5 Ways to Help Your Employees Take Better Breaks
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5 Ways to Help Your Employees Take Better Breaks

|Mar 15, 2021

Taking breaks at work is more important than you realize. Work productivity relies on maintaining a full energy capacity. Due to the nature of remote work, employees may end up sitting in chairs for several hours. The quality of their work is dependent on their overall mood. If they run out of energy, they end up discouraged and lack motivation. Make sure your employees take breaks in between their schedules.

However, there are certain types of breaks that benefit employees. There is a difference between a break that boosts their energy and one that wastes their time. Consider the best ways to help employees with their break intervals.

The Benefits of Taking Breaks at Work

benefits of taking breaks at work

The importance of taking breaks is self-evident in the benefits you receive. Below are the advantages of taking a break:

  • Breaks are something to look forward to
  • Employees regain their focus and energy
  • It can improve their physical and mental health
  • Workers do not overwork themselves too hard
  • They can spend time on healthier habits

Be mindful not every break is a beneficial one. Your employees need to avoid overly long ones since these only serve to waste time on assignments. Breaks are a necessity, but don’t let them take too much advantage. Allow them to set a clear time that works for them, without forcing them to slack off on projects. You don’t want to rule with an iron fist - set reasonable expectations with your employees.

How to Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

encourage employees to take breaks

Burnout is a real issue in the workplace, so let your employees start taking breaks at work! You can encourage breaks with a more relaxed environment. There are plenty of incentives to entice them, such as healthy snacks and exercise. Breaks should also build toward better habits within your employees to avoid burnout. Here are five different ways to take breaks at work.

Create a Quiet Space

Noise is often a distraction in the workplace. Too much can result in a lack of concentration. Consider setting up low ambiance music. Mood often depends on the type of music you listen to. To encourage a relaxing environment, you can reduce stress with a quiet area. If you don't want to use sound, you can also suggest noise-canceling headphones so employees can relax. A quiet space allows for better mediation and peace of mind.

Provide Ergonomic Chairs to Take Rests

Ergonomic chair to take rests

Ergonomic office chairs allow employees to sit back and comfortably relax. Most workplace discomfort is due to bad posture and several hours of sitting in a chair. When taking breaks at work, consider a chair that allows them to recline.

Autonomous provides ergonomic chairs for maximum convenience and comfort. Whether you prefer the ErgoChair 2, the Kinn chair, or the MyoChair, Autonomous has you covered. Here are the pros and cons you should be aware of with their products:

  • icon checkGives employees an upright posture.
  • icon checkLumbar support protects the natural curve of the spine.
  • icon checkEmployees have full adjustability to set their controls.
  • icon checkPremium-grade materials make up ergonomic chairs.
  • icon checkHeight ranges allow knees to bend at the right angle.
  • icon checkChairs are designed with maximum comfort in mind.
  • icon checkAutonomous uses memory foam and breathable mesh.
  • icon timesAssembly is required.
  • icon timesSome chairs lack distinctive colors.

Schedule Breaks

Schedule breaks

One of the main benefits of taking a break is working on time management. To reboot their brain, workers should consider taking breaks within the day. It’s around this time they are the most energetic, so maintain their liveliness with much-needed breaks. For a few minutes like a 5-minute break, let them walk away from work. They need to rethink and come up with new ideas. You also can de-stress during lunch break by having a good meal and chit chat with your friends.

When you schedule breaks, you also allow them to expect a consistent work routine. Allow them to get used to it and build them good habits. Once they schedule breaks within the day, they can finish their tasks at a faster rate.

Eat Healthy Food

The importance of taking breaks lies within the ability to eat nutritional food. Workers need to restore their energy, which they can do with a dietary plan. Healthy superfoods for energy are packed with several key vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Here are a few examples:

  • Green leaves like kale and spinach for rich nutrients
  • Strawberries and bananas for antioxidants
  • Nuts like almonds and cashews for high protein
  • Salmon for healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids
  • Green tea to relax and regain energy

The best part is superfoods give your workers something to look forward to right before the break. Give them the extra motivation they need with a healthy snack. It also allows them to be creative with their food selection.

Exercise at Your Desk

Exercise at your desk

Standing desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. There are two main benefits to this activity. First, your workers don’t have to sit around all day. Secondly, it gives them enough room to exercise. Physical workouts allow them to stretch their muscles and improve health conditions. You can do meditation at desk through breaktime to boost your mental health.

For example, consider squats for your leg muscles. You can increase your blood circulation, which allows you to move around easier. Set up a few workout videos on your main computer and use them to guide your workout routines.

Avoid Burnout with Better Breaks!

Avoid burnout with better breaks

Workplace fatigue gets in the way of overall productivity. You want your workers to complete their assignments on time. Breaks are one of the more effective means to regain their energy, especially during a difficult day.

There are several ways to take breaks at work! Give them a proper desk setup and let them recline with ergonomic chairs. It can significantly improve their health by straightening their back. You should also give them time to eat healthy snacks and exercise.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you can expect better work productivity in the workspace. By taking breaks at work, you workers can creatively recharge their batteries. Before you know it, they come back stronger than before!

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