7 Things to Prepare for Your First Job

7 Things to Prepare for Your First Job

|Aug 21, 2021

Applying for a job can be both daunting and exciting all in one. There is something to be said about applying for something you are both passionate about and interested in; however, making sure you succeed in being the last candidate standing can be challenging. 

Here are a few ways you can prepare for your interview to ensure success and tips on navigating your first day on the job.

Preparing for the Interview 

preparing for the interview

The first thing you are going to want to do is to consider how to prepare for a first job interview. It may seem straightforward; they ask you questions, you answer, and you hope you make a good impression. After all, that time spent sending out resumes, you have now secured an interview. 

This approach may work if you asked yourself how to prepare for your first job as a teenager; however, if you are a graduate or something looking to land in their career or field, you may want to prepare thoroughly. When preparing for an interview, consider researching the organization you are applying to and if their values work well with your own.  Write down your strengths and weaknesses, as this is a common question potential employers ask their employees. They may also ask what experience you have, write these down and go over them leading up to your interview. When it comes to how to prepare for your first job interview, consider role-playing with a friend or family member. Give them examples of questions you could ask and treat it as though you were at the actual interview. 

Another thing to keep in mind when preparing for an interview is to remember it's okay. Putting too much pressure on yourself leading up to the day of the interview can hinder your ability to respond and add unnecessary stress. Breathe, and remember, you know your worth, and you know your skillset. 

How to Prepare for Your First Day

how to prepare for your first day

Congratulations, you have made it past the interview and have received a job offer. Now, you have gone from preparing for your first job interview to preparing for first job—something you may want to consider before your first day is the best desk setup for productivityRead about creating the perfect ergonomic environment that is both physically and mentally beneficial, as you want to ensure your success and productivity are not hindered. Other ways of preparing for your first day include: 

  • Dress up

Consider a business casual wardrobe for your first day. This way, you can scope out the setting and see whether or not those jeans or leggings are workplace-appropriate. 

  • Arrive early

Don't just show up on the dot; consider arriving 10-15 minutes earlier than your start time. This way, you can factor in any potential traffic delays or if you have to fill out paperwork your first day. 

  • Ask questions

No matter how stupid they may be, ask questions, as it's the number one way you are going to be able to learn and understand your new role. 

  • Eat lunch in the lunchroom

While this may seem silly and completely out of your character, it is an excellent way of meeting new people and introducing yourself to others. 

  • Observe and take note

One of the best ways to understand your workplace is to observe and take note of what you see. Do people take coffee breaks? Is lunch at 11 and not noon? Take note of the culture you have walked into, which can lead to your success in the workplace. 

These are just a handful of the first day and ongoing tips for success in the workplace. As you navigate your way through the workplace, understand the culture and your colleagues, you are going to find ways of adding to your list of tips for success. Sometimes, you may find some techniques work better than others – that's okay too. It may be a trial and error to see what works best for you. Eventually, the goal is to have a toolbox of tips that if you choose to move on to other opportunities, you know what to do.

What to Do For Success on the Job

what to do for success on the job

Helpful tips to ensure success on the job beyond the first day include: 

  • Workplace interactions mean taking the time to greet your colleagues as you come in and end your workday. Doing this shows them you are a team player and personable. Another way of interacting with your new colleagues is participating in team activities or gatherings. It may be awkward in the beginning as it may feel as though no one is going to invite you - take charge and invite yourself, and see how much of a positive impact this can have. 
  • Relationship management skills in the workplace, whether you are the middle man in management, no matter your role, it is crucial to consider the relationships you want to build and bring into the workplace. Doing this can create and foster a productive and inclusive work environment. When you first begin in your field or industry, relationships matter, as they can sometimes be the hand that guides you through the organization, especially if you have aspirations of moving up towards higher ranking levels.

  • Creating professional development goals that you can hold yourself accountable to. There is no such thing as a small job, which is why it is essential to consider what goals you want to set for yourself and how you plan to achieve them. Depending on the company or organization, you can work with your HR team to set these goals and achieve them.

You Make it What You Want

you make it what you want

Does your team feel disconnected? Maybe you think you are out of place; when you ask yourself how to get a team to work together, consider why this may be lacking in the workplace. It could be that no one has ever thought about workplace culture and participation, or it could be that you feel that as the new person, you don't belong. Remember, the first day and every day afterward is going to depend on what you make of it. If you want to create a positive experience in the workplace, you can make it just that.

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