8 Effective Ways for Work from Home Stress Relief
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8 Effective Ways for Work from Home Stress Relief

|May 1, 2021

Many people want to work from home because it sounds exciting and easy. However, real-life is often far from fantasy. You’ve still got deadlines, erratic hours, and have to focus on multiple projects.

Still, most people like working from home to save money and time on commutes. Work from home stress relief is important because it’s the only way that you’re going to stay productive and not get overwhelmed.

In general, you need to find ways to handle work-related stress. Today, you’re going to find out about work from home stress management techniques and how to apply them in your life.

Solutions for Work from Home Stress

Solutions for Work from Home Stress

There are many things you can do to reduce stress when working from home. These include:

1. Establish Boundaries

When it comes time to go to work, make sure there are boundaries in place for everyone else in the household. You probably aren’t going to work the 9-5 routine, but you still have things to do. Friends and family may not think you’re working when you are. Let them know kindly but firmly that you are working and cannot talk or help.

2. Focus on Your Territory and Claim it

Dealing with work from home stress isn’t easy, but you can make it more bearable. If you have a specific area you work in, make sure that you claim that territory as yours. Don’t let the kids play in your ergonomic home office because then it’s going to be full of toys and messes when you’re supposed to be at the job.

Focus on Your Territory and Claim it

It can also be helpful to stay productive by getting a standing desk. You may not want to sit any longer, so you’re stressed out because you can’t take a break yet. Standing up and working gives you a change while you continue doing what you have to do.

Learning how to handle work from home stress isn’t as simple as buying an ergonomic office chair, but that can be part of it. Your body may be physically taxed because you can’t sit up straight and work comfortably. When you’ve got the right chair to promote good posture, you have more energy and can stay focused on the job.

3. Create a Schedule

Work from home stress relief also means focusing your hybrid work from home schedule. When you’re at the office, the routine is going to be different. However, when you’re back home again, you should know when you want to start, when breaks are, and all the rest. Adding structure to your work life is going to help with work from home stress management.

4. Hire a Babysitter

If you’ve got kids at home who are too young for school (or it’s summertime), consider hiring a babysitter while you’re working. Though it’s nice to combine a career and parenting, it’s often hard to do that. You need someone of quality to watch your children when you’re working at the office, so do the same when you’re at home. They may only be there for a few hours, but that can help you focus on your job.

Hire a Babysitter

5. Effectively Manage Deadlines

Dealing with work from home stress often comes because a manager isn’t breathing down your neck about deadlines. You may request your manager to help you with that and still ask for progress reports.

Effectively Manage Deadlines

However, you can also break down a large project into small steps with a suitable time management plan. As you achieve your milestones, you can celebrate a little and send out progress reports before the manager asks. That way, you’re showing initiative.

Work from home stress relief can come in the form of having everything organized to jump in the next day. That way, you’re not prone to procrastination.

6. Make To-Do Lists

Learning how to handle work from home stress is important, and most of the time, it can be done by making a list. What do you have to do tomorrow? Write everything down and figure out what should be completed first. From there, you can make sub-lists to help you break down large projects into small steps. You’re well on your way to dealing with work from home stress efficiently.

7. Dress Appropriately

A huge advantage of working from home is that you don’t have to dress up or follow a dress code. However, there’s a line between comfortable and overboard. Most people feel better about themselves if they comb their hair, change out of the clothes they slept in, and brush their teeth. Though comfy pants are the new norm, you should still be presentable for virtual business meetings.

 Dress Appropriately

8. Meet with the Colleagues

Though most people went to remote working because of the pandemic, things are slowly opening back up. Your employer may choose to keep the hybrid workforce going because productivity ratings soared and things are looking good. You can do your part and get some work from home stress relief by meeting with your coworkers, either virtually or in person.

Have a business lunch and discuss everything outside of the office. Alternatively, set up a time where you and a few others use video chats to keep in touch.

How Companies Can Help Remote Employees Deal with Stress

Companies can do things to help manage stress for the employee. For example, you could set up a networking group online. That way, team members can work remotely and still converse with each other.

How Companies Can Help Remote Employees Deal with Stress

It’s also possible to open the office up for social gatherings. Let them come to the office (and pay them) to eat some cake. These team-building activities are a great way to help employees reduce stress when working from home.


Work from home stress relief can come in many forms. However, the first step is to know that you’re stressed. Try to find out why. Are you anxious because you’re not seeing your work friends? Is it too hard to balance work and life together? Learning how to handle work from home stress is going to keep you going and ensure that you can add remote working to your lifestyle.

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