7 White Studio Desks for All Producers
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7 White Studio Desks for All Producers

|Nov 25, 2020

As a producer, you need a studio setup with just the right aesthetics, acoustics, and lighting. You can find yourself working with many gadgets and accessories, so you also require a suitable space to set up all your studio items. Having the right desk can make all of the difference, so consider a white studio desk for your home production studio.

Why Should You Pick a White Recording Studio Desk?

Color is a big deal when it comes to setting up a studio. The color of the walls, carpet, lighting, and furniture all create some ambiance and mood that could boost your mood and productivity. Many producers prefer computer desks in white, and for a good reason.

Why Should You Pick a White Recording Studio Desk?

There are pros and cons of choosing white furniture, including a white desk. White is a clean color, and it makes your space feel more organized, focused, and uncluttered. On the other side, one challenge with white furniture is that you are going to have to clean it more often, and it is more susceptible to staining. As far as a beta studio white desk, there is not likely to be much to stain it compared to an art studio, so white is a safe bet.

Ideas for Styling a White Desk

If you decide to go with a white desk or a completely white style setup for your studio, you should take some time to think about how best to style the space. You can do a lot to personalize the space and make it reflective of your artistic style.

Ideas for Styling a White Desk

There are lots of great ideas to style your white studio desk, so here are just three simple ones:

1. Add some color with your choice of chair

If the white desk starts to feel a little too formal for your liking, you can pair it with a wooden or straw chair for some color and contrast.

2. Use color with your choice of wall paint and art

Imagine your white desk backed by a brightly and beautifully colored wall. You can achieve this by using wallpaper or painting a section of the wall. You can lighten the mood and make your desk even more outstanding by adding a colored background.

3. Accessories and styling can make a world of difference

Consider simple desk accessories such as stationery and paperwork in a particular style or color theme. You can choose a theme such as metallic stationery or go with your favorite bright colors. You are soon not going to see your white desk color as something daunting or uptight, but as just a backdrop for your style and creativity to come through.

White Studio Desk Options

If you want some specific ideas about what great choices you have for computer desks in white, here is a list of seven options:

1. Standing desk

If you have never owned a standing desk before, it could be time for you to make the big switch. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the key reasons is the extra flexibility they allow. You can choose to sit and stand. After long hours in the studio, you are going to appreciate having a little more legroom and a change in posture. Studies show that these kinds of desks have several health benefits as well.

2. Autonomous Desk 2 Home

The Autonomous standing desk series has several impressive options for you to consider. Firstly, the Autonomous Desk 2 Home is easily adjustable using a robust dual-motor system to allow you to sit or stand as you work on producing great music. Besides coming in white, there are other color options as well. This desk has a 300lbs lifting capacity, and this is achieved at the push of a button.

Autonomous Desk 2 Home

3. Autonomous Desk 4

The most advanced standing desk in the Autonomous series is the Autonomous Desk 4. You can expect superior functions and features, all geared towards making your experience exceptional. Habits and balance are instrumental to your productivity, and this standing desk caters to this effectively. There's room for you to tailor your experience further with scheduled sit and stand sessions.

Autonomous Desk 4

4. L-shaped Autonomous Desk

For a unique and spacious standing desk, consider the L-shaped Autonomous Desk from Autonomous. A robust motor system allows this desk to carry up to 330 lbs. If you have a lot of equipment and multiple monitors, this spacious beat studio white desk could be the perfect addition to your studio.

L-shaped Autonomous Desk

5. Autonomous Desk 2 Premium

Whether you want a white recording studio desk for a home or business studio, the Autonomous Desk 2 Premium is a perfect and very versatile option. This desk gives you a stable standing desk for optimal productivity. It has even better height options compared with both the home and business Autonomous Desk 2 options.

Autonomous Desk 2 Premium

6. Autonomous Desk Double Desk

If you want additional space to work in your studio and space you have allowed, consider the larger Autonomous Desk Double Desk. Having this could be particularly useful if you are looking to scale your music production business or have more than one person working in the studio at a time.

 Autonomous Desk Double Desk

7. Traditional wooden desk

If you are in the early days of having your own studio and are not yet ready for a standing desk, you can opt for a small white wooden desk. As you scale your studio, you can transition to a more flexible option.


All Autonomous standing desks come with free shipping. They do require assembly, but this process is not overly complex. With the provided assembly guide, this can be done in a matter of minutes.

There is also a trial period to explore if a standing desk is right for you and your studio setup. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you are also covered by a long warranty period.Therefore, you can make a white studio desk part of your music studio and gain all the benefits that come along with that.

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