7 Best Desks for Programmers and Developer in 2024
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7 Best Desks for Programmers and Developer in 2024

|Jun 1, 2021

The right office desk impacts the productivity, efficiency, comfort, and health of employees. And when it comes to programmers, there is a special desk for programmers made specifically to keep them comfortable for long hours. Since programmers don't have fixed working hours, they spend hours on a challenge and only find it okay to rest once they are done.

If you are a programmer experiencing increased stress day by day, chances are your seating arrangement does not suit you. Thanks to office ergonomics, there are now many modern desk setups for programmers which aren't only health conscious but also give better productivity. The best programmer desk with the right chair for programmers will give you comfortable seating and a working position.

How to Choose the Best Programmer Desk

How to Choose the Best Programmer Desk

Considering the programmers spend so much time working, an adjustable standing desk is a great choice. A standing desk for developers allows them to alter the height and adjust the position according to their comfort. Besides that, many other essential features make a desk ideal for programmers.


Space or surface area of a standing desk is also very important. Having a large surface area allows programmers to use dual to three monitors and set up a programmer desk setup with various accessories. Consider the space required for the mouse, keyboard, headphones, and other important items.

Height Adjustability

An ergonomic desk for programmers offers a proper height adjustment system. It can be modified to a standing position and a comfortable sitting height based on the person using it. Though there are benefits of a standing desk for every programmer, a standing desk or even a corner standing desk is a great pick.


Programming desks with storage serve various functions. You can keep your important files, documents, and other helpful accessories. Having storage is an extra perk that adds versatility and durability to a work desk.

Cable Grommets

Most programmers use more than one screen for their long series of coding and detailed work. With the dual or triple monitor system, it is inevitable to have many cables coming out of your Desktop. These cables create a mess that not only ruins the aesthetics but also affects productivity. Yes, a messier place leads to messy work output.

Cable Grommets

While you are purchasing a coder desk, make sure to look for a cable management system.

The Best Programmer Desks in 2022

Our list of best programmer desks in 2022 helps you narrow down the choices to more suitable ones. An expensive desk does not mean more features, but you have to make a smart choice when it comes to the best programmer desks for your long hours of coding and working.

1. SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro is a height-adjustable desk ideal for offices and home setups. It has an electric power system to lower and increase the height with over four different programmable settings. The system is strong enough to hold 350 pounds, making it suitable for programmers and developers who need a dual or triple monitor system.

SmartDesk Pro

It comes in various colors and has a classic wooden finish attached to a solid steel frame.

2. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core is yet another product from the ergonomic family, and it is ideal for improved efficiency and higher productivity in the workplace. The smart desk core is a height-adjustable desk that is spacious enough for regular to extra-large desktops arrangements. It has a load capacity of 290 pounds, so you cannot use it for multiple monitors set up unless they are small.

SmartDesk Core

The solid steel frame adds to the durability and strength of the product, and the electric-powered system makes it easier to use.

3. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner is a great L-shaped desk available in three colors, eager to fit any theme or type of interior. The L-shaped desk offers twice the space of an ordinary desk and has a load capacity of 440 pounds. It is ideal for two people or even a single person who is working with multiple monitors.SmartDesk Corner

You can adjust the height from 29 to 48 inches, and electric motors power this whole system. The work desk is made with a solid steel frame and has four programmable settings for easy use.

4. Casa Optima L-Shaped Desk

The Casa Optima L-shaped desk saves space utilization and offers maximum surface area compared to ordinary work desks. The frame is composed of steel, while the tabletop is constructed of MDF. A nice touch is an addition of leveling studs on the feet that can be adjusted to offer extra stability on an uneven floor. This office desk is not only durable, but it is also simple to put together, according to internet reviews.

Casa Optima L-Shaped Desk

5. Ikea Linnmon Office Desk

This office desk is a huge desk with extra storage and drawers for all your essential documents. It comes in a modern design with a conventional look of a traditional work office. For people who need to work with maximum storage and need multiple desktops to work with, the Ikea desk is a great choice.

6. Artifex Standing Desk

Artifex standing desk has a minimal design with modern features and all the important aspects of a comfortable desk. The desk comes with various features such as magnetic cable organizers and a storage section for smartphones. The Artifex standing desk is very strong and has a durable frame.

Artifex Standing Desk

7. Office Hippo Professional Desk

The Office Hippo professional desk is very well built and has a strong make. It comes in various sizes for a single to triple monitor system. The desk offers a great value for money and serves as a great option for professional workplaces and even home offices. An easy assembly proves this desk is made in solid wood and has a smooth, attractive surface.

How to Choose an L-shaped Desk for Programmers?

Choosing the best desk for programmers in 2022 is a tough job because of the many options and confusing reviews. So how to choose an l-shaped desk, you can make the right choice with the help of a few factors that will narrow down the right choices for you. It is also important that you choose a reliable place to purchase the programmer desk from.

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