6 Things We should Know about Generation Z Characteristics
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6 Things We should Know about Generation Z Characteristics

|Jul 8, 2021

Generation Z characteristics are very important for a manager since people in that age range are adults and might be in your workplace already. Understanding their traits can help you change many things in your work environment. Read on to find out some information you might use to improve your management strategies, achieve goals, and more.

What Are the Values of the Generation Z and Generation Z Characteristics?

Many people are curious about what Generation Z values. The people belonging to that generation are very popular because they're now adults. 

Generation Z values many things, but one of the most important ones is diversity. They are the last generation to be predominantly white, and they grew up in a diverse world where America had its first black president, and many countries approved the legalization of gay marriage. 

According to statistics, 52% of Generation Z is white, while 25% is Hispanic, 14% is black, and four percent is Asian. In many cases, they grew up in a single-parent household, a multi-racial one, or a household where gender roles were not rigid. Consequently, their views about gender and race are much more flexible.

What Are the Values of the Generation Z and Generation Z Characteristics?

6 Traits of the Generation Z

If you need to manage a team, you might wonder, ‘What are the characteristics of Gen Z?’ As their boss, you have to understand their traits to implement the best strategies and ensure the group achieves the workplace and employee goals. Look at the most important things you should know:

1. They Are Focused on Finances

Gen Z often focuses on money and pragmatism. Most of the people belonging to that generation grew up watching their parents take financial risks due to the recession, so they want to achieve financial security.

People in Gen Z experienced the pressure of parents who struggled with finances. Therefore, they greatly value smart investments, financial stability, and conservative spending.

Traits of generation z

2. They're All about Technology 

Gen Z has enjoyed the birth of incredible technological advances, such as the origin of the internet, smartphones, and streaming services. They are the generation of influencers, YouTubers, and binge-watching.

Technology makes communication possible between people from all over the world, which is why it's not uncommon for Gen Z-ers to have friends they’ve never met in real life. Many of them find it easier to talk to a stranger in a faraway country than to the family sitting at the dinner table during the holidays.

Gen Z-ers also do a lot of online research, especially when they want to find out about a product they're buying. They rely on people's reviews and comments, which is something business owners should keep in mind.

3. Generation Z Enjoys Company 

Even though the Generation Z traits include a love for texting, they prefer face-to-face interaction whenever possible. However, technology is also greatly involved, since Gen Z-ers greatly enjoy doing video calls.

With Zoom, FaceTime, and other similar apps, Gen Z-ers can enjoy seeing the faces of the people they want to talk to. They often call their friends and loved ones, and even show them around the place they're at.

Generation Z enjoys Company

4.They're Entrepreneurial 

Gen Z-ers grew up watching Bill Gates and Steve Jobs becoming millionaires after being broke and working in garages, which is why they understand the value of great ideas.

Since the Generation Z traits include a passion for good ideas, people within that age range are not afraid to chase their goals when they know they thought of something potentially world-changing.

They often believe they can succeed with their ideas, and they're not afraid to chase them and test them to see if they work. Additionally, one of the most common Generation Z characteristics is the awareness of the fact that knowledge is one click away from them, and they use it to their advantage.

generation z understand the value of great ideas

5. They Welcome Change 

Important Generation Z traits also include their adaptability to change and flexible thought when they're trying to learn new things. People in that age range have tons of information at their fingertips, so they are exposed to different opinions.

Since they have access to information about different topics, they become “experts” in the causes that resonate with them, and often engage in political conversations even though some aren't old enough to vote.

6. They're Independent 

Although millennials welcome all opportunities to collaborate with others in the workplace, Gen Z-ers are very competitive. 

Generation Z never relies on others. People in that age range focus on their own abilities to achieve their goals, which is why their competitive nature can get in the way when they're in the workplace.

Therefore, many managers should rethink their strategy, especially if they want to ensure team empathy in a hybrid work environment.

If your workforce follows the hybrid work approach, you might need to find closed workspaces instead of open ones.

Generation Z are dependent

How the Generation Z Characteristics Impact the Workplace 

Now that you know more about Generation Z values and traits, you might wonder how their characteristics impact the workplace. 

Firstly, Gen Z-ers are driven by their goals, which makes them hardworking and energetic people. Additionally, they are competitive, and that could also be beneficial for your company.

Pros and Cons of Having Gen Z in Workplace

Having Gen Z-ers in your workplace might be a great thing for your team. Some Generation Z traits might be what you're looking for to improve your company. However, it also has some disadvantages you shouldn't forget.


  • Gen Z in the workplace are confident
  • Generation Z characteristics include reflectiveness and intuition
  • Gen Z-ers are flexible and creative, so they can come up with different solutions


  • They might be too competitive sometimes
  • They are known as the “loneliest” generation

Pros and Cons of Having Gen Z in Workplace

Although Generation Z traits include flexibility, creativity, and motivation, they are also very lonely, which could make teamwork difficult. Nonetheless, if you implement the right strategies and guarantee team empathy, you can manage your team and make sure your company succeeds.

Keynote Takeaways

Generation Z is one of the most popular ones right now because they are currently adults. Therefore, understanding Generation Z characteristics is important if you want to guarantee your company's success.

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