7 Tips to Work with a Standing Desk Properly
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7 Tips to Work with a Standing Desk Properly

|Aug 2, 2021

Using your standing desk effectively can diversify your work experience, make you more productive. You would have heard a lot about how bad excessive sedentary behavior can be for you and would wish to use a standing desk instead, but what you don't know is that this can only be effective if you use this desk the right way. Otherwise, it will be as ineffective as any traditional office desk. We know that you would wonder if there were any standing desk tips from our side.

The good news is, like always, we have some of the best tips to help you with your adjustable standing desk and teach you how to use a standing desk in the best way. You can avail all the ergonomic benefits of standing desks if you use these simple tips. So, we believe that you must be interested in knowing them and elevate your work experience. Let’s have a look at them! 

1. Never Stand for Too Long

Never Stand for Too Long

Standing longer hours is one of the most common mistakes that office workers make. Even if you're using a standing desk, you are not supposed to spend all your time working while standing. In fact, standing for shorter durations is something that we would say as a standing desk’s best practice.

You would have heard various health benefits that standing might bring to you while you work in this position, but the truth is, excessive standing can be as bad as excessive sitting. 

2. Use Your Standing Time to Stretch

Use Your Standing Time to Stretch

Sedentary behavior makes you less active and is often known to slow down blood circulation in your legs. So, it would be really helpful to use this time to stretch yourself. Stretching your calves or quads can be a great exercise to practice at this time. So, a standing desk tip is that you can also think of adding other simpler seated stretching exercises that can help you become more active while working. 

3. Get Yourself a Standing Desk Mat

Get Yourself a Standing Desk Mat

Although a standing desk is known to improve your workplace ergonomics, you can get the most out of it by adding some more ergonomic accessories. What we are trying to refer to over here is a standing desk mat. Getting a standing desk mat is always a great idea because this can help you enhance your productivity by adding an additional ergonomic aspect to your workstation.

Standing on hardwood can be bad for your health making your feet feel sore and achy. This eventually affects your capability to perform better at work. Being a concerned office worker, you should think of the right ways for treating yourself well. 

4. Set Up a Schedule for Standing

Set Up a Schedule for Standing

Having a fixed time for standing can be one of the most useful standing desk tips that we could give you because workers often forget how long they work while standing and eventually feel fatigued. You may think of starting your work hours standing to stay active and later adopt intermittent standing to stay more active while working. 

5. Adjust Your Desk’s Height

Adjust Your Desk’s Height

Adjusting your desk to get the perfect height is one of the most basic standing desk setup tips that we could give you. Your ergonomic standing desk’s position should be such that you do not feel any strain while working at your PC. You might even think of elevating your monitor's screen using a monitor arm in this regard, but it is only good when you are actively adjusting the height of your desk.

Always ensure that the desk is neither too high nor too low that it becomes difficult for you to maintain your monitor screen’s height with your line of sight. 

6. Choose a Spot That Helps You Manage Your Cables

Choose a Spot That Helps You Manage Your Cables

Here is a useful standing desk tip for you. You know that you will have to attach cables to your monitor, and you cannot go all wireless, especially if you have a multi-monitor computer desk setup. Therefore, you should place your standing desk near a power switch so that you can easily plug in your cables and enjoy a hassle-free work experience.

You may also think of getting a cable management system that would make it easier for you to manage your cables. Always remember that clutter is never good for your productivity, so using a cable tray will come in handy in this regard. You should think of investing in a cable tray and attaching it underneath your tabletop so that keeping cords in place becomes easier. 

7. Invest in an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Invest in an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Your ergonomic standing workstation will remain incomplete without a well-designed ergonomic desk chair. As we recommended that you should not work while standing for long hours, we believe that it is vital to share the relevant information about which sort of chair would be suitable for you.

To ensure that your sitting hours are as productive as your standing work hours, you should invest in a well-crafted ergonomic chair. Now, what makes a standing desk chair ideal for your setup? Well, the desk chair that has a wider range of adjustability is always better because it offers a greater degree of customization. 

Wrapping It Up

All these standing desk tips will help you get the most out of your standing desk workstation and ensure that your work ergonomics are not compromised. These useful tips will ensure that you have a better work experience. The good part is that none of these tips are too difficult to follow and every office worker will find them useful. So, we hope you get the most out of them.

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