6 Home Office Vibes to Make Your Ideal Workplace
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6 Home Office Vibes to Make Your Ideal Workplace

|Oct 13, 2021

So, you’ve managed to settle into the routine of working from your home office. Alternatively, you are probably just getting your home office setup, and you have no idea where to go from here. Either way, you've likely seen pictures and videos of various home office vibes that others use to transform their spaces into engines of productivity. 

The only question now is, “how can you do the same?” Things seem even more difficult if your home has never looked like anything other than a dwelling space. Now, it’s supposed to look like a workspace suddenly, and that doesn’t seem like easy work. 

Take a deep breath and try to hold it together, as nailing the creative office vibe is not that hard. There are essential elements, such as having the right office wall décor, which you need to bear in mind as your layout is put together.  

It's also essential for you to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and your office space doesn't need to be either. So, how about you give yourself a break and take it slowly? The best part is that the information below is here to guide your home office vibes that you along the way! 


Decoration home office vibes

Starting with the low-hanging fruit seems like a splendid idea, so why not take things off with decorations? Admittedly, that sounds quite vague, since this is an element that could mean many different things. 

If you're going to be taking things in stages, each remote work vibe must be clear and have actionable insights, and that's the strategy in the way the information here is presented to you. With that, it's time to look at some of the specific elements. 

The first is none other than your choice of desk decorations. The furniture selection comes below, but what can you do to make a table stand out without overdoing it? 

Well, but that depends on the kind of visual you want to create. If you prefer a minimalist desk style for your home office vibes, then you want to shoot for a material and color that blends well into the environment. 

Colors, such as white, black, and the less intense shades of brown can do wonders here. Ideally, it would be best to avoid putting any unnecessary accessories on such a desk. A small desk plant should complete the look. 

If you're not going for the minimalist style, then feel free to get louder colors that alert everyone to the presence of your desk immediately. You can opt for covering if you wish to make things a bit more unique for your remote work vibe. 

desk decor home office vibes

There are tons of desk decor ideas you could go with but remember that you don't want anything that distracts you since you're trying to get a job done. The desk is the centerpiece of your workspace, so everything else all but falls in line with what you do here. 

Now then, what about your walls? A couple of great ideas are having photos, posters, or putting up a simple wallpaper that makes you feel at ease. What does your floor look like? Carpets are generally excellent at creating a professional-looking space. 

The final tip for your home office vibes here is to try to avoid clutter as much as possible. If too many things are happening in a space that's too small, you're limiting the potential of the area. Remember that less is more in a context such as this. 

If nothing else, it means easier navigation and less organizing. These simple recommendations should come together quite well to create the kind of work from home vibe you want. 


Furniture for home office vibes

This is where the furniture selection comes into the mix in your creative office vibe. Off the bat, it is good to know that your best bet is to go for an electric standing desk. This is not the area in which you want to try to be cheap. Your health is going to thank you for making the right choice. 

There are so many companies today that are transitioning their staff members to standing desks or making use of standing desk converters. Why is this? Well, research continues to uncover how bad for your health sitting consistently is. 

There’s no need to pretend as if standing consistently is good for you either. However, when you go with an electric standing desk, you can adjust it and alternate between standing and seated positions at will. This consistent movement helps you to mitigate the negative effects of staying in either position for too long. 

What desk are you supposed to get if you want the best experience? Well, you may want to consider the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) in your remote work vibe setting. 

Your office chair is just as important, although you are not going to be seated the entire time you are working. Still, you need to pay attention to those ergonomic elements that are going to be preserving your health for a long time to come. These include adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and overall comfortable padding. 

Sure, it's a win if you can get your office wall decor to look great. Still, wouldn't you say it's an even greater win to feel great physically as you work?  

The natural question here is, what chair should you be looking to get for your office space? If the right one can do such wonders for you, then the wrong one could spell a lot of torture for your future. 

ergochair pro

The best recommendation for your office chair is the Autonomous Chair Ergo. If you didn't already realize, Autonomous is king where ergonomic products are concerned. You're dealing with a company that puts the worker first. It's all about you and how comfortable and productive you can be, thanks to your equipment. 

Apart from your desk and chair, it's a good idea to get other pieces of furniture on a need basis to get home office inspiration. If everything you do is electronic, for example, a printer may not help much. However, if you have a lot of papers to file, you may want to consider a filing cabinet


Habits in home office vibes

Until now, the previous recommendations have been intangible. So, you are probably now wondering, “how am I supposed to get home office inspiration from habits?” That's an excellent question, considering that a productive work environment can be made or broken by physical elements just as much as it can be by the intangibles. 

