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5 Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chair: Which Is Suitable for You?
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5 Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chair: Which Is Suitable for You?

|Jul 13, 2022

Ensuring good spine health is vital for every office worker to stay active at work. The equipment that plays a critical role in this regard is lumbar support for the chair. Nowadays, the ergonomic office chairs come with lumbar support that provides better support for your lower back. Such an addition is great, but with innovation in office ergonomics, several types of back support for work chairs have entered the market.

The different types of back lumbar support for chairs often make people wonder which one is the best choice for their office use. Which lumbar support should I prefer for my office chair? How many types of lumbar support are available in the market? Do I even need lumbar support? These are some of the questions that hit any office worker who cares about their health and productivity.

If you are among those office workers, the good news is that we have shared the five most popular types of back lumbar support for chairs. Going through our article, you will also learn which lumbar support will be best for you and understand how important they are for your back health. So, stick with us till the end!

5 Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chair

1. Portable Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Portable Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Portable lumbar support is the most common type that you will usually find in the market. This is usually a curved cushion or a roll whose purpose is to cushion your lower back and ensure you have a neutral posture. The ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow and the ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow are the best examples of this type of back support for a work chair.

The good thing about this lumbar pillow is that it is lightweight, so you can carry it quite easily. Secondly, its adjustable straps make it easier for you to fix the lumbar pillow at a desirable position for efficient back support. As far as the relief in the back is concerned, these lumbar pillows have a high-density memory foam which provides an ergonomic work experience. 

2. Heated Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Heated Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Heated lumbar support is ideal for providing therapeutic support to your back. If you are one of those office workers who are experiencing back pain more often and require massaging back support, the Autonomous ThermalComfort Personal Climate Control heated lumbar support is ideal for you. It is among the best options in this category, so you can easily rely on this lumbar support.

This lumbar support comes with six different temperature controls and three different levels of massage. Such features make this lumbar support a complete treat for your office use. Its curved lumbar support provides further relief in back pain and ensures you have a pain-free work experience. 

3. A Rolled-Up Towel or Small Pillow for Office Chair

A Rolled-Up Towel or Small Pillow for Office Chair

A simple way of getting lumbar support if you cannot get a proper back lumbar support for a chair is to roll up a towel and use it as back support. Similarly, a simple small pillow can also be enough to provide you with the back support you desire.

The benefit of using a rolled-up towel is that you can roll it up to the desired thickness and get comfortable lumbar support without compromising your budget on other office accessories. Still, it is not as efficient as proper lumbar support for a computer chair. 

4. Fixed Lumbar Support in Office Chairs

Fixed Lumbar Support in Office Chairs

There are many lumbar support chairs that come with fixed lumbar support. The design of these chairs is such that their backrest has a curved shape similar to the natural shape of the spine. Such chairs are either made of mesh or plastic. The fixed lumbar support cannot be adjusted and is the same for any user.

So, you can see this as a drawback of using the chair with fixed lumbar support. However, overall, these chairs are available at a comparatively lower price than a proper ergonomic office chair which comes with adjustable lumbar support. 

5. Adjustable Lumbar Support in Office Chairs

Adjustable Lumbar Support in Office Chairs

The adjustable lumbar support for the chair is the one that comes with the ease of adjusting the lumbar support manually. The adjustable lumbar support is usually found in ergonomic computer chairs like the ones that are available on our online store. There are three types of adjustments available in these ergonomic chairs: height adjustment, depth adjustment, and firmness adjustment.

The height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the height of the lumbar support either horizontally or vertically. In this way, you can have targeted support that helps you treat back pain. The depth adjustment feature manages the protrusion of a lumbar support, either inwards or outwards.

This adjustment, like the height adjustment, varies from person to person. Lastly, as the name suggests, the firmness adjustment feature helps you adjust the firmness of lumbar support. You can adjust whether you wish to have a soft or hard lumbar support. 

Final Words – Lumbar Support for Office Chair Under Autonomous Purchase Program


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