7 Best Height Adjustable Table Lamps of 2024
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7 Best Height Adjustable Table Lamps of 2024

|Feb 8, 2022

For unknown reasons, lighting seems to be the most forgotten part of the ergonomic equation. Remember that principle is supposed to guide how workers fit with the tools and the environment they have. So, you would think that discussing an adjustable table lamp would be quite appropriate to such a scenario. 

Nevertheless, other elements of ergonomics continue to be emphasized while lighting is pushed to the wayside. So, whether it is that you are interested in traditional or home office lighting, this entire piece is dedicated to looking at what could be information that saves you both visually and mentally. 

You may think it's being played up more than it should be. However, it's very much proven that certain hues and angles of light can make, or break productivity based on the subconscious effects that they have. 

The visual element is easier to see, which is because the harmful effects of unwanted glare are well documented. 

Below, the intention is to give you a high-level look at some of the best adjustable desk lamp options on the market. You get to see what makes them so amazing, which should help to guide purchase decisions that you may make in the future.

7 Best Height Adjustable Table Lamps for Your Workspace

1. Autonomous LED Desk Lamp

Autonomous LED Desk Lamp adjustable table lamp

If you know anything about the Autonomous brand, it's not surprising at all that one of its designs stands at the top of the pyramid here. Autonomous is known for a series of incredibly durable, functional, and health-promoting, ergonomic furniture designs. 

Considering lighting is a crucial piece of the ergonomic puzzle, it's almost natural that the Autonomous LED desk lamp would exist. It's built with multiple color modes and brightness levels for you to choose from. 

The adjustability of this adjustable desk lamp is further enhanced by angle and height selections. Its small footprint and sleek aesthetic should enhance the visual of your modern office space, rather than creating unnecessary and bulky clutter. 

Such a minimalist design is appreciated by those going for a more subtle desk setup. Expect no less than 50,000 hours of light, regardless of the extent to which you use the included five different brightness levels. This works out to about 5 1/2 years of continuous use! 

You may have concerns about the bulb’s ability to illuminate a respectable space, considering its narrow surface area. But there is no need for you to be concerned, as it's 21 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, which means you get a huge lighting area without the need for a huge lamp. 

There is nothing like a well-lit personal environment that helps to mitigate the amount of eyestrain you suffer as you try to get your work done. 

2. Autonomous Light Bar (Ultra-wide Desk Lamp)

Autonomous Light Bar adjustable table lamp

Though the standard adjustable height desk light from Autonomous can span such a broad area, you may want something a little wider. If that sounds like you, then Autonomous’ desk bar light may be exactly what you are looking for. 

The height and angle adjustability here comes from a quite flexible 35-inch stem. The LED at the end of it is 31.5 inches, which should light up your desk quite thoroughly. Depending on the time of day, you can alternate your lamp between any of four appropriate lighting temperatures.  

Again, you get to choose from five different brightness levels, and this one is even constructed with a memory feature that can get back to the exact lighting setup you had selected prior. 

No one can deny that there are numerous similar products on the market, so you may be wondering why you should even opt for this one. Well, if you should stack the ultrawide design alongside most of its counterparts, you're going to notice up to 200% wider and larger light coverage. 

Controlling the direction of the beam is no challenge, thanks to the flexible design of the gooseneck. The head of this adjustable table lamp even turns 360 degrees, so you can theoretically point it wherever you like. 

3. Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp

Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp adjustable table lamp

One of the first things to jump out about this adjustable table lamp is its ability to be wherever you are. This portable LED lamp by Stella Lighting is battery-powered and easily transportable. A single charge can provide up to 11 hours of continuous use. 

Of course, the lighting style is adjustable, allowing you to opt for cool, natural, or light tones, thanks to its inclusion of tri-spectrum technology. These are complemented by 10 brightness levels to give quite the selection. 

Its wattage consumption is very efficient, which should be great news to those who worry about wasted power. It doesn't generate much heat, and there's also no UV light emitted. 

Bulb replacement can be a bit of a concern, but there is no need for you to worry about that here, as you are never going to need to replace this one. The only thing you need to think about is keeping the unit charged, so it can do its job. Note that the wireless charging pod is Qi certified. 

When you see the arm that the adjustable height desk light resides on, it may strike you as incredibly flexible. Well, if that's the impression you got, you are not off the mark at all. It’s made of steel for durability, but it's segmented, meaning you can take advantage of the flexibility to exercise full control. 

The head of this adjustable table lamp is easily twistable and rotatable, allowing the light to hold whatever position you may need for whatever surface area matters.  

4. LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp

LumiCharge T2W adjustable table lamp

This LED light with Bluetooth speakers from LumiCharge is what you get when an adjustable table lamp manufacturer decided that the core lamp functionality was not enough. It's hard to say that it wasn't the right decision to do, as this design is quite impressive in many ways. 

First, it's a charger. So, you can take advantage of wireless charging capability and get some juice on your Android and iPhone devices. Additionally, considering there is also a built-in USB port, you can go ahead and charge a second device simultaneously, while the first is taking advantage of the wireless charging. 

Next, there is the matter of the Bluetooth speaker. As you get your work done, connect to the speaker and enjoy the buttery-smooth sound quality. There is a microphone built-in too, so should your phone start ringing, feel free to take advantage of the mic to answer and conduct your calls. 

