5 Top Mobile Office Trailers for Employees in 2024
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5 Top Mobile Office Trailers for Employees in 2024

|Nov 21, 2022

There are tons of options for outdoor office spaces, including privacy pods and office garden sheds. However, most people don’t take into account mobile office trailers even if they offer a similar experience and may even be more suitable for certain people.

A mobile office trailer can be an excellent option for a work-from-home space if you don’t have an extra room available at home for such a purpose. These spaces can help you work more comfortably as they eliminate external distractions and allow you to work at peace during your work day as a modern backyard shed would.

If you've been looking for a good small mobile office trailer where you can set up a workspace at home, you've come to the right place. Today, we'll be exploring ten different mobile office trailers for you to choose the one that suits you best, depending on your budget and current needs. You may want to take a look at some mobile office trailer floor plans to accustom the space for yourself!

Top Picks For Mobile Office Trailer For Employees

1.  Willscot Office Trailers

This company has diverse office trailer sizes available, allowing you to choose between multiple options depending on your needs. The company also provides what you need for the mobile office trailer interior to get started with your new workspace, such as furniture or perhaps tech.

Some of the options include 20x8’, 24x,8’, and 30x8’. The trailer will also include a restroom starting from the 30x8’ mobile office trailer and bigger sizes. The options go up to 64x12’ trailers, allowing you to choose between diverse choices based on your current needs and budget.

Willscot Office Trailers mobile office trailer

2.  Mobile Mini Solutions

The next option comes from Mobile Mini. This company offers diverse office trailers in multiple sizes, allowing you to set up a nice workspace with everything you need.

As of now, Mobile Mini offers trailers between 20’ and 64’. The company also offers modular office complexes, making it an excellent way to set up the right workspace according to your needs (or those of your team).

You can choose between different finishes for both the exterior and the interior, including aluminum and wood siding for the exterior and paneled walls or carpeted floors. Of course, the trailers come with the essentials and everything you may need to get started with your work as soon as possible.

3.  Triumph Modular

The next company is Triumph Modular. This company has office trailers starting from 8'x24' and up to 12'x60'. The trailers are also available for rent if that sounds better for you at the moment. Either way, you'll be able to find excellent office trailers where you can set up a complete workspace for teams or one employee.

Similar to the previous companies, you can choose to add furniture to your purchase, so the space is ready to use once it arrives at the specified location. You can choose between different widths, including 8', 10', and 12'. Except for the smallest option of 8'x24', all office trailers by Triumph Modular allow you to choose to include an optional restroom.

Triumph Modular mobile office trailer

4.  Mobile Modular

This company offers modular builds and office trailers. There are multiple sizes available, and unlike the rest of the companies, Mobile Modular includes one restroom in all workspaces regardless of their size. You can choose between 8’x28’ offices and 20’x64’ classrooms (which can perfectly work as offices, too).

Mobile Modular also added 8’x20’ offices not long ago, which can be a nice option for individual employees. The pricing varies depending on the size of the building, although it starts at $11,000 for the smallest office trailer available.

5.  Satellite Shelters

Satellite Shelters offers used mobile office trailers and modular buildings. Although the company offers diverse spaces, the size is a bit bigger than what the companies we’ve mentioned above offer. The smallest office trailer has measurements of 10’x12’. The biggest option is a double-wide mobile office with measurements of 24’x60’.

The pricing starts at $9,999. However, keep in mind that the prices vary depending on the region and availability of the company.

Satellite Shelters

How Much Does The Average Mobile Office Trailer Cost?

As mentioned above, the prices vary depending on multiple factors, including the size of the office trailer and the availability of the company you’ve chosen. Either way, it’s not rare to see mobile office trailers between $10,000 and $75,000+. Obviously, bigger options will likely cost more than smaller ones.

You should also consider additional costs, such as furniture if you would like your new trailer to come fully equipped. Still, a small mobile office trailer with space for one person shouldn't cost more than $12,000. If you want more space, be ready to pay more than what we're specifying here.

This price is a bit elevated and is quite similar to the price of a regular office pod. Hence, it all comes down to what you prefer as an office space.

Using Wood Sheds

Using Wood Sheds

Office trailers are good-looking and have a minimalistic look that many people love. However, a prefab studio shed may be a better option for some people. After all, these spaces can be custom-made and may be more resistant to the weather and other conditions.

Plus, wood sheds are more customizable and allow you to choose from different themes to set up your workspace. You can find many prefab ADU’s that grant you more creative liberty when it comes to aspects like the layout. An office trailer may look modern, but the space and personalization are quite limited and may not be suitable for everyone.


Wood sheds are more flexible and easier to accustom to than office trailers. It may also be possible for you to find a wood shed at a better price than an office trailer. Plus, it'll be easier to make modifications if you need more space or perhaps a certain area has become damaged.


prefab backyard studio can come in different shapes and styles. There are tons of options, from office pods to wooden sheds and even mobile office trails. Either choice is great for different individuals, based on their preferences.

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