8 Different Types of Keyboards for Your Laptops and Computers
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8 Different Types of Keyboards for Your Laptops and Computers

|Aug 7, 2022

Whenever you look at a laptop or a computer, the most visible part (yes, you guessed it right!) is the keyboard. The keyboard plays a significant role in these devices as it inputs information via various keys that represent alphabets, numbers, and symbols. You might be familiar with the good ol' QWERTY keyboards; however, they're not the only types of keyboards to exist in the technology world. 

These days keyboards are being made to suit the users' needs, so whether you're a computer gamer or you're just in for keyboard aesthetics, we've got it all! Here's a list of different types of keyboards for laptops and computers that we have carefully curated for you:

8 Different Types of Keyboards

1. Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards - types of keyboards

We are all familiar with split mechanical keyboards. They are the classics when it comes to the world of typing. Mechanical keyboards are manufactured with spring-operated keys, which constitute multiple moving parts. These keyboards are the most typical consumer choice and hence are more commonly available. 


  • Comparatively more durable than other types of keyboards in computers and laptops
  • Its high-quality key switch construction provides the best typing experience. 


  • They are more costly than other types of keyboards on the market
  • They are heavier and louder than the different types of keyboards for computers 

2. Hand-held Keyboards

Hand-held Keyboards - types of keyboards

If you're a professional gamer, this is the keyboard for you! Hand-held keyboards almost look like game box controllers and definitely give you an edge over your opponents. As the name suggests, they can be held right in your hands. Unlike the traditional keyboards, hand-held keyboards are much more progressive, and they do not resemble your regular keyboards at all! 


  • Its keystrokes are much faster, unlike their standard counterparts
  • It provides the users with higher functionality due to their exceptionally efficient design 


  • Difficult to learn and use
  • extremely expensive 

3. Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic Keyboards - types of keyboards

If you're an office professional who has had enough of the hand stress of regular keyboards, an ergonomic keyboard is a match for you! Designed with padded wrist support, it prevents the overexertion of your hands by typing and increases your productivity by ten folds. 


  • They minimize stress on hands and wrists.
  • These keyboards enhance productivity due to their relaxing effect. 


  • Keyboard accuracy and speed may be affected when initially switching to an ergonomic keyboard.
  • They may cause other sorts of damage and stress by aggravating elbow problems. 

4. Flexible Keyboards

Flexible Keyboards - types of keyboards

There's no rocket science in here; flexible keyboards are flexible. But also, so much more! Manufactured from silicone, these keyboards are easier to carry around and seem to be a common choice for office professionals that travel a lot. 


  • They have a silent operation with reduced sound.
  • These keyboards are convenient, portable, and water resistant. 


  • These keyboards have a shorter life span as compared to different types of keyboards for computers.
  • Fast typists may miss keystrokes as they might outrun the keyboard. 

5. Gaming Keyboards

Gaming Keyboards - types of keyboards

Gaming keyboards are for, well, gamers. And if you're one of them, this auxiliary keyboard is your guy! Gaming keyboards have selected standard keyboard keys that are spread out in an efficient manner to enhance and facilitate the pressing of gaming keys. 


  • Keystrokes on gaming keyboards can be pre-programmed to allow for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Gaming keyboards are more precise and responsive to recognize keystrokes. 


  • They are usually more expensive than other types of keyboards
  • The macro programming is extensive and  difficult for most users 

6. Wireless Keyboards

Wireless Keyboards - types of keyboards

With everything in the tech world becoming wireless, it's no surprise that wireless keyboards are now the new black! These keyboards can be connected to many devices and run on technology like Bluetooth, Infrared, and Wi-Fi, thus providing a futuristic experience when inputting information into your computer or laptop. 


  • Wireless keyboards allow you the freedom to move around due to their extensive frequency range.
  • They reduce the clutter that wired keyboards may cause. 


  • They run on batteries which need to be changed intermittently
  • Signal interference may result in slower performance 

7. Projection Keyboards

Projection keyboards are the trend these days. Adapted with optical sensors, these keyboards detect finger movements, thus allowing the user to type anything from across a distance over a laser-projected keyboard. For anyone who is interested in a virtual keyboard for a laptop or computer, the projection keyboard is right up your alley! 


  • They are much more portable than the standard types of keyboards
  • Chances of keystroke logging are largely reduced in these keyboards 


  • Touch typing on projection keyboards becomes difficult due to the lack of tactile feel.
  • The projection surface might affect the keyboards' performance. 


8. Membrane Keyboards

If you compare mechanical vs. membrane keyboards, the membrane keyboards don't have separate keys and are much thinner. The keys are constructed in a flat pressure sensing membrane that is sensitive to touch and transfers the necessary information to the computer or laptop. 


  • These keyboards are cheaper to produce, unlike different types of keyboards for laptops and computers.
  • They are dirt and liquid-resistant. 


  • These keyboards make typing difficult due to low tactile feedback
  • Cleaning membrane keyboards are hard as they constitute a single pressboard 

Bottom Line

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