As if that wasn't enough, the LumiCharge T2W adjustable table lamp also has compatibility with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

It's highly transportable, and the light adjustments are very welcome. Take advantage of 10 levels of brightness as well as three adjustable hues. There is no need for you to try too hard to remember that last setting you used that you got comfortable with, since the LumiCharge T2W has a memory recall feature that takes care of that for you. 

Note that there is also an LED display that constantly shows you the time, date, and temperature. The unit makes use of a hinged design, allowing you to alternate the position of the head and adjust your light source whenever you wish. 

As you can see, it's not too hard to forget that you're dealing with an adjustable reading lamp here, considering the slew of features that the manufacturer has included. 

5. LumiCharge 2 LED Lamp

LumiCharge 2 adjustable table lamp

This is another good adjustable reading lamp you should have. LumiCharge isn't done showing off its designs just yet, because there is yet another one to enjoy. Meet the LumiCharge 2 adjustable table lamp. It gets even crazier than the first model.

The LumiCharge 2 does improve on the charging capabilities as it includes wireless charging, a built-in USB port at the back, and docked charger at the front. Therefore, instead of charging two devices simultaneously, you can charge three. 

As far as the lighting goes, there are 10 levels of brightness to choose from in conjunction with three different hues, meaning that there is quite a bit of variation in what the beam can look like. 

Of course, the intention is always to take advantage of artificial light sources such as these to help complement natural light, and the adjustments present in this design are quite conducive to that. The light setting memory feature is also present here, so you can always easily return to the last configuration you had. 

The LumiCharge 2 features a built-in motion detector, causing it to automatically turn on its night light when it detects any motion. This is a highly welcome design choice, especially considering the high amount of discomfort associated with stumbling in the dark just to find the switch to turn your light on.

LumiCharge 2

This is a list about adjustable table lamp models after all, and that adjustment goes beyond what the light beam can look like. With a hinge design that allows for 180 degrees of head height adjustment, 60 degrees of head rotation, and 330 degrees of base rotation, there is a lot of positional capability in this one. 

The LED info area makes a return here too, displaying the time, date, day of the week, and temperature. The included CR 2032 battery allows your calendar and clock to remain consistent even if your LumiCharge 2 adjustable table lamp should lose power. 

Aesthetically, it's quite a marvel with a sleek, peerless, and modern design. Even so, it maintains a minimalist look, meaning it doesn't pull attention away from the rest of your desk setup. 

Finally, there is the sturdy construction. High gloss UV coated paint is used, which is protected by its silver ion infusion. 

6. Humanscale Infinity LED Task Light

Humanscale Infinity LED Task Light

If you recognize the Humanscale name, that shouldn't be very surprising since the manufacturer is well known for a series of respectable ergonomic furniture designs. The major selling point of this design is the extent to which it allows you to manipulate the position of your adjustable table lamp. 

That's the whole premise of this collection, which is what earns it the space. Unfortunately, unlike the previous models before though, it's missing the granular color settings that allow you to take advantage of the range that truly keeps your eyes protected. Additionally, it's a little bit on the expensive side.

Nevertheless, its built-in “forever hinges” provide adjustability in quite a fluid manner. When you are adjusting some other models, it feels like you have no choice but to use increments. Regardless of the position that you desire, you always feel like you're moving the lamp throughout a continuous spectrum that allows you to stop wherever you would like.  

Thanks to the choice to build the base in an incredibly sturdy manner, even if the minimal desk lamp appears to be in a precarious position, it's not going to tilt over.  

Regardless of the lack of color settings, brightness settings are present, and there are nine levels for you to enjoy. Humanscale built an occupancy sensor into the lamp, meaning it can identify when no one is near it, so it turns off to conserve power. 

You can get it in slate blue, linen white, and ash black finishes to complement its aluminum composition. 

7. Dyson Lightcycle Desk Lamp

Dyson Lightcycle Desk Lamp

This is one of the best adjustable LED lamps in the market. One look at this adjustable table lamp design by Dyson is all it takes to see the customizability potential. Like the Humanscale design, it's quite expensive, but it is also pretty functional. The lamp interfaces with a mobile app known as the Dyson Lightcycle morph application.  

By default, the unit uses geolocation to keep track of what your local daylight should be to adjust its color and brightness every minute on the minute. However, you can use the app to make changes to this. 

There are also a host of other built-in features including feature light, ambient light, indirect light, and task light. thanks to magnetic torchlight docking, the light source gravitates to the stem.  

If you wish, you can also enable motion tracking, allowing the lamp to turn on whenever you approach it. Its color availability includes white and gray, black and gold, or a standard black. 

Final Remarks

Choosing the best LED desk lamp is not something to be done with little consideration. Instead, it's essential to think about why and how you want to use a light bar for your office desk

Technically speaking, you should never be using an adjustable reading lamp as a substitute for natural light when available. Instead, you want to take advantage of your natural sources and use your artificial sources in a complementary manner. 

The general rule of thumb is to use less intense artificial lighting when there is natural lighting available, applying progressively more intensity as natural lighting dims. So, beyond finding the best adjustable LED lamp, there is also putting in the effort to use it in the best manner possible. 

For the former, you should have no challenges, especially considering you were introduced to so many stellar options above.

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