’t have enough time to complete them.

Take time into account, and make sure that your employees know that they can reach out to you and ask for help or an extension on work. That trust and respect goes a long way and can actually help you get more work done. It significantly helps to earn employee loyalty. If your employees feel like they can talk to you, they can come forward whenever a problem erupts.

5. Take Care Of Your Employees

Take Care Of Your Employees

Finally, you should make sure that your employees are cared for to foster employee loyalty. Make sure they know that they can have fun on the job, socialize, and ask for help. You don’t want your office to become a ghost town where everyone is only focused on work, so try to have some fun. Be one of the employees for the day and encourage some excitement to happen for everyone. It’s a lot of fun and can really improve both team loyalty and morale!

Start Actively Earning Loyalty

Getting the employee loyalty to the company won’t be easy, but if you take the time to do it right, then they should start to become more loyal. The extra loyalty only increases their willingness to work for the company, so it is a massive win-win for everyone. Get started right now, and pretty soon you can have loyal employees and loyal customers.

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