Get in the Zone With 7 Home Office Furniture Layout Ideas
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Get in the Zone With 7 Home Office Furniture Layout Ideas

|Oct 21, 2021

As most folks work from home these days, the need for an efficient home office furniture layout is on the rise. Technology has facilitated the “gig economy” worker to connect with a larger part of the world for many years. This has only increased in the last two years. The need has multiplied given the pandemic and focus on staying at home for work and being safe.

Given that not all folks have access to a separate room for study or home office, many have repurposed their rooms to include a home office.  Add the challenges of even children and spouses studying or working from home, the need to have a home office furniture modern design that works most of the family members is important.

If you are considering various home office layouts, don't miss the importance of placing the furniture to maximize work efficiency. But, unfortunately, most folks stop and get consumed thinking about the aesthetics rather than the efficiency of the design.

Here are some ideas for you to ponder upon as you plan your own home office.

Home Office Furniture Layout

As you explore various home office furniture layout ideas, what is the minimum furniture you need for your home office? Our recommended list is an office desk and a chair, a storage space like a filing cabinet, and someplace to put away your minimum stationery like pens, pencils, and more apart from your desktop.

Here are some home office designs for your consideration that give you the best office layout for productivity:

1. Desk-against-wall

Many folks prefer this setup in a room, where the desk goes up against a wall.  There are many benefits to this.  Have you considered the wall to hang up your monitor screen for larger displays?  Additionally, you have the entire space behind the chair free when the desk is not in use with this setup. With an ergonomic chair in place, you also can turn around and speak to any office colleague who may be visiting your home office for a discussion.

Home Office Furniture Layout

The much-needed storage space can also be put up on the wall, above the table to hold your office files or books.  If not, many folks also use this available vertical space to put up their mementos and decorate their desks or the room.

2. Desks under the stairs

A wonderful idea if you have limited space at home, the desk under the space is a great utilization of spaces available.  More than anything else, it is a peaceful area as most other family members get busy in their rooms or study for work. 

You can always add a filing cabinet under the lower part of the staircase to maximize available space.  The topside of the filing cabinet can be used to store a printer or other things like books or pictures of your family.

Desks under the stairs

A separate carpet or piece of it under your desk and chair will personalize the area to be treated as your office.

3. L-Shaped Home Office Desk

Are you trying to utilize a corner of a bedroom or another room?  Well, consider putting up your home office work desk in this area by simply using an L-shaped desk.  With the L-shaped writing desk, you get nearly double the workspace. Of course, your home office furniture layout of utilizing a corner space is successful.  This floor plan is especially good for people who need an additional workspace. With a chair that has castors, you can reach all areas of your L-shaped work desk.  You also get nearly double the storage space under the desk as the desk extends on the perpendicular arm of the L.

L-Shaped Home Office Desk

4. In the corridor

Since many homes are short of a separate room or a study, many folks prefer to use a common passing area like a corridor, where you set up your desk against a wall. This floor home office furniture layout, too, gives you one of the best uses of available space. To reduce the noise from the high volume traffic area, consider using a carpet or a rug under your desk and chair for certain. Don’t miss the benefits of a home standing desk if you are redoing your home office.

In the corridor

5. L-shaped work desk for two

Many folks, who have space, may prefer to have a perpendicular desk setup for their home office design furniture. While it requires only a standard office desk placement, the amount of space you get behind your back is ample. Of course, you could always place multiple boards on the wall space that you get. This setup is a traditional office setup in a home office for those who need freedom and thinking space.

You can always place one or two visitor chairs in front of your chair to welcome office colleagues or other visitors. Some people prefer to use the I-shaped desk to have two workstations on either side of the table to maximize floor efficiency.

You may prefer to add a lounge chair or a recliner for those lighter moments to be creative if not at your desk.

6. Two desks facing each other

If your work requires that two colleagues work together and in tandem, this is the best setup. How? Place both desks facing each other for increased collaboration. Most offices use this setup in large open offices. For privacy and not to be disturbed by others, you may choose to have a small board or partition between them.

Home office furniture layout ideas: Two desks facing each other

7. Diagonal Home Office

In small home offices, you may have a limited amount of space due to a pillar or a part of the wall protruding out. To maximize floor space from your home office furniture design ideas or get maximum sunlight, you may need to place your office desk diagonal to the room shape. Benefits? While you get a good amount of space behind you, the door opening inwards could demand space from where your visitor's chair is placed. On the other hand, if the doors are sliding or open towards the outside, this could be a plush arrangement.


You have lots of choices of home office furniture layout to select from today. As you explore these, consider your comfort in terms of space and things like an ergonomic chair and a standing desk that give you better overall health than sitting for long hours. After all, that's what you would want, isn't it?

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