7 Best Stand Up Office Desks with a Monitor Stand
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7 Best Stand Up Office Desks with a Monitor Stand

|May 15, 2022

When working, the ergonomic placement of the screen is extremely critical because the wrong angle can cause neck strain and lead to a long-term spinal and upper back injury. When it comes to office ergonomics and health-friendly practices in a workplace, significant attention is paid to the monitor level. The screen level should be placed to match your eye level, and one should not be tilting their head upward or downward during work hours.

Though achieving the ergonomic monitor placement is no less than a challenge, thankfully, there are now various tools and accessories that can help with an ergonomic screen angle. The most common is using an office desk with a monitor stand. Yes, an office desk with a monitor mount solves the issue of ergonomics in the workplace because the screen level can be adjusted in the most comfortable position, and one is not restricted to a single height.

A stand-up desk with a monitor arm also serves as a useful product for the entire family because each user can set the desk height as per their height. Ever since the popularity of a stand-up desk with monitor mount has increased, there is also substantial confusion in choosing the best product for you.

Best Office Desk with Monitor Stand

Below are some of our best picks for a sit-stand desk with monitor shelf.

1. Rolling Computer Workstation

Rolling Computer Workstation

Would you love a portable desk with a monitor mount that offers you plenty of storage space? Hence buy this rolling computer workstation by mount-it because it is the perfect purchase for compact work settings. The computer trolley is equipped with a smart design that allows you to place your keyboard and other accessories in one place and then has a separate mount for you to hold up to extra-large screen size.

The desk has two bottom shelves, one for your heavy accessories like CPU and printer while the other moves up and down and can hold your stationery or other work desk essentials. With wheels added to the base, the desk keeps you on the go and is an ergonomic solution for jobs that require lots of movement.

2. Mobile Computer Cart

Mobile Computer Cart office desk with monitor stand

Just a cart for your laptop or keyboard, this mobile computer cart with a monitor mount is not suitable for elaborate work setups; hence it is the best pick for people who want to have just the tiniest place to set up their workstation can move it around freely.

The computer cart has a sturdy metal platform to keep your keyboard and a separate monitor arm that freely moves up and down within 30 inches. Hence you can use this cart both sitting and standing. You can also adjust the monitor to a slight tilt or rotate it 360 degrees for a vertical orientation.

3. Height Adjustable Rolling Desk

Height Adjustable Rolling Desk office desk with monitor stand

A rolling desk that serves as height-adjustable too? This height-adjustable rolling stand-up desk from autonomous is a wise purchase because it is ergonomic in terms of work. Still, it is also very useful for portable office setups. The compact size and wise shape ensure maximum work area in minimum space.

You will also get plenty of storage space, and the desk comes with a large keyboard tray and a monitor platform. Other than the platform, you also have a monitor mount to keep your screens at a safe and pleasant height.

4. Triple Monitor Mount

Triple Monitor Mount office desk with monitor stand

Triple monitor mounts are much needed by gamers and programmers who have to work with multiple screens; all mounted at a perfect eye level. This Mount-It! triple monitor mount is probably the safest and most ergonomic purchase for your gaming setup or work setup. The monitor arms all emerge from the same platform, but each monitor arm is sturdy enough to hold an even extra-large screen.

This office desk with a monitor stand can be height adjusted independently, and you can also rotate, swivel, adjust and tilt them as you please. The VESA pattern on this one ensures it is compatible with almost all of the screen options you will find on the market.

5. FinerCrafts Desk Shelf

FinerCrafts Desk Shelf office desk with monitor stand

There is no reason you wouldn’t love this FinerCrafts desk shelf because this product represents one-of-a-kind craftsmanship for office places. It is available in light wood and dark wood themes to bring a natural look into your office in both designs. The desk shelf can be placed on the top of any surface, and you can also choose from the three different frame colors black, white and brown.

6. Laptop and Monitor Stand

Laptop and Monitor Stand

If you already have a perfect height adjustable or fixed desk that doesn't need to be replaced for at least a few years, then making it ergonomic is the right solution instead of buying a new one. The Mount-It! laptop desk stand and monitor mount is a simple workplace accessory and hence one of the wisest purchases you will make.

This office desk with a monitor stand provides a platform for your monitor or laptop to support up to 27 inches wide screens or devices. You can easily mount regular-sized monitor screens and play with the 90 degrees tilt angle. The 360 degrees monitor rotation allows you to play with the orientation and choose the best screen level.

7. Birchwood Monitor Stand

Birchwood Monitor Stand

Monitor stands are usually made of plain metal and are not very suitable for elevating the aesthetics. But this ergonomic birch wood monitor stand changes the perception with its sleek design. The office desk with a monitor stand reduces the physical strain on your neck, shoulder, and lower back. It is made up of natural birch wood, so you won't have to worry about any artificial elements. The soft color makes it suitable for every office setup, and we love the additional storage space that skillfully reduces clutter.


The benefit of a monitor stand built into your desk or buying a portable monitor mount to fit in your desk is not only for ergonomic purposes. When it comes to organization, a monitor mount or a separate monitor shelf helps you in many ways.

It saves space on the desk to place other accessories and get enough space for your keyboard and mouse. It also provides a wider surface area for the arms and wrists to rest while typing, making you more likely to prevent repetitive strain injury. Let’s pick one option above and shop with us!

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