7 Best Video Conferencing Equipment For 2024
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7 Best Video Conferencing Equipment For 2024

|Oct 4, 2022

Do you know that effective communication within your team, even if you are miles apart, can have better results than physically being together and not having proper communication? Businesses work in weird ways where different people come together to make dreams come true, and as the famous saying goes, teamwork makes dreams work, but the truth is there is no teamwork without proper communication.

There are many benefits of a proper communication channel in a workplace, whether virtual or physical; the ability to express one's emotions and approach towards the company's growth makes the entire difference. And as the majority of the world went remote amidst the pandemic, we all realized the need for a proper and effective communication channel for things to go smoothly. Communication challenges were also one of the biggest roadblocks to the success of an organization; hence as businesses have realized their future to be mostly remote, they are in search of effective communication channels and smart technology.

This also covers the right type of conference equipment as millions of clients are connected to the businesses through online channels, so the need for the proper equipment for conference rooms cannot be overruled. This article will cover the best conference room equipment setup and the things worth investing money on.

The Best Video Conference Equipment for Office

1. Video Light Bar

If you are someone who has to tie prospects and clients with online meetings and video conferencing, then you cannot afford to look dull or boring while representing your firm. This can cost you not only some valuable clients but also serious business as the quality of persuading clients is affected if one does not look confident in themselves. A video light bar is the most common solution to look chipper and more presentable in online meetings.

The HumanCentric video light bar from the HumanCentric store improves your appearance subtly. The light has adjustable temperature and brightness to get the desired results throughout the day. It is powered by USB-C type and has four daisy lights with a natural glow. Mount it on the top of your screen and enjoy a quick solution to dull video cameras.

2. Portable Speaker

What if there is an important meeting call up when you are traveling, or you are someone who has to travel for work religiously? Video conferencing can be an unpleasant experience if the audio quality is not up to the mark. Hence you should always be prepared with the right solution. Our recommendation is the TREBLAB HD7 – mini portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are ideal for an entire video conference room conversation with the perfect stereo effect.

It is designed to be waterproof and portable to deal with accidents when traveling. The speakers last for 25 hours of playtime per single charge, and you also get quick charging in case you forget to fuel it up before an important meeting. Not only will this device look and work well for your work calls, but they are also an all-in-one purchase for gaming, movie, and weekend streaming.

3. Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone is essential for clear communication, and as much as listening to the other party is important for proper communication, transmitting your words plays a huge role too. This Sabinetek wireless Bluetooth microphone works with high-quality audio mixing. Enjoy a compact-sized microphone that rests on your collar, so your professional attire is not compromised at all.

With 15g super lightweight and smart features, this microphone is packed with quality and functionality. You can operate it via four noise reduction levels and a 6-hour battery life per use. It also offers 15 meters transmission distance for a high-quality sound experience.

4. Monitor Arm

When it comes to online meetings and video conference rooms it is expected to have multiple screens so one has a greater viewing angle. While wall-mounted screens are highly common for effective video conferencing, a monitor arm also plays a vital role in adding professionalism to a working setup.

Especially for one-on-one meetings, monitor arms help you maintain the right upright posture and align the screen to your eye level so you look confident and can convey your point directly. Moreover, a monitor arm also spares the space on your desk to minimize clutter, adding a professional touch during video conference meetings.

5. Internet Access

Internet Access - conference equipment

A powerful one at that. You need a strong internet connection to handle all the data used during the session if you want your conference to go successfully. Everyone joining the conference should know that a poor connection will cause audio and visual lags that may lower the call's quality. This can give rise to frustration and loss of precious time for you and the other party.

6. Video Conferencing App

We all knew skype as the most common and business-oriented conferencing app. But then zoom took the entire world by storm, and hundreds of applications soon made their mark. There are a bunch of video conferencing apps online, and one feature that takes the lead can improve your experience to a huge degree. Hence it is important to pick out the best video conferencing app that connects you and your team effortlessly.

And one of the biggest secrets to holding a great conference is video conferencing software. Modern video conferencing apps are quick and offer easy meeting room setups and various other features to make the whole experience hassle-free. And even if you are required to pay for good quality services from a video conferencing app, it is worth all the investment.

7. Smart Whiteboards

Smart Whiteboards - conference equipment

Whiteboards are typically used in traditional meeting places like conference rooms or huddle rooms, while they can also be used to connect participants in the real world with those in the virtual one.

Any typical meeting room must include a smart whiteboard. They improve meetings for both physical and virtual attendees by allowing the whole team to work together on a single platform. Visualizations aid in conveying your message and creating a strong, shared consensus among the group.

Bottom Up

Selecting the best video conference equipment for home or office is that what fits one person might not be suitable for the other. Similarly, not all businesses are the same with similar preferences; hence it is important to evaluate what you are looking for in a proper business conference setup. Above are some computer accessories and equipment that work for your remote or in-office business meetings or even to make a great impact with small conference room ideas and deliver effective results. Why don’t you add them in your note and get ready for your company conference?

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