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7 best modern office furnitures to increase workplace wellness

Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 7, 2018

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The performance of members of staff in any organization greatly depends on the quality of life they get at the workplace. A favorable working environment enhances the ability of employees to deliver.  Equipping your offices with modern things is the first strategy of ensuring that everyone is comfortable in the workplace. The quality of furniture and equipment in a given working environment determine the quality of output as well as the health of the workers.  It is, therefore, necessary that every organization provides its employees with enough comfort to all its workers.

On this article, we have reviewed the best modern things that people should consider having in their workplaces to ensure greater comfort and productivity.  

1. Standing Desk 

Why Standing Desks?

Height adjustable standing desks are special types of desks designed to increase concentration and efficiency at the workplace. They enable users to work in an upright posture which many users find convenient and more effective. You no longer have to work in a sitting position if it is not convenient for you. In a specific case like Apple, Tim Cook even announced in 2018 that 100% of Apple employees are given standing desk. The main reason of its popularity and quick adoption is that they are beneficial to the health of the user. With a height-adjustable standing desk, users can comfortably switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa. This ensures that the workers in the organization remain active throughout the day.  Recent studies have revealed that standing offers a wide range of health benefits. Some of the benefits include: 

·         Reduce obesity risk

Standing desks lowers your risks of suffering from obesity. Sitting for long hours is lethal to human health. This is because the rates of metabolic processes are greatly reduced leading to the accumulation of fats in the body It therefore necessary to remain active even when working in the office.

·         Promotes Weight loss

Standing desks will help you burn excess fats and calories in the body. This is due to the fact that the user remains active all day long. Switching from sitting, standing and walking plays an important in burning fats and calories stored in the body thereby contributing to weight loss.

·         Lowers blood sugar levels

According to some recent studies, standing desks are helpful in lowering blood sugar levels. Standing helps in returning blood sugar levels to normal. This is especially after eating.

·         Reduce the risks of heart diseases

Standing desks are proven to help reduce the risks of heart diseases. They discourage sedentary behavior leading to good blood circulation and heart health.

·         Reduce back and shoulder pain

Standing desks enable the user to work in a good posture which is helpful in reducing back and shoulder pain. With a good working posture, there is less likelihood of straining the back and shoulder hence less pain in these areas. However, it is necessary to note that standing for too long hours may be harmful to your health.  Working while standing for long hours tends to cause leg, back and foot pain. It is, therefore, necessary to have moderations in standing, sitting and walking.

SmartDesk 2 - The most affordable height adjustable standing desk

Smart Desk is the first modern office furniture that we recommend. SmartDesk is designed and produced by Autonomous, the company that creates office products to help increase workplace wellness. We set out to ensure that you remain active, healthy and comfortable even while working.

Features of the motorized standing desk - SmartDesk 2


SmartDesk 2 was designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind. We want to make sure that your modern office furniture can tailor to your office in any way possible. 

Smart desk 2 - Business Standing desk

Powerful motors and durable height adjustable frame

SmartDesks are powered by either one motor or two motors enabling users to switch working positions with ease. SmartDesk 2 Business Edition design is powered by two motors which enable it to rise and lower at a relatively high speed of 2.3 inches per second. Users can, therefore, switch from sitting position to standing positions and vice versa quickly without wasting much time.  The Business Edition can also raise up to 51", making it a good standing desk for tall people. Home Edition designs have one motor which serves the same purpose of adjusting the desk to different working positions.

Weight Capacity

Smart Desk 2 Business Edition has a Weight capacity of 300 lbs while other designs have a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Telescoping base

The telescoping base allows the user to fit different top sizes. However, it is important to note that the base cannot accommodate tops whose sizes are less than 46 inches.

Anti-collision technology

The SmartDesk utilizes highly advanced anti-collision technology to provide greater comfort to the user.

18-inch Travel Range

SmartDesks can be adjusted to a travel range of up to 18 inches.

An additional feature is that the switch standard is programmable.


