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7 Simply DIY Ideas to Make Your Working Desk More Instagramable
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7 Simply DIY Ideas to Make Your Working Desk More Instagramable

|Mar 9, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words, but would you take a screenshot of your workplace? If the answer is no, then you need better organization skills! As a remote worker, your ultimate desk setup is a good indicator of your productivity. The messier it is, the more likely you end up with distractions. From a lack of lighting to a clutter of pens and paper, it makes your projects all the more difficult. You wouldn’t share that Instagram story with anyone!

However, a working desk for Instagram-readiness is more doable than you realize. All you need to do is consider a few DIY projects. Not only are they easy, but soon enough you can enjoy an Instagram-worthy desk setup. Maintain your concentration and finish your assignments faster by taking the next step. Make your working desk Insta-worthy with these seven DIY ideas!

7 Simply DIY Idea of working desk for Instagram Lovers

1. Use a Standing Desk

Use a standing desk

Standing desks are going to be your main focus for any Instagram-ready picture. What you need is a sleek modern design with both stylishness and sturdiness. One of the best products you can buy is the Autonomous Desk 2 from Autonomous. As a working desk for Instagram purposes, here are a few pros and cons to expect from the product:

Pros and Cons of Standing Desk

  • icon checkColorful tops with a matte finish and scratch resistance
  • icon checkAvailable in styles like bamboo or natural wood
  • icon checkSolid steel frames with round edges for a smooth appearance
  • icon checkPerfectly fits into your home decor with any look
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments work within your budget
  • icon timesSlightly expensive

2. Consider the Use of White Colors

Consider white colors

Tap into your creativity with a touch of artistic flair! Use white as a blank canvas for your desk setup. White standing desks truly stand out in any work environment. Autonomous offers clean white desktops with smooth finishes, so you can take advantage of it with a Autonomous Desk 2. Since white is a neutral color, it works with just about any other color in your home decor. You can make a working desk Insta-worthy with a white color scheme!

3. Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage

Use color psychology to your advantage

An Instagram-worthy desk setup relies on the use of colors and contrasts. For example, if you use a white standing desk, you need to consider your surroundings. Black accessories, such as monitors and computers, use neutral colors for a striking contrast. You can also try different colors for interior design. Cool blue hues tend to allow a relaxed environment of calm and collected emotions. Meanwhile, bright red vibrancy brings out high energy. You can achieve either of these with painted walls or paintings.

4. Buy Desk Accessories

Buy desk accessories

Workspace desks aren’t just for monitors and keyboards, but also other desk accessories like cable trays, charging stations, and file holders. Too often, there is a complete lack of organization in a desk setup. It can lead to several distractions that prevent you from maintaining your concentration. Messy wires and piles of paperwork also negatively affect mood.

With these select accessories, you can put everything in order. Before you take any picture, you want to remove potential clutter in your area. Think of it like cleaning your room - while it takes a little time, the results are worth the effort. Consider buying desk accessories to make everything easier for you and your workload.

5. Try to Lighten Up Your Place

Try to lighten up your place

Light is also a crucial indicator of mental health since darkness can negatively worsen your mood. It also makes it difficult to take high-quality pictures! For an Instagram-worthy desk setup, consider either natural sunlight near a window or a powerful incandescent bulb in your workroom. The former is more useful during the day, while the latter works in the evening. It depends on your preferred schedule.

You want to work in a brightly-lit environment where you can see everything. Poor lighting is detrimental to your vision, so counteract it with light sources. The best Insta-ready pictures use light to their advantage, so you should do the same. If you are ready to take a screenshot, try doing so during broad daylight for extra sunshine.

6. Consider Decorations

Consider decorations

One of the best ways to personalize your work area is decorative objects. Make your working desk Insta-worthy with non-distracting decorations! For example, consider a beautiful office plant near your monitor screen. If you work by a window, you can place it there for more sunlight. Simple decorations like framed paintings also work.

Be mindful of what you put on your desk. You want eye-pleasing decorations, but you also need to avoid potential distractions. Plants tend to be effective in this regard since a select few are low maintenance. Make sure to bring out your personality for any desk setup!

7. Organize Everything AccordinglyOrganise everything accordingly

Organization is crucial in a working desk for Instagram-ready pictures. As previously mentioned, you want to buy desk accessories like file cabinets to place important documents. You want everything in an easy-to-find location. With proper organization, you don’t need to have papers lying around in plain sight, since you know where to find them.

The best part is once you’re ready to take a picture, all you have are the bare necessities. With a standing desk, computer, and a few home office accessories, all you need is the right color and lighting. Once you figure that out, you can make your desk setup Instagrammable! The organization is what ultimately ties everything together.


Setup a working desk for Instagram-ready screenshots! Not only does it look good, but it also improves your overall mood. With the right color and lighting, you can organize an Instagram-worthy desk setup. You can even send pictures to coworkers and compare your workspace. What are you waiting for? You can be proud of your hard work when you make a working desk Insta-worthy!

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