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6 Creative Ways To Work Your Clients Remotely
Hybrid Working

6 Creative Ways To Work Your Clients Remotely

|Apr 14, 2021

With your clients sitting miles away from you, work complications are inevitable. So how do you tackle this problem? This article lists work with clients remotely.

Several studies have directed on remote working in present years, emphasizing the benefits of working remotely. However, the process is not so simple. It would come as a surprise to you that there are many disadvantages of working remotely.

Read on to know the challenges faced while working with clients remotely.

Problems While Engaging Remotely Clients

While working remotely, you are at a significant benefit, and you can have greater flexibility, work in your comfort zone. Additionally, you can save up on your travel cost and save your time.  That being said, it can also cause several issues as you cannot connect with your client in person. Some of the significant challenges faced in engaging remote clients are listed below:

Communication Problems

communication problem.jpg

Effective communication is the keystone of every operation in the organization. However, this becomes crucial when working remotely. When you meet your client in person, you can develop a bond of trust with them. However, virtual working becomes a significant issue, as the client is very crucial for the company. Therefore, essential remote communicating is necessary to solve communication problems between you and your client and enhance your ability to work with clients remotely. 

Different Time Zone

different time zone.jpg

One of the foremost challenges faced by you is the time zone differences issue when working remotely. It can be a good time for you but not for your client can be a constraint. Additionally, it is something that is a fact and cannot be changed. It is one of the significant reasons adding to the challenges when working remotely. As a result, you can lose your client.

Culture Difference

When engaging with globally diverse clients, you can face significant issues when working remotely, such as language and culture. It will create a massive impact on future projects as it would be hard to interpret the actual meaning. Working with clients remotely averts you to communicate with your clients on the home office standing desk - Face-to-face. Moreover, this can impact negatively when engaging remote clients.


prioritize video conference.jpg

According to research face to face interaction is much more effective than mailed ones. While working with clients remotely, you can reach a point where the communication becomes boring. Either the client gets distracted with his phone and stops responding to you or gets delighted being at a different location. It is one of the challenges mostly faced when working remotely.


Due to working with clients remotely, you would want your client to connect regularly, which will become boring. If you send too many messages regularly, you can be at high risk of being ignored by your client. In this whole process, critical information will be lost. Moreover, if the problem becomes severe, you can even lose your client.

6 Creative & Effective Ways to Engage with Clients

Are you disheartened that you cannot shift to remote working due to so many challenges? Well, you do not have to worry. Here are solutions to those problems, and you can still enjoy working remotely, engaging remote clients and creating more productive workdays. Read on to get a detailed view of the simple activities to engage creatively with your clients.

1. Prioritize Video Conferencing

prioritize video conference.jpg

A communication plan is always healthy when working remotely. Since there is very limited interaction between your client, it is better to use video calls whenever you communicate. A 5-to-10-minute video call weekly will develop a good working relationship when you work with clients remotely. Additionally, it will enable you two to stay on the same page. It is best to pre-plan the video conference with your client for an easy-going meeting call.

2. Virtual Tools

Virtual tools are of great help when working remotely. There are thousands of efficient tools which can make your work more efficient. Tools such as virtual communication platforms can help you get the most in your meetings when connecting with your clients. You can discuss with your client the suitable means to ensure that they are comfortable with your tools. Using the right tool, you can update your client with important content regularly and stay well connected.

3. Sending Care Packages

care package.jpg

A considerable part of working in the office is collaborating with your clients face-to-face. Working remotely, you are missing out on the opportunities of having lunch or dining in an ergonomic chair. Therefore, by sending care packages to your client, you can relish your bond. Sending care packages is the perfect way to show gratitude and appreciation to your client.

4. Transparency and Feedback-Appreciation


Transparency is vital in all business environments - virtual or in the office. However, it becomes a sensitive issue when working remotely. It would help if you took extra effort to have all the minute details essential for the project. That said, a little information can bring a massive change in relations between you and your client. Moreover, building good relationships with your client is a perfect productivity hack.

5. Set Clear Expectation

Setting and enforcing clear terms with your clients will keep you both on the same page and it helps you better work with clients remotely. Before you collaborate with your clients, clear all the objectives and critical information. It will also prevent any miscommunication between you and your client. Additionally, you can work on the designated work once all the notions have been made clear between you two.

6. Understand Client Need

understand client need.jpg

When meeting face-to-face, many concepts and needs become clear just with gestures of your client. However, remote working creates an issue in understanding many such needs of clients. Therefore, it becomes highly essential to ensure that you address your client's needs to build a healthy work relationship. Plus, it also boosts the reputation of your enterprise.


Remote work doesn't have to be complex. This fact is especially actual when you take the time to understand the challenges that come when you work with clients remotely. Doing so will help you overcome them with ease. This guide is intended to make this process simpler for you. So please take advantage of it and make the most of the opportunity to work from anywhere around the globe!

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