The standing desks come in a wide range of appealing colors from which you can choose from. These include the white, grey and black finish on the platforms and light oak, bamboo, walnut white and black colors for the material on the surface. However, users can contact the standing desk customization department to ensure your standing desks come in the colors and designs that match your specifications.


The standing desk is easy to assemble. 


2. Ergonomic office chairs 

Why ergonomic office chairs?

·         No back leg and shoulder pain

Ergonomic chairs enable users to sit and work in the best postures.  A good posture is very important in ensuring proper alignment of the body. When the body is well aligned, one is less likely to strain and experience pain on the shoulders, back, and leg.

·         Reduced Neck Problems

Unlike traditional chairs, ergonomic chairs come with a headrest. The headrest supports the head and neck thereby preventing strain. Lack of support on the head and shoulder may cause neck stiffness and other complications such as cervical spondylosis.

·         Better support on the hips region

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide extra comfort to anyone sitting on them. They have soft surfaces that help in reducing pressure on the hips and buttocks. With a sitting depth of about 2 inches to 4 inches, users can sit comfortably without experiencing much pressure from the seat.

ErgoChair 2 - The most flexible ergonomic office chairs 

Ergonomic office chairs are the most modern office furniture category that Autonomous taps in. ErgoChair 2 is the best of both worlds - we brought the best of Italian and Korean designs to give you a comfortable office seat.  The office seat comes with a range of adjustable settings enabling the user to sit at the most convenient and comfortable position. Ergonomic chairs come packed with tons of high-end adjustable features. These include:

Plastic body

The chair is built using strong plastic material. The material is strong and capable of holding even plus size users.

Adjustable Lumbar support

The lumbar support is adjustable enabling you to arrive at the most comfortable sitting position. It is specifically designed to provide the user with the most appropriate sitting posture and to ensure a healthy and pain-free sitting position. The lumbar support is cushioned to protect the lower back as well as your spine from a strain.

Easy to assemble

Assembling an EgoChair is quite fast and easy. The manufacturer providers well-detailed instructions on how to assemble the chair.

The armrest

The armrest is made using soft and durable material. It is designed to provide your arms with adequate support and comfort.

The headrest

The headrest is made provides good support to your head. In addition, it offers adequate comfort by ensuring you can lean backward and relax your head.

7 things to make people healthy in the workplace

The back

The back of ErgoChairs can easily be adjusted to reach a comfortable sitting position. It also allows airflow.

The base comprises a five-spoke design each with a wheel to facilitate easy movement of the seat.

A telescoping rod attaches the wheelbase to the seat.  The telescoping rod is adjustable to give varying sitting heights.


ErgoChairs are available in a range of seven different colors from which you can choose from.


3. Mind Reader Foot Rests

There has been researches on the positive correlation between good workplace wellness programs and high job performance. Footrests are modern office furniture equipment designed to give your employee's feet adequate relaxation. Mind Reader Foot Rests are adjustable. Users can adjust their height and tilt angles to provide the appropriate relaxing positions users need.

things to make people healthy in the workplace


Flat Design

Mind Reader Footrests come with a flat design that facilitates easy storage. Users can store the headrests comfortably without having to disassemble the parts.

Rigid Edges

The footrests feature rigid edges that prevent the feet of a user from slipping off from the equipment.

Why Mind Reader Foot Rests?

Mind Reader Foot Rests offer a wide range of ergonomic health benefits. Whenever you are shopping for office furniture, it is important to include a Mind Reader footrest. While ensuring the head, neck, shoulders, back and hips are well supported, it is also important to consider supporting the feet.

·         Better blood circulation for healthier feet

Footrests help in improving blood circulation.  A good footrest will ensure that blood circulates well on the feet and toes regions. This is very important for the good health of your feet

·         Good sitting posture for short people

A good sitting position is one that lets a person sit with their feet on a flat level ground. Short people may have a difficulty in reaching a good sitting position which allows their feet to rest comfortably on a level ground. Mind Reader Footrests is very helpful to the short people. It ensures better weight distribution and more comfortable sitting.

4. Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair 

Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair mats are special kinds of mats designed to provide easy and more comfortable movement of your office chair. The mats are made using polycarbonate material which is tough, durable and capable of withstanding high levels of friction. Other than facilitating movement of your office chair, the mats offer sufficient protection low, medium, and standard pile carpets. The mats have proven to help reduce leg fatigue and ensure more comfortable and relaxed working environments. These mats are most suitable for use on floors with standard, medium, and low pile mats.

7 things to make people healthy in the workplace - Marvelux Polycarbonate Chairmat

Features of Marvelux Polycarbonate Chairmat

Ergonomic gliding

The chair mats have a smooth surface which facilitates easy gliding of your chair.

Studded Back

The back of the chair mats is studded to ensure a firm grip on different types of carpets. This minimizes wear and tear as the wheels or casters of office chairs glide on the mats.

Size & Shape

Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair mats are large in size with dimensions 36 inches X 48 inches. The size is large enough to give good coverage over your carpet. It also ensures your feet have adequate relaxing space. The mats are manufactured in two different shapes;  lipped and rectangular shapes.

Transparent polycarbonate material

The mats are made using transparent polycarbonate material to ensure the aesthetics of your carpet remain visible.

It is, however, necessary that you adjust the position of your mats from time to time to enable good circulation of air and to stop the accumulation of dust beneath your mat.

Why Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair mats?

Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair mats offer a wide range of benefits. The mats offer better protection to your office floors. They minimize friction between the wheels of your chair and your floors. Therefore the floors are less likely to have scratches and dents.

Less Back and Leg Strain

Marvelux Polycarbonate Chair mats improve the ease with which your office chair rolls on the floor. It ensures less strain on your feet and back. The mats ensure that the wheels of office chairs roll easily with less effort. Due to the less effort requirement, users no longer have to strain their feet and back moving the chairs on the floor.

5. FITUEYES computer Monitor Riser 

The recent wave of technology has led to the development of more advanced equipment for use in our homes and office with the objective of increasing the efficiency and comfort of the user. FITUEYES computer monitor riser is a modern equipment that is specifically designed to save space and ensure the ensure works from a more comfortable position.

The monitor riser is used for raising your computer or other electronics to a level that is more comfortable to the user. It is made of clear glass material and it comes with a unique modern design. The height of its legs can be adjusted to give the most convenient height for the user.

FITUEYES computer Monitor Riser-7 things to make people healthy in the workplace


Weight capacity

The monitor riser has a weight capacity of 55 lbs. This feature makes the riser suitable for holding home or office electronics that are not too heavy.


The computer riser is clear glass which blends well with different colors of other office equipment.


Assembly of the monitor riser is easy and fast. The manufacturer has provided buyers with well-detailed instructions on how to assemble the parts to create a complete monitor riser.  The studs are threaded into four legs followed by affixing them to a stand made of glass.

Leveling the stand is easy due to the fact that the legs can be adjusted.

Why FITUEYES computer Monitor Riser?

·         Better working posture

FITUEYES computer Monitor Riser provides the user with a good working posture. The users, therefore, don't have to strain the head neck and shoulders while working.  People who work for long hours on computers and other electronics end up suffering from strain and aches due to poor working positions and postures.

·         Less strain on the hands

With the computers placed in a good position, users can type comfortably with less pain and strain on the wrists.

6. ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion 

ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion is a unique multipurpose office product designed to provide extra comfort to the user. The cushions can also be used to provide comfort while driving as well as when traveling. They are placed on chairs or other hard surfaces such as rocking chairs, wheelchairs, kitchen floors, office chairs or anywhere else a user may choose. It specifically provides sciatica relief and reduces back pain as a result of sitting for long hours. This product is suitable for people who work for long hours in a sitting position.  The seat cushions work by reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the tailbone using its cut out rear. It is, however, necessary that users consult their physicians before using the cushions to relieve the different health conditions.

