7 Stretches for Shoulder Pain You Can Easily Do at Work
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7 Stretches for Shoulder Pain You Can Easily Do at Work

|May 2, 2021

Shoulder pain is perhaps one of the most common issues that office workers have experienced. Shoulder pain exercises can be beneficial! Sitting in a chair at a desk for the entire day is bound to end up with you experiencing shoulder pain, which is why you should also try to implement active sitting.  You can minimize the chances of this happening if you use the best ergonomic chair. For those that are having trouble coping, here are seven basic stretches for shoulder pain you can easily do at work. 

Workers should invest in an ergonomic office chair because it assists in reducing shoulder pain and contributes towards various other health benefits. Do you struggle to stay motivated at work because of the pain you experience? It may be time to purchase some new office furniture.  

7 Stretches for Shoulder Pain You Can Easily Do at Work

Do you want to know how to stretch shoulder blades? The following seven stretches for sore shoulder joints and seated stretching exercises help to relieve tightness and pain in your shoulders. The exercises also assist in improving motion and flexibility, which make your movements much more comfortable:

1. Across-the-Chest Stretch

Across-the-Chest Stretch

This stretch improves the mobility and flexibility of the shoulder joints and associated muscles. If you have shoulder pain when doing this movement, decrease the height of your arm.

  •   Move your right arm across your torso.
  •   Place it in the corner of your left elbow or hold your arm with your left arm.
  •   Try to hold the stretch for up to a minute.
  •   Do the procedure using the other arm.
  •   Repeat each side three to five times.

2. Neck Releases

This activity is a relaxing way to relieve neck and shoulder discomfort.

  •   Bring your head closer to your chest. A stretch can be felt around the back of your neck.
  •   To feel a stretch in your right shoulder, slowly turn your head to the left.
  •   Stay in this position for approximately 60 seconds.
  •   Do the process on the other side.
  •   Repeat this exercise anywhere between three to five times. 

3. Chest Expansions

Chest Expansions

This stretch improves shoulder stability and flexibility.

  •   Keep an exercise belt, strap, or towel behind your back when standing. Hold onto the object with both hands.
  •   As you turn your shoulder blades toward one another, expand your torso.
  •   Look up at the ceiling with your head raised.
  •   Hold the position for up to 30 seconds.
  •   Repeat this exercise approximately five times.  

You experience a deeper stretch the closer you keep your hands together. 

4. Eagle Arms Spinal Roll

Eagle Arms Spinal Roll

This stretch releases tension in the muscles in your shoulders. If the arm position is too awkward, perform the activity with opposite shoulders.

  •   Extend your arms out to the sides when sitting.
  •   With your right arm placed over the left, cross your elbows in front of your chest.
  •   Bend your knees and bring your arms and hands together in front of you.
  •   To put your palms together, turn your right hand around.
  •   For 15 seconds, stay in this spot.
  •   Bend your back as you pull your elbows in toward your chest on an exhale.
  •   Open your torso and raise your arms while you inhale.
  •   Carry on in this manner for 60 seconds.

5. Seated Twists

This is one of the relief exercises for shoulder pain and neck pain. During this stretch, keep your hips facing forward. Ensure the twist begins at the base of your spine.

  •   Place your feet directly under your knees in a seat.
  •   Position the back of your left hand on your thigh as you twist your upper torso to the right-hand side.
  •   Put your right hand down where it feels most at ease.
  •   Hold the stretch for 30 seconds while maintaining your posture.
  •   Do the stretch again on the other side.
  •   Repeat the stretch three to five times on each side.

6. Shoulder Rotations

Shoulder Rotations

This stretch is beneficial for warming up and increasing mobility in your shoulder joints.

  •   Place your left hand on the back of a seat while standing up.
  •   Let your right hand fall to the ground.
  •   Start to rotate your right arm five times in alternating directions.
  •   Rep the process with the other arm.
  •   Repeat this process two to three times a day.

7. Doorway Shoulder Stretches

Doorway Shoulder Stretches

This exercise strengthens your shoulders, thus opening your chest.

  •   Make a 90-degree angle with your arm and elbow in the doorway.
  •   Step forward with your right foot, pressing your palms against the door frame's edges.
  •   Lean forward while engaging your stomach.
  •   Hold the stretch for approximately 30 seconds.
  •   With your left leg in front, repeat the movement.
  •   Repeat up to three times on each side.

Still No Relief?

It is time to invest in an ergonomic chair. You can find an ergonomic chair and standing desk from Autonomous.

What Are the Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture?

What Are the Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture?

  •   There are improvements in mental and physical health.
  •   Increased energy levels
  •   Improved motivation and productivity
  •   Increased levels of enjoyment at work
  •   Promotes the correct posture
  •   Reduced pain across your entire body
  •   They are customizable and designed to adjust to your preferences.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ergonomic Furniture?

  •   These products can be expensive investments.
  •   The majority of the products require self-assembly, which may be time-consuming and challenging.

The Bottom Line

Shoulder pain and other aches may be an indication that it is time to invest in an office chair for back pain. The stress and tension you feel may all be a result of poor ergonomics. You need to learn how to properly organize your office to prevent pain from occurring in the first place. Have you contemplated making the transition to an ergonomic chair and standing desk? These products may be the answer to all your work-related problems.

While you are figuring out which chair complements your office in the best way, try incorporating these shoulder stretches into your routine to keep yourself healthy and heal shoulder pain

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