7 Best Office Coffee Station Ideas for A Wake-Up Morning
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7 Best Office Coffee Station Ideas for A Wake-Up Morning

|Jul 19, 2022

Is your day even normal until you have the first cup of coffee? An average office worker drinks more than 1000 cups of coffee annually. This means getting 20 cups of coffee per week, which sounds like setting oneself for a slow death, but coffee is an integral part of a worker's life because of the daily mental stress they go through. And if it is not harmfully strong, we don't think there is anything wrong with an adequate amount of coffee daily.

But the problem arises when an employee engrossed in work covered in a pile of documents fails to get their right dose of caffeine and hence feels the laziness that sets their efficiency off. This, in turn, will impact their brain and work productivity. Moreover, with organizations and businesses keen to provide the best, around 70 workplaces have designated coffee areas in the office. This shows that the attention given to office coffee station ideas is for all the right reasons. Besides providing coffee, a modern office coffee station is a place to cool off and relax during work.

It is an integral part of professional office décor ideas because having a designated coffee station benefits the office and employees. But how can small office coffee station ideas be incorporated into a minimalist office décor, and what are some ways to design a coffee station for a modern office design? Below we have listed all you need to know about office coffee station design ideas.

Simple Coffee Station Design

Simple Coffee Station Design office coffee station ideas

Simple things have a little more charm, and the same is the case with this old-school basic yet 'never gets old' coffee station design idea. All you need to get is transparent storage canisters holding your coffee supplies such as beans, sugar and other essentials. Keep them beside a coffee maker so each employee can make their coffee, or even one can make it for all. The benefits? Cost friendly, and the transparent canister reveals the end of products reaching soon. This idea is suitable for minimalist office layout designs as well.

Hidden Coffee Supplies

Choose a console table with cabinets and add closed storage to its shelves if you'd like not to see all of your coffee-making supplies all day. This minimalist display can be completed with glass jars with contemporary wooden caps. You can also install wooden doors to the cabinet to bring an overall vintage office décor vibe.

Portable Coffee Station

Portable Coffee Station office coffee station ideas

Wouldn't it be wonderful to take your coffee station with you and have it nearby, whether you are in the middle of a difficult conference call or working on a team project with your colleagues? Because you can easily purchase a "movable coffee nook" and have it everywhere in your office or home, such things are no longer just a mere dream. You may maintain a variety of stuff, including coffee mugs and beans, and enjoy it whenever you want by storing all the ingredients and coffee-related accessories.

Seasonal Coffee Décor

Here is one of the interesting office coffee station ideas. Does your workspace celebrate events like Christmas and thanksgiving? Obviously yes. Wouldn't you love to go overboard with the celebrations even more? Here is a creative and unique idea. It would be fantastic if you could adapt your coffee nook to your seasonal needs. You can give your coffee corner a fresh look with a little decorating. Your coffee area can become special by changing the décor a little according to the season, changing the color suitably, or adding or removing anything properly.

Breakfast Foods with Coffee

Breakfast Foods with Coffee

This should also be a location for other breakfast necessities, such as cereal and a toaster, in addition to caffeinated drinks. This idea also works great for employees who often miss their morning breakfast and hence become frustrated at the workplace. Other than a simple coffee bar with floating shelves for equipment and serving ware.

Keep some breakfast items in a jar or airtight jars to prevent them from becoming stale. You can also stock up on office supplies based on the suggestion of your employees. However, this is a costly option because stocking up on breakfast might cost some bucks, but your employees would be happy.

Old Style Coffee Station

Nothing too loud nor basic, an industrial office design calls for a similar design for an office coffee station. You can use metallic cups with an old-style kettle for coffee making and serving. You can also build basic style shelves for easy storage and a kitchen vibe in your home office. And when it comes to a coffee maker? Make sure to pick one that does it all because industrial-style offices don't have much time to spend making their coffee.

In the Reception

In the Reception

If you have many visitors coming to your office who could turn into prospect clients, you probably need to make an impression in the best possible way. And there is no better way to make an impression than investing in the waiting area where your prospective clients would be spending some time. A coffee area in reception also ensures quick cleaning and allows easy stock of supplies. It remains away from coming in the way of daily work, and you can also serve some refreshments for the guests.

Benefits of Coffee Station at Work

Other than just using standing desks and ergonomic furniture or purchasing the best office supplies through the employee purchase program, there are various reasons you need a coffee station at work. For starters, having a coffee encourages an open office culture and improves employee socialization.


Taking a coffee break on-site might boost the mood in the office. According to research, coffee breaks can foster cohesion, making coworkers feel like family. Bonding can occur when people gather around the coffee maker. Here, discussions and ideas can be exchanged and inspire originality. By providing a coffee bar, a company can demonstrate its appreciation for its staff.

Also, if you find your employees often arriving late at work because they were getting coffee or taking frequent breaks, a coffee station can help reduce downtime. Employees are encouraged to stay and grab another fix while at work when coffee is available. This makes them feel happy as they no longer have to pay a heavy amount for each cup of coffee, and the organization is satisfied because they no longer lose employee time fetching coffee during work hours.

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