Cleanliness and neatness come together to form one of these pieces of the puzzle. Some so many remote workers have a tough time working as efficiently as they could because of the environment that a lack of neatness has created. 

This is one of the unfortunate truths about working in a space that you own. You see, even those who are not necessarily organized may feel inclined to put on a show when they're in a traditional office space around others. Who’s there to see what you do at home? 

Even with this comfort though, you do want to try to keep things tidy. As indicated before, should you avoid cluttering your home with unnecessary office desk accessories, you are going to find that you are much better able to move around and work well. 

The next item in your home office vibes on the agenda is your sit-stand sessions. You have your standing desk and your comfortable office chair, but you still must do your part to keep the workflow running correctly. Use an app if you must that reminds you when to switch between each position. 

Surprisingly, your clothes fall under the category of home office vibes too! The mental drive to be productive is way more likely to find you in something that resembles work attire than it is if you were to be wearing your underwear or your pajamas. 

Finally, compartmentalize your work and personal life as much as you can. Failure to do so may have negative implications on your morale and overall enthusiasm for the workspace. If you are not feeling your environment, it's going to come out in the quality of work you produce. 


Scents in home office vibes

At this point, you probably have serious concerns about where these recommendations are going. If you do, that's a good thing. Do you know why? It's because you've gotten so used to seeing various surface-level recommendations to the point of exhaustive repetitiveness. 

How often are you told to use aromas to bring life to your office space? Scents can be a whole remote work vibe if you get them right. Should you want to evaluate the power of smell, think of how repulsed you are by the smell of trash, for example. It's so off-putting that you immediately want nothing to do with it. 

Now, think of the smell that lavender-based items can give off. Alternatively, what about that food being prepared in the kitchen that manages to whet your appetite to extreme lengths? The point being made here is that the right smells can do wonders. 

Fortunately for you, there is one item that can handle this all on your behalf. All you need is an essential oil diffuser. Most models come with various oils for you to use, and you can replace them as necessary. With that, you can bring a variety of incredible scents to your office space and home office inspiration, which only serves to improve your mood. 


desk lamp in home office vibes

Next, it's time to look at the accessories for your home office vibes. Of course, these aren't as large as the traditional pieces of furniture, nor are they items that you absolutely cannot do without. No one is saying some of these aren't valuable or important, but you should pay attention to the home office furniture category first. 

The idea of getting the accessories is to bring quality of life improvements to your workspace. So, what are some of these amazing add-ons that can work wonders for you? 

The first of these is an LED desk lamp. Lighting is important to help maintain your mood, but you also preserve your eyes when you have proper artificial lighting that complements whatever natural sources may be present. It’s a no-brainer then that you want this to be adjustable. 

monitor arm in home office vibes

A monitor arm is next on the list, and this is great to further enhance the professional look of your workspace, get the creative office vibe and to give you some extra desktop real estate for other accessories you may have. Alternatively, if you want an empty desk, that looks just as neat. The monitor arm not only suspends your monitor at a comfortable height, but also allows you to rotate screens to take advantage of portrait or landscape orientations. 

The final piece of the puzzle, for now, is a cable tray. Improper cable management is one of the top reasons for disorganized-looking workspaces. With a tray present, you can run all your cables as a set to their various termination points in a visually pleasing manner. 



Thanks for sticking around as long as you have! The final of the home office vibes is none other than your office layout for productivity. It's very common for people to choose positions and holding spaces for various office elements without thinking twice. As far as such persons are concerned, they just need to store items. 

However, you should know that there is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. That statement may have origins in one or more childhood cartoons, but it applies very well in this context. 

From now on, think about logically placing the things you use in your remote workspace. Even when you're deciding on the position of your furniture, keep your productivity in mind. 

Your desk should be in a position that allows it to take advantage of natural lighting. If you are going to put your filing cabinet on the left side under your desk, it should be because you've left ample space on your right side. Furthermore, the bulk of the things you use that are atop the desk should then be put on the right. 

When organizing your drawers, put the items you are going to be using most in the convenient places. Of course, there are exceptions, such as files in a filing cabinet, as there is an independent system of organization that covers these. 

Final Remarks

At this point, you should have all the home office inspiration you need to come up with a logical design that contributes to the best possible output. Now go forth with your new knowledge and create the best space you can!

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