8 Extraordinary Garden Office Ideas to Create a Productive Space
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8 Extraordinary Garden Office Ideas to Create a Productive Space

|Jun 3, 2022

Everyone’s working process is different from the other, so we all need various things to feel comfortable and productive while working. The same happens when talking about our workspace since it sets the vibe our workstation will have. With that being said, have you ever thought of any garden office ideas? 

Many people make the mistake of taking the place where they work for granted, so they work at offices they don’t like. Doing that worsens your productivity and creativity. 

Although people are now used to working remotely from home offices, garden office ideas are not that common in the U.S, and many don’t even know they can work from their garden. Despite that, working from a garden office pod brings you several benefits you can’t find in average offices.  

A home garden office is, as its name suggests, a small office set inside a shed or pod in your backyard. Having an eco-friendly environment that you can customize however you want is ideal for remote workers, but it’s difficult to get that if you don’t know how to create a garden office.  

We are here to help you with that! Here are eight garden office ideas for your house:

8 Interesting and Creative Garden Office Ideas

1. Glass Box Pods

Glass Box Pods garden office ideas

One of the main benefits of working in an outdoor office pod is being closer to nature and approaching a greener lifestyle. 

Nonetheless, you can’t do that if you work between four dark walls where you can’t see anything. You can solve that issue by getting glass box pods! These pods’ walls are made of glass, and that allows light to get to you while you work. 

Apart from having a bright workplace without turning the lights on, you can also see what happens in your yard while working. The only downside to glass boxes is everyone can see what you are doing from outside, but it’s not a setback if you don’t care about those things.  

2. Multifunctional Workspace

Multifunctional Workspace garden office ideas

Some people are hesitant to try garden pods because they think they are not going to be able to do anything in their garden in the future. You can solve that issue by arranging a multifunction workspace in which you can do several things apart from working.  

Workers can, for example, get a backyard office pod where they can work, sleep, and host small gatherings when needed. Doing that not only makes you feel more comfortable with the pod you are working at, but also optimizes your garden space like never before. 

The reason you can use any pod you want for this garden office room is that it’s more about how you organize the place and the things you have there. Besides that, it’s easier to organize a multifunctional workspace when you have a wide home office pod.  

Regardless of that, if you want to have a multifunctional workspace, you need to schedule when to work and when to use the pod for other things. Multifunctionality is not an excuse for procrastinating, and falling into that can make you lose a lot of time and reduce productivity, so try to keep that from happening by putting your work hours apart from other activities.  

3. Connect Your Work Pod to Your House

Connect Your Work Pod to Your House

Technically speaking, garden pods are still connected to your house since they are in your garden, but when we say you connect the pod to your house, we mean you treat it as an additional room to your property.  

People who go for this alternative call them side work pods and are often within the house or next to it. You can buy an outdoor office shed if you want to try this office idea since it’s more comfortable than getting a regular work pod. 

Side pods are ideal for rainy weather since you don’t have to get wet when going to work. Apart from that, working closer to your house makes it easier for you to get something from it or talk to your family while working.  

While most garden office ideas require you to install your garden office pod in your backyard, this one also helps you in case you need the room to be a guest room since it’s not that far from the house, and people could sleep there with no problem.  

4. Compact Office Pod

Compact Office Pod garden office ideas

As you could see, many of the outdoor office ideas on this list require you to have a wide outdoor pod, but some people don’t need that much space and prefer going for a smaller option. If you are one of those people, it’s best for you to pick a compact office pod. 

Compact sheds only offer you the space you need to work, and that’s perfect for people who are easily distracted by things around them. If you are looking forward to having a compact pod, we recommend you go for an Autonomous Pod

This company offers you different options depending on what you want, but the Autonomous WorkPod is the best option for people in search of a compact garden office room. The WorkPod has free shipping as long as you live in CA and offers a three-year warranty. 

When you order this pod, prepare yourself to receive a new office that is already pre-wired and designed to boost comfort.

The best thing about this WorkPod is that it’s compatible with all kinds of backyards, so don’t worry about your house not supporting it. Additionally, this pod’s design is stylish and sturdy. 

