8 Tips for Creating a Productive Work-from-Home Space
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8 Tips for Creating a Productive Work-from-Home Space

|Nov 4, 2022

Remote workers and freelancers knew the challenges and benefits of working from home, but the pandemic welcomed us all unexpectedly to this phase. It is true to say that before all of the population was forced to work from home, there was merely little to no attention paid to building a proper work-from-home space. But as the study and research were carried out about the factors that impact the efficiency of remote workers, we soon realized the importance of proper work-from-home office space.

This means that working from home is no more just finding a corner to sit with your laptop nearby a charging port. It's about planning, utilizing, and making the most of space to instill the right level of productivity. Hence home workspace needs to be planned carefully with several factors. If you are also in that struggling phase while finding the best work-from-home space ideas, then in this article, we will cover some of the best tips and tricks to make the most of a work-from-home desk setup in a small space.

Find a Designated Space

For work-from-home setup to work, location plays a huge role. Without a designated space, your work-from-home setup or a remote fiasco is bound to fail. Ideally, working from home should be a place with no distractions or diversions. It should be quiet where you can make and take work calls and focus on the activities without noise from the surroundings. But if you are short on space, your work-from-home space with a compact desk and chair can also be set up in the corner of a room. The whole point is to have an area dedicated to your work setup where there is no other thing happening.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture in work-from-home space

If you aren't convinced about the importance of the right work setup furniture, then you need to learn about the negative impacts of choosing the wrong furniture. The right office chair can make a substantial difference to your work productivity. It can eliminate any physical pain and minimize fatigue that develops throughout the day. This is why ergonomics in the modern workplace is such a popular concept.

Another important home office furniture decision you can make to make your WFH setup shine is the standing desk. A standing or height-adjustable desk allows you to work while standing; hence is known to deliver great working performance. Standing desks are an important part of all work from setups.

Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories

We often confuse desk accessories and computer accessories as an extra on our desk, but the truth couldn't be further. Office accessories are a huge driver of productivity and have a huge impact on work performance. They improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and give your desk a proper office-y vibe. Choosing the right desk accessories for your work-from-home space setup can reduce your work time by half.

Natural Light

Natural Light in work-from-home space

Natural light significantly impacts well-being, which makes sense given that nobody is inspired in a room with poor lighting. Your productivity may be impacted by this, in turn. Therefore, setting up your workspace close to a large window or door is ideal so natural light can enter.

Fake it if getting natural light into your work-from-home space is difficult. By reflecting light off the wall, mirrors will help your home feel lighter and airier. A home office in a slightly constrained space might benefit from employing mirrors because they are a fantastic method to provide the appearance of extra space in your room.


Storage & Organizers

You might think the workload is your enemy, but the real enemy on your desk is the clutter. A cluttered desk ruins the ability to think and be creative and limits the thinking ability of your mind. It fogs your brain and frustrates you. This is why you feel great when you clean your home, even being physically exhausted.

Hence, regardless of size or design, every office setup needs to have office storage ideas. This could be anything from built-in or movable storage shelves, storage baskets, filing cabinets, drawers, or a desk with a hutch or cabinets. Store away your desk accessories to feel lighter and accomplished. This prevents you from being greeted with a huge mess the next day.

Keep a Planner

Keep a Planner

It's more often to fall into lazy habits when you are your boss. After all, one doesn't tend to get much harder on themselves. While taking breaks is the right approach, too many breaks can make you lazy and unproductive. Use a calendar, chalkboard, whiteboard, pegboard, or daily planner in your home office for notes and reminders as a simple way to hold yourself accountable while working from home.

Due to this, managing deadlines, meetings, and assignments while working remotely is simple. Make a list of what's coming up and what has to be done at the beginning of each day or week to stay focused and effective at home!

Personalize your Space

Do you know someone who knows better than you? Well, that's rare. So why not use your likings to build something you love for yourself? By incorporating items that reflect your personality or motivate you to do more creative work, you may make your work-from-home workspace feel more welcoming. Behind your workstation, hang pictures or wall decor. Include attractive trinkets on shelves to give your room some color pops. Or keep inspirational notes or prints on your desk to help you feel inspired when you need it.

Strong Connection

Strong Connection

An internet that disconnects every few minutes will reduce downtime but also lead to frustration, and this needs to be avoided at all costs if you wish to feel productive all day. Especially for remote workers who have a lot of client interaction daily, having an improper and slow work connection can affect your image and ruin your business relationship. The same goes for the power and battery of your gadgets. You wouldn't want your laptop to die amidst an important call or your headphones to run out of charging while exchanging details about your competency.

Ensure that your workplace is close to a power outlet, or search for an extension cord with multiple plugs so you can simultaneously plug in your computer, phone, and printer. If you frequently make video calls, try a practice call in your new office to see how it sounds and feels.

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