7 things to make people healthy in the workplace - ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion



The product comes with an ergonomic and contour design which further promotes healthy posture and better alignment of the spine. The cushions are designed to solve sitting problems for pregnant women, people with herniated discs, hemorrhoids, problems on the lower back and tailbone injuries.


It is highly portable due to its small compact size. The cushions weigh 1.35 pounds.  Dimensions of the cushions are 17.5 inches by 13.7 inches by 2.8 inches. The cushions come with a handle that facilitates easy transportation.


The cushion is made using strong and durable material enabling it to remain useful for many years without the need for replacing it. The cushions are made from 100 percent high-density memory foam which is strong enough to last for many years while providing the necessary comfort needed by the user. In addition, the cushions feature a long-lasting zippered cover which is soft and comfortable to the user. The covers are machine washable.


The cushions are availed to customers at a highly affordable price. Compare with other similar products available in the market, ComfiLife studded cushions are more affordable.

 Studded cushions

An additional important feature is that the cushions are studded with rubber to ensure they get a firm grip of your office or home chair.  Therefore the rubber studs ensure minimal movements of the cushions on your chair.

Why  ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion?

·         Reduced Pressure on the back

ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion offers greater comfort for people who work for longer hours in sitting position. Seat Cushions are important in eliminating back pain due to the much comfort it offers. They ensure better alignment of the spine thereby eliminating pressure and strain on the back.

·         Better blood circulation

ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushions ensure better circulation of blood in the body. With less tension on the back, blood can flow easily to other parts of the body. A good blood flow plays an important role in improving concentration and productivity.

Other benefits are:

·         The cushions reduce shock when driving.

When the cushions are used on car seats, them reduce the effects of vibration by acting as shock absorbers. When your car bumps into a pothole or a bump, the cushions absorb all the shock.

·         Greater Durability

ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion is more durable when compared to other similar products available in the market today.

7. The Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels

The chair wheel casters are unique products used in providing adequate protection to expensive office floors. The wheels ensure your floors are protected from damage caused by friction between the wheels and the floor. Floors may suffer from scratches if the wheels of your seats are not of good quality.  Chair wheels manufactured by Office Oasis are of high quality and safe for use on all kind of floors including hardwood floors, bamboo, Pergo, laminated floors as well as on carpet.

7 things to make people healthy in the workplace - The Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels

Features of the Chair Wheels

Polyurethane Encasing

The wheels are encased using soft Polyurethane material which ensures no scratches and marks on your expensive office floors.  The encasing makes our chair wheels be unique and of high quality.


The chair wheels comprise of internal parts and a support bracket made of high-quality steel. The steel is durable and can remain useful for a long.

Weight capacity

The wheels come as a set of five strong wheels with a weight capacity of 650 lbs. This means that the wheels have the capacity to hold heavy weight without damage or breakages.

Better Rolling

The chair wheels offer soft and quiet rolling.  The axel and caster swivel contain ball bearings which facilitate smooth rolling of your office chair. Users no longer have to worry about the noises that come with rolling of office chairs.

Why Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels?

·         Easier Rolling of your office chair

Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels increase the ease with which your chair rolls on the floor. The wheels are sturdy and make it easier for the chairs to move on the floor. The chair wheels offer soft and quiet rolling.  The axel and caster swivel contain ball bearings which facilitate smooth rolling of your office chair. Users no longer have to worry about the noises that come with rolling of office chairs.

·         Less effort requirement

Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels reduce the effort required to move the seat on the floor. Users exert less pressure on their feet and back while moving the chairs. This leads to reduced back and foot pain. People can work comfortably for longer hours with Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels.

·         Durability

Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels are more durable. They have the capacity to hold much weight without losing their functionality or breaking.


Getting high-quality modern office furniture for your office to increase workplace wellness is really important. Healthy furniture or equipment create a favorable environment for everyone working in the office.  In addition, it offers greater comfort which is necessary for good health and well being of all employees working in the office. Give your office a modern look and comfortable feel by buying any of the above-mentioned office items and get maximum productivity from the office employees

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