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6 Benefits of a Standing Desk for Your Health 2024
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6 Benefits of a Standing Desk for Your Health 2024

|Mar 6, 2022

Being an office worker, you would have heard a lot about workplace ergonomics and how you can optimize your productivity with a smart desk. Ever since the workplace trends have changed and the hybrid work model has come into the picture, many office workers have invested in home standing desks and office standing desks. But the question that comes up is, what are the benefits of a standing desk?

You would have heard a lot of people talk about getting a standing desk and how sleek and minimalistic they are, but have you ever talked about the benefits they can grant you? Standing while working can be beneficial for your health both physically and mentally.

Today, we are here to give you a clearer picture and explain all the benefits that you can get from a standing desk. But before getting into those fat details, we think that it is better to explain the mechanism of standing desks to those newbies who are yet not aware of them. This will give you a better idea of the advantages of a standing desk as well as benefits of standing at work when we share them later. So, let’s begin! 

What is a Standing Desk, and How Does it Work?

What is a Standing Desk, and How Does it Work?

A standing desk is a modern piece of office furniture that is designed to provide you with a better work experience. Since excessive sedentary behavior at work is harmful to you, researchers have come up with the idea of active sitting at work.

You can adopt active sitting with the help of a standing desk. These desks come with an electrically (in most cases) or mechanically operated height adjustment mechanism. The mechanism allows you to adjust the height as per your ergonomic requirement.

You can electrically adjust your desk’s height as you divide your time between sitting and standing. The electrically operated desks allow you to adjust the height using a single button, while the mechanical ones can be adjusted using a lever.

That’s enough information to understand the role of a standing desk. Now comes the part where we will be telling you about the benefits that you can avail yourself of upon using these desks. Since people are often worried about whether to go for a standing desk or not at times, this discussion will give you a clear-cut view. 

Standing Desk Health Benefits

Below are some of the physical and mental health benefits that you can avail yourself of upon using a standing desk. 

1. Standing Desks Reduces Back Pain

Standing Desks Reduces Back Pain

The major problem faced by people using traditional office desks is back pain. A standing desk well addresses this issue because here, you are actively changing your sitting and standing position.

In this way, there is no strain or stress at a particular point in your body, especially your back. Thus, you are less likely to hear any back pain complaints from standing desk users. This is one of the obvious benefits of a standing desk.

2. Standing Desks Improves Posture

improves Posture benefits of a standing desk

Are standing desks good for you? Hundred percent yes! These desks play an integral role in postural corrections. As an office worker, slumping against your office chair and slouching are two main practices of traditional desk users.

This problem is probably among the first few things that the standing desks target. You will see a prominent improvement in your posture once you start using a standing desk because it allows you to set the height of your desk and promotes active sitting in general. 

3. Standing Desks Helps You Treat Obesity

Standing Desks Helps You Treat Obesity

Office workers often face the problem of obesity because they spend most of their day sitting in their cabins. Nevertheless, this is not the issue if you use standing desks. Since you practice intermittent sitting when using a standing desk, you stay active throughout the day. Such activity can also help you combat obesity. So, if you were wondering, does standing burn calories? It does. 

4. Standing Desks Can Lower the Risk of Heart Diseases

You know that heart diseases are associated with a lack of proper blood circulation. When you use a standing desk and keep practicing active sitting, your blood circulation improves. Such an improvement can have a positive impact on your heart health. 

5. Standing Desks Is Potentially a Good Choice for Diabetics

Standing Desks Can Positively Impact Productivity

People with diabetes have an issue of increased sugar levels, and excessive sedentary behavior can result in increasing the blood sugar level of such people. If you see this issue in the case of standing desk users, you will find that users who are standing while working usually have controlled sugar levels. 

6. Standing Desks Can Positively Impact Productivity

One of the greatest benefits of a standing desk is that it lays a positive impact on your mood and productivity. Since you stay active and happy, your mood stays positive. And, when that happens, you stay more focused, which eventually makes you more productive. 

Wrapping It Up – How to Stand Correctly at a Standing Desk?

Wrapping It Up – How to Stand Correctly at a Standing Desk?

Summing it up, there are multiple advantages of standing desks. Nevertheless, you can only notice them in your daily life when you use a standing desk correctly. One of the most common mistakes that standing desk users often make is that they do not divide their time between sitting and standing properly and end up tired.

In addition to this, people even fail to correct their posture. You can sort out these issues by dividing your time equally between standing and sitting and setting your monitor screen and peripherals ergonomically.

You may also add some other ergonomic accessories like an anti-fatigue mat to make yourself more comfortable and avoid getting fatigued. And, as far as your arm placement is concerned, you can use arm supports too.

All of this will help you alleviate your office experience. This desk will be of your help even if you are a remote worker. For the best results, you can think of going for an Autonomous SmartDesk. We hope that you found this article helpful and it will help you make up your mind to buy a new standing desk soon.

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