8 Healthy Back Exercises in Office without Equipment
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8 Healthy Back Exercises in Office without Equipment

|May 9, 2022

The importance of a healthy workout routine was never a secret. Still, the need for a healthy routine that involves a substantial amount of physical activity might not be a concept in awareness for office workers. Office workers who spend 8 or more hours sitting in front of the desk have a greater risk of developing various health issues such as depression, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and poor metabolism.

They are at risk of developing internal health issues, but physical illness and muscle pain originate from a poor sedentary lifestyle with no heed paid to workouts. Ever since the concept of both mental and physical wellness in the workplace has increased, there are now tons of ways to make your work time as healthy as possible. This includes simple healthy back exercises at work.

With modern research, you don't need to head out to the gym and take out an hour or two to relax, but simple exercises to strengthen your back can be as easily practiced behind a desk as anywhere else. This article will cover some ways to reduce back pain and some exercises while standing or sitting to reduce back pain at work.

What Exercises to Strengthen Lower Back?


Stretches healthy back exercises

Think about how you warm up your body before going for a strenuous workout. Sitting in a chair might not seem the same, but it does engage your muscles for a considerable time. In such cases, seated stretches can be a great way to relax and pop out the retained tension in muscles.

You can do seated stretches in a desk chair any time of the day and must do it periodically after every hour or thirty minutes. This will help you reactivate your energy levels, and soon, you will feel fresh. And the best part? You can do it right from your ergonomic chair without getting up or drawing any attention.

Back Stretches

Bad office chairs or excessive sitting can cause substantial stress on our spine, leading to poor spinal position and damaged alignment in the longer run. Hence, one should practice back alignment stretches various times a day to prevent any lower back part from retaining tension or strain.

To do a back alignment stretch, you will need to get up from your chair or practice various postures to straighten the spine.

Chair Dips

Chair Dips healthy back exercises

We often pay a lot of attention to our backs and the retained pain in them, but other parts of our body also undergo a lot of stress when working. This includes the upper back, shoulder and biceps area. Hence one should focus on relaxing them after a tiring day.

Chair dips are a simple pushup activity that you can do with your chair right in front of your desk. You need to get up from your chair and plant your palms on the seat with your finger facing away. Then slowly sit down and raise your body with the help of your shoulder muscles. This will bring a burning sensation to your shoulders initially, but you will find all the accumulated stress leaving your upper body in one go.

Choose the Right Chair

While you can do hundreds of healthy back exercises in a few minutes, the problem may not be solved until you identify the real cause. This means a bad office chair. Office chairs are the major reason many people are under physical pain and stress. Hence, before you search for the best desk exercises, it is wise to get yourself the best office chair for back pain and remove the trouble.

Abs Workout

Abs Workout healthy back exercises

Did you think you only needed to get on the floor to burn those belly fats? Well, belly fat is prevalent in office workers, and that being said, not any of us likes the bulging tires on our tummy, which makes us look bulky and gives us a heavy uneasy feeling. Thankfully there are various desk abs workouts you can do right at your desk without undergoing extra trouble.

Such as the bicycle crunches where all you need is to sit and move your legs up and down simultaneously in a way you are riding a bicycle. The ongoing burn can prevent your legs from numbing and take off the lower back pressure.

Chest Opener

This one's for the time when you are done for the day and about to get up from the chair. You can practice the chest opener two times a day, once along the midway and at the end, for better results. You need to sit tall, feet hip-width apart on the floor, hands intertwined behind your head, and elbows broad.

Return the head's weight to the hands by lifting through the spine and looking up to the ceiling. Return. To extend the back of the neck, close the elbows and gently round the upper spine. Rep a few times more till you feel at ease.

Arms Pulses

Arms Pulses healthy back exercises

Your arms might be aching after a long tiring day due to constant keyboard movement. Hence this simple desk exercise can relax them in no time. These healthy back exercises strengthen your triceps while also stretching your shoulders. Stand with your arms by your sides and palms facing behind you at your desk. For 20 seconds, pulse your arms backwards, maintaining them as long and straight as possible.


The gluteus maximus, or huge muscle in the buttocks, is worked by bridges. This muscle is activated while people flex their hips, especially when bending into a squat.

The gluteus maximus is a key muscle in the body, and maintaining it strong can assist support the lower back. And considering how easy and fun this pose is, there is no limitation to the number of times you can perform it.


Some companies have used this knowledge and allowed their staff to go to the gym during the day. Take advantage of this situation if it applies to you. It will help you lose weight and improve your general health, but it may also put you ahead of the pack at work.

But for those who don't have such awoken organizations or do not have enough time to manage workouts between the work hours, there are various healthy lower back exercises you can do right at your desk. Above you can find some women's health back exercises for an active work time. Let’s do it now!

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