7 Anxiety Breathing Techniques You Can Try At Desk
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7 Anxiety Breathing Techniques You Can Try At Desk

|Jul 15, 2022

Stressing and overworking are two common things that people often do at work. The constant pressure of deadlines, irritating colleagues and endless tasks often make workers stressed and anxious. Such stress makes you habitual to shallow breathing, which exacerbates your productivity. Breathing problems out of stress is the most common reason why people get panic attacks. Therefore, it is vital to know the right anxiety breathing technique to bail yourself out of such a situation.

Are you feeling more tired than normal at work these days? Do you feel like you are not delivering your full potential, and your cognitive ability is getting impacted too? These are some of the negative effects of overworking, and if you are facing them, chances are that you are having a tough time at work these days. Therefore, you need the right anxiety attack breathing technique now.

There are certain deep breathing techniques for anxiety that help you address your shortness of breath problem. This anxiety is mainly the work performance anxiety that makes you feel overwhelmed with your tasks and may even cause an anxiety attack in the worst case. Therefore, the right anxiety attack breathing technique can help you control yourself and ensure you perform up to par.

To help you in the best way possible, we have shared some of the best deep breathing techniques for anxiety in this article. So, read it thoroughly to understand the techniques better.

7 Anxiety Breathing Techniques You Should Try

1. 4-7-8 Breathing Method

4-7-8 Breathing Method anxiety breathing technique

The 4-7-8 breathing method is a targeted technique for reducing anxiety. The technique is quite simple; you have to breathe in deeply via the nose and count slowly to four while expanding your belly. Next, you must hold your breath and count to seven. Once done, you must release your breath slowly while you count to eight. This simple practice is also ideal for those office workers who face trouble while falling asleep. You should repeat the 4-7-8 method at least four times in a row for the best outcomes. 

2. Deep Breathing

The deep breathing technique is somewhat the natural breathing practice. However, there is a slight difference; you must breathe deeply while performing this exercise. Ensure that your belly rises more than your chest while you breathe in, and then release your breath slowly to notice it lowering down slowly. Perform this breathing exercise at least three to four times to control your anxiety better. 

3. Focus Breathing

Focus Breathing anxiety breathing technique

Focused breathing is an advanced form of deep breathing. You have to do this breathing technique more slowly and with a greater focus. You should mentally feel every breath that you inhale and exhale.

This period is more like a body scanning period for you, so shift all your attention towards every movement your body makes as you breathe in with your nose and out with your mouth. If you want to have a better focus, you can focus on a single word in your head. Focusing on words like 'calm' can help you bail yourself out of an anxiety attack. 

4. Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is associated with mindfulness meditation. Often workplaces have a yoga room, so you may use that space for performing this anxiety breathing technique. You can perform multiple office yoga poses while performing this breathing technique. Yoga mainly involves a combination of various breathing methods like equal breathing, lion’s breathing, and others. So, performing yogic breathing in a calming corner or at your desk can be a great stress reliever. 

5. Equal Breathing

Equal Breathing anxiety breathing technique

Equal breathing is a simple anxiety attack breathing technique that you can even perform even at your desk. This breathing technique helps you release stress and focus on your tasks better. As its name suggests, you must inhale and exhale with equal counts, unlike the 4-7-8 breathing method.

For instance, if you are inhaling, count to five. Next, exhale your breath while counting to five again. You must breathe at a slower pace and repeat it for several minutes to get a noticeable decline in stress levels. 

6. Box Breathing

Box breathing is another breathing technique for the panic attack that you can practice at the desk. This is a simple breathing technique that feels more like a rhythm. Unlike other breathing exercises, you have to initiate this one by exhaling.

You are required to exhale your breath while counting to four in your heart. Once your lungs are empty, hold them in that situation for the next four counts. After that, inhale while counting to four in your heart again and hold the air for another count of four. Once done, begin by exhaling the air that you held. Repeating this breathing pattern at least four to five times is good for releasing stress. 

7. Lion’s Breath

Lion’s Breath

Lion’s breath breathing technique can be used for treating mental block depression. This is a simple breathing exercise that can be practiced while staying seated in your cabin. To begin, you have to place your hands on your knees and lean forward. You must spread your fingers as wide as you can.

Next, inhale via your nose and open your mouth widely while sticking your tongue out to your chin. Once done, you must forcefully exhale through the root of your tongue while making a 'ha' sound. Lion's breath is supposed to be a deep breath down from your abdomen. So, you must take some normal breaths before the next lion's breath. You should repeat this at least seven times. 

Wrapping It Up


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