6 Easy Cervical Spine Exercises for Office Workers
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6 Easy Cervical Spine Exercises for Office Workers

|Dec 23, 2022

Our spines are arguably one of our bodies' most fragile yet strongest parts. With a pain that can disrupt your entire living balance and a tendency to control your entire body, the spine does some wonders. But long-term spinal pain or prolonged stress on the spine can result in many permanent spine-related issues that are impossible to revert, especially for office workers, who lead a common lifestyle of spending most of their working hours in a chair without having any possibility of getting up or moving around.

Whilst there are tons of modifications in a workplace in the name of office ergonomics, one still has to dedicate a certain portion of their day to sitting or being truly inactive. Office workers frequently slump or lean forward in their chairs while seated. Due to the static posture that results from this partial immobilization, the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs are put under more stress. This can result in low back or neck pain. Sitting, in particular, can put a lot of pressure on the back's ligaments, discs, and muscles. An inappropriate sitting position over time can harm spinal structures and exacerbate back and neck pain.

Hence it is vital to address these concerns and adopt habits that can minimize the risk of spinal and other bodily injuries. There are tons of cervical spine exercises that you can do in your chair or even after you are done with a long tiring workday. Read below to practice and add some of the best and easy exercises to strengthen the cervical spine into your routine.

How To Stretch Cervical Spine?

Suppose you are guilty of types of posture harmful to your body's natural alignment or don't use an ergonomic chair that could aid with natural sitting posture. In that case, you need some lessons for cervical spine pain exercises. Below are some easy cervical spine stretching exercises to elongate and bring the spine into the most natural position after a long tiring day.

How To Stretch Cervical Spine?

Cervical Spine Exercises

When it comes to treating your cervical spinal muscles nicely, there are three types of exercises you can practice through. The first includes strength exercises while the second and third types are endurance training and stretching exercises.

In the strength exercises, the muscles are targeted to build strength. These types of exercises are done for the entire body and are performed with the help of some load. The working muscle does resist that load and develops strength.

On the other hand, endurance training, which is often confused with strength training because of the similarity between the two, has a lesser load/weight but works with a higher number of repetitions.

Lastly, stretching exercises improve flexibility. If the cervical spine is injured or is held in an unnatural position for an extended period, its flexibility may be reduced. Each joint needs to be able to move freely to prevent pain or reduced motion from the other joints moving incorrectly.

Meditation Exercises

Meditation exercises are stated just for mental health and wellness, but they also greatly impact physical wellness. Meditation can increase immunity and improve muscle and heart health while minimizing anxiety. Meditation can help you improve your posture if you struggle due to anxiety in the workplace, hence slouching or shrugging under stress. 

Meditation Exercises

Sitting Exercises

Just because you are sitting and are limited to your chair for the next few hours doesn't mean you have to dread being inactive. Gladly there are various sitting exercises you can practice right in your chair without getting up. For spinal health, body twists, sitting exercises for abs and exercise bands with bars can be helpful. Although the latter would require you to get up from the chair, some resistance band stretches can be practiced at your desk.

Standing Desk

A standing desk is often helpful for the lower body and prevents your leg muscles from laziness, but a standing desk is a great aid with the right posture. It can help you minimize strain on your shoulders, neck and entire upper body, preventing cervical spine pain. Moreover, easy standing exercises give you a plus point for moving your body and killing off that building fatigue.

Standing Desk

Working Out

Spot reduction isn't possible; neither spot muscle workouts are encouraged. A healthy body undergoes and maintains balance. With the right selection of workout routines and even proper office exercise equipment, you can finally kill those lazy muscles and build up strength and endurance in the entire body. Select the right equipment suitable to your workout routine. Make a healthy schedule to stretch, train, and follow a proper exercise regimen even if you don't go to the gym religiously.

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Shoulder Shrugs

Keep your arms by your sides while you stand upright and carry your weight with your hands. Throughout the raising process, your elbows should remain straight. Start by raising your shoulders so that they point up toward your ears. Pause briefly at the apex of the action before shifting your shoulders backwards.

This is the element of the exercise that matters the most. It would help if you imagined pulling your shoulder blades (scapulae) together as your shoulders travel rearward. Maintaining a good shoulder and cervical spine posture depends on the muscles that "pull" the shoulder blades together. While this tiny exercise routine relaxes and distressed your shoulder muscles and clavicle, you also subconsciously become habitual or practice an upright working posture.

Shoulder Shrugs - cervical spine exercises

Neck Rotations

Do you painfully press your neck at the end of a tiring day? Well, neck soreness comes from poor posture and the excessive practice of neck placement in one posture. For this purpose, neck rotations are highly encouraged.

You can practice these rotations sitting, standing or even lying down. While the arms, chest, and lower edges lie flat on the bench or bed throughout the first portion of this exercise, the head is dangling over the edge.

Neck Rotations - cervical spine exercises

Start the exercise by turning your chin in the direction of either shoulder. Keep your head from moving from the initial posture. Repeat this motion to the other side the necessary number of times.

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