Looking for a 70–inch Gaming Desk? Here are 6 Options
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Looking for a 70–inch Gaming Desk? Here are 6 Options

|Jun 10, 2021

Have you ever wondered how an ultrawide desk setup boosts your gaming experience by providing you more room to adjust your gaming accessories? If you have ever thought of bringing a wider monitor to enhance your gaming experience and become more productive, going for a larger gaming desk is the ideal choice. A 70-inch gaming desk is technically one of the largest gaming desks that you can get for your ultrawide desk setup.

Since you are required to place accessories like CPUs, keyboards, multiple monitors, etc., getting a larger desk helps you accommodate more items while avoiding any clutter or making your game station crowded. What a lovely gaming experience it would be when you get an expansive gaming corner!

As a gamer, we know that you would love to have that. But which desks are ideal for me? Well, to make this easier for you, we have shared our reviews on the best ones below to make it easier to evaluate how far each of these roughly 70-inch computer desks are suitable for you.

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL Top

Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL Top

Being a 70.5-inch computer desk, the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL Top is the first one on our list. This computer desk offers you extensive height adjustment and an ultrawide surface to place all your gaming accessories. The desk can easily lift up to 350lbs of load, so you can trust this desk for lifting heavy-duty PC and CPUs.


  •   Features electrically powered motors to lift the desk.

  •    Available in five exciting colors, one of them being the attractive bamboo finish.

  •    Comfortable to use.

  •    Has a wide height adjustment range.


  •   Might be a little pricey option for some.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

A desk that can easily fit in a corner space yet offers ultrawide desk space, the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner can be the ideal choice if you want a large desk but are short on space. Instead of being a 70-inch computer desk, this standing gaming desk gives you more room to place your gaming accessories. Since the SmartDesk is known for lifting heavier loads, you can easily trust this big guy with your battle station.


  •    Allows you to adjust height freely with a press of a button.

  •    Available in five colors.

  •    Features a durable steel frame.

  •   Features a triple motor system.


  •   Assembly might be confusing for some users.

3. Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk

Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk

The Uplift V2-Commercial Standing Desk is one of the ideal ultrawide gaming desks. You can trust this desk if you need one of those 70-inch gaming desks. However, the width here is even more, i.e., 80-inches. Backed with a 10-years warranty, this gaming desk is the name of the trust. However, you can only think of going for this desk if you have deep pockets.


  •    Offers various customization options.

  •    Available in four frame colors.

  •    The desk does not wobble.

  •    The height adjustment feature is electrically operated.


  •    Too expensive.

4. EvoDesk Gaming Desk

EvoDesk Gaming Desk

Having an aesthetically pleasing design, the EvoDesk Gaming desk is one of the largest gaming desks that you will find in the market. This desk is ideally designed for placing dual monitors. The desk’s surface has an Evoguard finish that makes it easier for you to operate your mouse from any corner of the desk. With a greater degree of height adjustments, this tall standing desk is ideal for most gamers.


  •    Electrically powered height adjustment system.

  •    The desk comes with expected memory preset options.

  •    There are around 250 different height positions.


  •    Low-quality plastic is used for designing the gliding system of the height-adjustable frame.

  •    The desk might wobble and lack stability.

  •    Low-quality electronics are used.

5. ApexDesk Elite Series Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Gaming Desk

Serious gamers can think of this 70-inch gaming desk as an ideal solution for their marathon gaming sessions. Allowing you to adjust the height within a matter of seconds, this desk ensures your posture stays just right when you are playing for longer hours. With a wide range of height adjustment options, we think this desk will suit most gamers.


  •    Designed using high-quality materials.

  •    Fast electronic height adjustment

  •    You can assemble it easily.


  •   Lacks a cable management solution.

  •   Desktop is prone to wear and tear.

6. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arizona Gaming Desk is one of the best gaming desks for PC and Console. This 70-inch computer desk is ideal for your gaming sessions, offering you a wider area to accommodate all your accessories in one place. The whole surface of this desk is covered in a microfiber mouse pad to let you smoothly run your mouse over its surface. Overall, this desk is a great choice for your gaming sessions.


  •    Comes with innovative cable management.

  •    Available in five different color schemes


  •    The ergonomic features are not that advanced.

Wrapping It Up

We shared some of the best 70-inch gaming desk options with you here. All these desks have enough room to accommodate all your accessories so that the need for any shelf or cabinet becomes unnecessary.

If you manage your space wisely, you can even place your collectible and luck charms on these desks to stay motivated and pumped up as you play. So, what are you waiting for? Fetch for the one that you admire the most and elevate your gaming experience!

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