Top Cool Desk Accessories For Designers And Creative Lovers
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Top Cool Desk Accessories For Designers And Creative Lovers

|Apr 4, 2021

The workstation of designers has to match their adept skills so that the ecosystem can be perfectly aligned. Designers have to think a lot before coming up with each design since their offering has to be unique.

This article will walk you through the best desk accessories for designers that are present in the market right now. If you have a standing desk, you can check out some great standing desk accessories for designers in this article. You can assess all of them and then decide the ones that will go with your desk’s vibe.

1. Desk Tray

Desk Tray

A desk cable tray is a must have item and graphic design desk accessory that should be present on your desk. It will help you to organize your tools better by providing a centralized space with multiple bifurcations. You can opt for a wooden desk tray that can match your table’s aesthetics.

There are many sizes of desk trays that you will be able to find in the market. You must read the product specifications with utmost caution so that you do not end up buying the wrong size. 

2. Sticky Notes

Remembering small information can be a tedious task, especially when you are crunching a lot of data. It will help you if you incorporate the practice of writing vital information down so that you can revisit it when required.

There are many variants of sticky notes that you can find online. You will be impressed by this designer office desk accessory. They come in catchy colors and lots of shapes and sizes. You can choose a variety of them in order to ascertain particular genres and weights. They will also revamp the way your graphic designer desk setup looks by making it colorful yet informative.

An important thing to note is to clean the surface before putting up a sticky note. If the surface is not clean, your sticky notes will fall apart.

3. Phone Stands

Phone Stands

This is one of the most useful desk accessories for designers. If your phone does not have a designated space on the table, you will end up fidgeting with it during work. It is one of the must-have smart office accessories. These phone stands can be placed at a distance so that you can focus on your work. They will also prevent the phone from falling down.

These phone stands come in a myriad of designs, and therefore there is a huge possibility that you will find something that matches your taste. 

4. Minimal Paper Clips

Minimal Paper Clips

Paper clips are one of the most underrated stationery items and necessary office desk accessories for designers, yet they have an essential function to perform. Although you will find ordinary paper clips at almost all supermarkets, there are some minimal paper clips available in the market too.

These paper clips will complement your creative stance and will also look very cool when placed. You can leave a few of them on the table to add an additional element and also for ease of usage when required.

There are a lot of minimalistic items that you can explore. 

5. Desk Clock

Desk Clock

Losing track of time is a widespread phenomenon when it comes to designers, and therefore, a little reminder of time can be helpful. It is an indispensable item for designer desk setup. Desk clocks are a significant addition to your work desks, and there are a lot of fantastic options that you can find.

You can opt for digital clocks that work as picture galleries too. They cost a bit more but are totally worth it owing to their advanced features. You can also find various multifunctional clocks that conduct additional features apart from displaying time. A few examples are penholder clocks and mobile stand clocks.

6. Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

In a world full of edits and retakes for designers, a planner acts as the perfect aide. It is one of must have designer desktop accessories. You can get a reusable planner that is sized perfectly for your desk. It will help you to stay organized and punctual while working.

A planner will also induce forecasting for the future, which will help you to create realistic schedules like work from home schedule. You can also take notes there so that the need for a separate notebook can be eliminated. If you are not able to find good planners that match your vibe, you can customize your own planner and get it printed.

7. Metal Water Bottle

Metal Water Bottle

Another item in designer office desk accessories collection is water bottle. It is entirely normal to forget about staying hydrated while working, but this can be really taxing for your body. Having a metal water bottle will help you to take a sip every now and then. It will also save you a lot of trips to the kitchen since your water will always be hot/cold according to your needs and preferences. 

Metal bottles come in very vibrant colors, and therefore, it will be extremely easy for you to pick a favorite. The option of customization is also present in these bottles. Staying hydrated will also enhance your productivity. 

8. Standing Desk

Standing Desk

It is not much of an accessory but a complete overhaul of your current workstation. Sitting continuously for longer durations can be harmful to your body. It will make you lethargic and hamper your creativity.

Standing office desks have been gaining a lot of prominence due to these same reasons. This is one of the best desk accessories for designers as it has many health benefits. If you have a standing desk, it will help in better blood circulation and will also help you stay more active. It might take you a couple of days to adjust, but the experience post this phase will be enriching.

Final Words

Now that you have reached here, you have scratched the surface of some of the most fabulous accessories to add to your work desk. These accessories will not only help with their particular functions but will also help to take your overall work productivity to a notch above the existing one.

When you do a desk setup guide, you should choose a mix of these items according to your table. Be it your home's study or your office's cubicle; these things will always keep you going!

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