7 Black PC Gaming Chairs of 2024
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7 Black PC Gaming Chairs of 2024

|Feb 27, 2022

If you are here, you are likely contemplating getting yourself a black gaming chair. It may seem like a simple enough decision, considering video gaming furniture, such as a gaming desk and chair combo, is usually prominently featured in neutral colors such as black or white. 

With that in mind, you would think that it would be barely an inconvenience to pick up a great chair and get to enjoy those long relaxing gaming sessions. Of course, that's assuming you are not one of those people who seems just one scream short of popping a blood vessel over that jump in-game that you know you made. 

Bringing it back to the chairs, there's a lot more to consider apart from the color. After all, every unit on the list below is a black chair for gamers. Clearly, if it were just about getting something black, then there wouldn't be much here to read. 

So, what else should you be thinking about as you opt to get the best black gaming chair possible? Well, it may be a good idea to learn how to sit in a gaming chair properly before anything else. 

Even if you get the best features on the market in an all-black gaming chair, you'd be surprised to find out the extent to which it doesn't help if you're sitting in a hunched position the whole time.

comfotable is essential

Once you get that out of the way, it's time to start focusing on the composition and comfort that you can get out of your black gaming chair. 

On the matter of composition, remember that these purchases tend to be long-term investments. Therefore, you don't want anything on your hands that is going to cause you to have to pony up even more cash too soon. 

You want to look for features that echo durability and longevity. For example, having a solid steel frame inside a black gaming chair is almost always a plus. 

Comfort is also essential. If nothing else, you're buying a special chair to keep you feeling good no matter how long you are gaming for. To that end, you may want to look out for lumbar support, seat height adjustments, armrest adjustments, and the like. 

Beyond the necessities, you can always pick out little bells and whistles that may appeal to you directly. For example, you may be interested in an RGB LED gaming chair to go with your RGB backlit keyboard, mouse, and possibly even your computer case fans. 

That's probably more than enough for you to digest, so this is an excellent time to segue into a definitive list of the best black gaming chair options for gamers, whether they play for their entertainment or that of the people who they may be streaming to. 

1. Karnox Suede Chair

Karnox Suede black gaming chair

The first black chair up for discussion is the Karnox Suede gaming chair. While you may see leather or mesh designs featured very often, it's not too common for suede compositions to show up. It may be strange to say, but you are way more likely to see suede shoes than you are a suede gaming chair. 

This design is actually a Karnox PU leather make that is spliced with luxe suede-feel fabric. The result is an incredibly plush experience that is very likely to keep you coming back for a very long time to come. 

The price point is also a factor that makes this chair very attractive. It's not necessarily the cheapest in the world, but it is also far from expensive. What does it offer you, though? 

Well, apart from the comfortable feeling, mold shaping fabric, Karnox has included a head and lumbar pillow that are removable just in case you don't necessarily want to use them all the time. 

There is also a 4D armrest adjustment capability, as well as seat height adjustments, lumbar support, and a 90-degree to a 155-degree reclining backrest.

You also get three warranty classes of two years, a lifetime, and 10 years for the seat and back, frame, and all other parts, respectively. 

2. Karnox Leather Gaming Chair

Karnox Leather black gaming chair

If you thought you were done with the Karnox brand, there is still one more to go in the form of the Karnox leather gaming chair. This time, you have high-density contoured foam with rich PU leather wrapped around it. The result is a great feel alongside a look that you can certainly be proud of. 

This can be an all-black gaming chair if you want it to be, but if you want to modify the PU leather strips hugging the sides, they can be blue as well. Either look tremendous, and should fit right in with the rest of your gaming setup. 

At the same price point as the suede alternative, it's no surprise that all the features mentioned above make a return. However, the warranty here is a consistent 10 years, as opposed to having three different classes.

Note that since the design uses PU leather, you don't have to worry too much about maintenance and keeping things clean. This is especially true because this material is known for its moisture-resistant properties. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to keeping things clean at all. 

Even from the assembly stage, you get a taste of how straightforward this chair is to deal with since it requires nothing but an Allen key, which is provided. Of course, the actual process of putting things together is no challenge at all. 

3. Vertagear Special Edition

Vertagear Special Edition black gaming chair

The next black chair for gamers is the Vertagear RGB chair. This concept was briefly mentioned in the introductory section, and the uninitiated may wonder how such a thing works. Peripherals are electronics after all, which means lighting in them makes sense.  

The question is, how does RGB lighting work in a chair? Is it just a static battery-powered thing? Before getting there, why not have a quick look at all the other things that make this a wonderful purchase? 

First, it's motorsports-inspired, which gives you that traditional gaming comfortable feel. Thanks to deep ergonomic engineering, you are preserving your neck and back health, simply by sitting on the black gaming chair.  

Some of the great ergonomic design choices include the neck and lumbar support in the natural design, as well as the pillows that can help to provide even further support. HygennX, a coffee fiber padding, is used for the backrest design, creating a super breathable experience to prevent unnecessary moisture and odor buildup. 

