6 Best Portable Gaming Monitors - 2024 Updated
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6 Best Portable Gaming Monitors - 2024 Updated

|Jul 24, 2022

It would be funny and unrealistic to imagine you carrying around a heavy monitor wherever you go. But with the concept of remote working and modern-day traveling, while working, you only need to take your work setup with you. After all, you cannot let your work pile up while you are on vacation or wish to attend a meeting in another part of the country. And carrying your large collection of work gadgets doesn't seem like the right approach. Hence you probably need a portable gaming monitor. The best portable gaming monitor is not only suitable for your gaming and league adventures from different places, but it is also smart enough to let you work with a quick response time and high-quality display.

Gaming monitors are much more advanced and better in terms of performance than a normal monitor; hence buying one can cover your work adventures by day and your gaming needs by night. Along with the right gaming setup accessories and gaming furniture, you can build the dream gaming setup with all the performance qualities.

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But how can one place their hand on the best portable gaming monitor, and what are the reasons to decide between a curved vs. flat monitor. That being said, a smartly curated list of the best gaming monitors can help you pick the right product, and you can also earn a pretty decent discount through the gamer purchase program. Below we have listed the best portable gaming monitors in 2022.

6 Best Portable Gaming Monitors in 2022

1. Asus Strix Gaming Monitor

Asus Strix portable gaming monitor

This portable gaming monitor 144 HZ is worth several praises because of its portability and smart design. The monitor weighs considerably less, around 1.98 pounds, and has a screen size of 15 inches which is smartly packed in this lightweight gadget. You get to enjoy a fast running time, quick response rate, and the monitor offers a high level of compatibility for the users.

The standard 60Hz panel provides a classic touch, and the monitor can be used for work and gaming. However, one limitation of this monitor is that it is a pretty pricey option compared to other products in the market.

2. Desklab Portable Monitor

UHD monitors are hard to come by, but this Desklab 4K portable gaming monitor isn't something you should overlook. A 15.6-inch display with 400-nit brightness and a True LED backlight are features of the Desklab 4K Touchscreen. This increases its brightness and color saturation compared to most external screens. Additionally, there is plenty of screen area for your multitasking requirements because of the 4K resolution and slim bezels. Additionally, this display has a responsive touchscreen.

3. Lenovo ThinkVision Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision portable gaming monitor

The 14-inch Lenovo ThinkVision M14 offers outstanding performance in a more compact design if you're searching for a companion for a smaller laptop. While trimming 1.5 inches may not seem like much, it makes a huge difference when trying to squeeze a portable display into a laptop bag.

The monitor tilts from -5 degrees to 90 degrees, making it ergonomic for appropriate neck placement in schools and offices where you need to mirror your display to show your coworkers and peers.

4. HP E14 G4

HP monitors are known for their top-notch performance and second-to-none display quality. These monitors offer high-quality resolution as well as easy portability for those who are looking for easier-to-carry options. The HP E14 G4 offers 400 nit brightness, 100 higher than other options. It has an anti-glare coating, so no more shading the screen when you need to work outdoors or even send an important email in the car.

It is lightweight, has a premium design, and works with a 5ms response time which is pretty impressive for gamers and programmers. This monitor and similar series from HP are known to deliver zero lag.

5. Viewsonic Gaming Monitor

Viewsonic Gaming Monitor

A portable gaming monitor HDMI mesmerizes your gaming and work experience; hence, enlisted on our top monitors for 2022, the ViewSonic gaming monitor weighs no more than 2 pounds. The monitor has ideal dimensions and a screen size of 17.2 inches with considerably low weight. This is also the most suitable product to bring your triple monitor setup ideas into reality.

The panel can support 144 Hz refresh rates and has Premium Adaptive-Sync technology. The VX1755 may easily be used with an Android smartphone (through USB-C), an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 console, and a laptop to expand your workplace or provide a larger screen to game on.

6. Coprit Portable Monitor

A fantastic multi-device all-rounder is the Copyright 15.6-inch Full HD Portable Monitor. It is 1080p Full HD, which is suitable for all purposes, including work, home use, and gaming. Additionally, it has USB-C connectivity, which lets you use a smartphone as a portable gaming system. Even though it's only possible with a PC rather than a phone or console, USB Type-ability C's to operate and power this display with a single cable is a huge advantage.

How to Choose the Best Portable Gaming Monitor?

Choosing a portable gaming monitor should be a detailed decision where you consider multiple factors simultaneously. Here are some things to consider when opting for the best gaming monitor.

Display size

Display size

Since portable displays are continuously being moved, selecting a screen size is a matter of taste. Remember that a larger screen will take up more space on your desk or table and in your laptop bag or baggage, even though it looks fantastic and makes things easier to read.


Most portable monitors use USB-C or mini-HDMI cords to connect to other electronics. Make sure the monitor you choose has the ports you require to pair it with everything you intend to use, such as your laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera, and gaming consoles.


Built-in speakers and headphone ports are features that some portable monitors include, which may or may not be necessary depending on the situation. If you connect your monitor to a computer or phone, you might already have the audio covered through the device. Over-ear headphones or external desktop speakers are typically the best options because these monitors' speakers aren't typically very good. To that end, look for the monitor audio feature if you think it will be helpful.

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