However, if you don’t want to make a purchase blindfolded, you can check the WorkPod at the Autonomous Showroom

5. Greenhouses

Greenhouses garden office ideas

Are you looking forward to having a greener lifestyle? You can start by getting an eco-friendly workplace! It’s not common to work at a greenhouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Some pods look very similar to greenhouses, so you could customize your prefab garden office  to work as a greenhouse and a home office!  

However, working at greenhouses, in a garden office room, must have some benefits if you want to do it. The first advantage of people working at greenhouses is connecting more to nature by literally surrounding themselves with plants.  

Apart from that, taking care of plants and other things such as pets helps you focus more on other things and be more organized. Thus, needing to take care of plants could optimize your productivity and discipline while working. 

It can also help you create a daily schedule since you need to set a specific time to water your plants, and if you don’t, they may die. Therefore, you can start a daily routine of watering your plants and then start to work. Doing that may be difficult at first, but it gets easier over time.  

6. Minimalist Workspaces

Minimalist Workspaces garden office ideas

This is one of the popular outdoor office ideas. Some people think they work better if they have tons of tools to work or an enormous office, and while some feel comfortable working that way, it's not something everyone needs to do. Some, for example, can prefer going for a minimalist office.  

These offices are excellent for people working on a budget since you don’t need to buy many things for them apart from fully necessary things. If you care about aesthetics, you are going to love minimalist offices due to them being trending and easy to mix with everything.  

Minimalist offices are also good for people who are easily distracted considering there are fewer things to get distracted by. We recommend this office pod idea for anyone not knowing which idea to go for since it's the easiest option for most people. Many offices are minimalist without knowing it.   

The reason for that is they think minimalism represents a complex thing that not everyone understands right away, while it only is to plan your aesthetic around things that are not that big or complicated. Do you want to go for a minimalist lifestyle? Try to start by organizing your office! 

7. All-Closed Pods

All-Closed Pods garden office ideas

Here is another interesting garden office idea for you. Remember when we talked about people who need to work connected to nature? Well, it’s not like that for others since some prefer staying unbothered and under more strict working conditions. 

If you don’t want anyone to disturb you while working, it’s time for you to get an all-closed pod. These pods don’t often have windows for you to look outside, and doors can also have locks if you want them to be like that. The whole purpose of these pods is to isolate you from anything that could distract you while working.  

Regardless of that, we recommend you test this before trying it since some people don’t work well if they can’t see or talk to another person throughout the process, while others prefer the full-isolated style these pods offer them. 

You can also look for all-closed pods if you don’t like being exposed to sunlight all day. These pods make it impossible for sunlight to get to you, so working in them even keeps you from knowing what time it is or if it’s day or night. 

Some people like starting to work and not stopping until they finish, and this home garden office is perfect for them. Your productivity levels can increase as they've never had in the past if you know how to take the most advantage you can from these pods. 

8. Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion garden office ideas

People don’t always need a pod to work in their gardens since there are many ways to do that without spending money on the matter. One of them is making the pod by yourself or adapting another thing to make it the pod. 

Doing that is a creative way of creating your workspace and can make you more attached to it. Additionally, since you are the one asking for the pod, you can tell the people helping you how you want the pod for them to give you the pod you like. 

Garages often have a lot more space than regular work pods, so this is an ideal alternative for you if you need a lot of space to work. Regardless of that, turning your garage into a working station means losing your garage.  

Think things thoroughly before going for this garden office idea, and try doing it with help to keep yourself from making any mistakes throughout the process.  

Despite garage offices being excellent for some people, we still recommend you stick with any of the other options in this list if you can afford a garden office pod since they are more practical and effective.  



As you could see, your entire mood can change depending on where you decide to work, so it’s up to you to decide which vibe you want your workplace to have. Nonetheless, it’s ideal to do that properly before trying to move your workstation to a garden office pod or a shed. 

Once you know which garden office ideas you want to adapt for your work pod, you need to find its essentials, which sometimes is not that easy. When we say essentials, we also mean the working equipment people need to set up the office. 

If you had to work remotely before, you may have office equipment, so you can use it for your new pod. Otherwise, you can also ask your company for work stipends to get all the items you need for a full home garden office. 

Most companies offer work stipends for workers even if they don’t ask for them, and that emphasizes when working remotely since you need to get the tools for it. Regardless of what you want to do, make sure to get a decent ergonomic desk, chair, and a working pod that fits all your needs. 

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