All this is complemented by a class four gas lift height adjustment mechanism, 80 to 140-degree back recline, 4D armrest adjustment, and comfortable support for those up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. 

On the RGB matter, you can choose to capitalize on or forgo an RGB LED upgrade kit with NXZT CAM. This is wirelessly connected, and PC controlled, allowing you to take advantage of over 16 million different colors. Feel free to sync it with what may be happening with your computer audio, to create a highly intelligent visual. 

How’s that for a solid Vertagear chair review

4. SecretLab Titan Evo XL 2022 Series

SecretLab Titan Evo XL 2022 Series

As you read the title of all of this, you were likely expecting something from SecretLab to show up on the list. Such an assumption is certainly not incorrect, especially with the huge waves that the brand has made on the market. Taking the stage here is the SecretLab Titan EVO XL 2022 series. 

Not only is it incredibly suitable for people with average builds, but it was meant to seamlessly accommodate those who are on the bigger and taller side of the spectrum. The visual is completely black, except for the SecretLab logo and the letter “T.” 

These are gold, providing the perfect highlight to keep the overall design from being boring, without having it border on being too flashy.  

From an ergonomic standpoint, the seat height adjustment makes for a high support range, there is a tilt angle of between 85 degrees and 165 degrees, there are 4D adjustable armrests, there is lumbar support, etc. 

This is probably also a good time to mention that the maximum load capacity is 395 pounds. That figure sheds a lot of light on the supportive capability of the unit. You can also rest knowing that everything used to construct this black gaming chair is of some of the highest quality out there.

5. FantasyLab Big and Tall Gaming Chair

FantasyLab Big and Tall Gaming Chair

This FantasyLab chair is best for those who may be on a bit of a more limited budget but still want a respectable black chair for gamers. The good news is that you are not getting an uninspired and subpar design here, as the build quality is quite respectable. 

It is a reasonably large gaming chair, so it also supports large gamers very well. Note that the weight capacity here is 400 pounds, which is nothing short of incredible.  

Some of the comfort features included built-in lumbar support, lumbar and head pillows, a waterfall seat edge, no chair bolsters, 360-degree swivel, a recline of up to 155 degrees, 3D armrest adjustment, and seat height adjustments. 

It's almost unbelievable how much you are getting for the price! 

6. Thermaltake X-comfort

Thermaltake X-comfort

Gaming chairs usually fall under one of two extremes. Either they are extremely cheap and not necessarily the best in quality or they have everything you could possibly need and more, but they happen to be on the more expensive side of the fence.

The Thermaltake X-Comfort black gaming chair is neither of these things. Technically speaking, one of its selling points is the fact that it's a mid-range chair. This is more from a price standpoint than anything else since it does have a very respectable feature set to cater to your ergonomic needs. 

First, it supports everyone from average height to tall, thanks to its wide and tall backrest style. Like some of the other superb models discussed above, you get a removable neck and lumbar support pillow, which should contribute to a high level of comfort.

It can handle weights of up to 331 pounds quite effectively too. Of course, you are also getting 4D adjustable armrests, and a tilt lock within a recline range of 90 degrees to 160 degrees. 

This PU leather unit is an all-black gaming chair, meaning that there are no accents or strips of other colors present. 

7. Maxnomic Titanus Black Gaming Chair

Maxnomic Titanus Black Gaming Chair

A very important point to note about this one is that it's marketed as a gaming chair for taller people. That's not to say those who are more within the average range can't use it, but they would have to be closer to the taller side than they are to the shorter one. 

Many gaming chairs that are designed to accommodate tall gamers often don't have any optional features that can appeal to very tall individuals. However, the Maxnomic Titanus chair accommodates seriously tall gamers by allowing for the purchase of an optional taller piston. 

The backrest is also really high and extra-wide, so if you are tall with a large frame, you should have no challenge at all. 

There's red stitching present that complements the black design incredibly well. The maximum weight load here is 385 pounds, which reinforces the point above about accommodating large persons. 

Apart from that, there are lumbar and neck pillows, seat height adjustments, armrest adjustments, and a 90 degree to 165-degree lockable tilt option. 

Even the side bolsters are flat and help create that kind of wide sitting area that would be desirable. Note that while the price tag is not super high, it is higher than the norm, but at least it doesn't skip out on strong design features. 

Final Remarks

How do you feel after learning all of that? Did you perhaps see a black leather gaming chair that you like? Maybe it was the suede option that appealed to you. Undoubtedly, these are all incredibly solid black gaming chair designs that would all make superb additions to just about any gaming setup. 

Unless you really love gaming chairs or there is someone else you're also shopping for though, you can only pick one. Remember the brief nuggets of wisdom close to the beginning that helped to steer you in the right direction by laying out a couple of things you can look for ahead of making your purchase.

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