9 Art Deco Office Décor Ideas to Revamp Your Office
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9 Art Deco Office Décor Ideas to Revamp Your Office

|Nov 12, 2022

When you are planning your office, you must have a keen check on the office décor that you plan to have. No one likes working in a dull-looking office that lacks any sort of decoration. In fact, the right art deco office décor attracts office workers to their workspace and helps them blend in their office environment.

The art deco is a unique office décor plan that adds style to your workspace. You can think of having an art deco office chair or an art deco office desk to go artsy. But the challenge here is that not everyone is aware of how they can plan their art deco office furniture or what art deco is in the first place. That’s why we are here to help!

As you read ahead, you will not only learn what art deco is, but we have also shared some of the best art deco styles that you may adopt to revamp your office. So, read ahead to explore more. 

What is Art Deco?

Art deco is a unique form of art from the early 20th century, but it has evolved over the years. Even though it has a modern element now, art deco is still characterized by its bright colors and daring geometry. The features in this deco are such that it adds more details to your interior when adopted. In addition, it makes your office look more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.

Since the art deco style is associated with visual arts, it incorporates architecture and design elements. That's why you will find art deco office furniture in the market as well. You may even find an art deco office building that reflects the idea of luxury in its style and architecture.

All of that makes the art deco style inspiration for many interior designers. That's why people often look for newer ideas to incorporate art deco in their office décor.   

9 Best Art Deco Style Ideas for Office

Here are 10 art deco office décor ideas you may use to create a lavish and aesthetically pleasing workplace. 

1. Mix Different Patterns

The art deco style has got a lot to do with geometric patterns. So, incorporating them in your office space can be a thoughtful way to add style. You may get patterned tiles for your office room’s floor or get a cool geometric for your office. If you have privacy panels in your office, you can go creative by printing different geometric patterns on them as well.

Mix Different Patterns - art deco office decor

2. Add Glamorous Lighting

Glamorous lighting is the central theme of art and style, and when you are trying to create the impression of an art deco office building, you must not forget the right lighting. You may think of hanging a fancy yet aesthetic chandelier at the center of your workspace if it's large. Adding a few geometric mirrors around the office will create a fuller look. 

3. Add Brass Elements

Brass elements define perfectionism when it comes to adding style to your room. So, you may think of using it for your office as well. You may think of having brass light fixtures or metallic chairs to complement an office desk in white color.

Add Brass Elements - art deco office decor

4. Use Arched Design Furniture

Furniture with a round top is the major highlight of an art deco office décor. So, you may think of incorporating it in your office by getting a round-shaped office chair like the Autonomous AvoChair. You may even hang some arched mirrors around your office. 

5. Add Sharp Geometric Shapes

You must ensure that you are incorporating sharp geometric shapes in your office room when trying to have an art deco office style. This can be in the form of sharp cutouts of some geometric shapes placed around the room. 

6. Use an Aesthetic Office Rug

Changing the entire flooring to have geometric tiles in your office is not possible for everyone. So, the best you can do is get an aesthetic office rug if you cannot afford to get new flooring. The office rug adds to the style and helps you fulfill your desire to have an art deco-style office. 

Use an Aesthetic Office Rug

7. Add an Element of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art can be a great addition to your office if you are planning to have an art deco-style office room. Although you are mainly focusing on the bold geometric art when having an art deco, adding some elements of contemporary art will create a great contrast. You may think of hanging some relevant artwork in this regard. 

8. Use Art Deco Office Furniture

Art deco office furniture is quite crucial when you are aligning your office décor with the art deco style. These furniture pieces are usually made using some exotic wood like ebony, satinwood, or mahogany. These furniture pieces have bold geometric shapes. So, you may think of having one of them if you wish to have an art deco office décor. 

Use Art Deco Office Furniture

9. Put Some Art Deco Accessories

It is vital to have some art deco desk chairs, accessories along with the normal desk accessories when you are trying to have an art deco style office. So, you may think of putting some bronze sculptures or a vase on a console table in your home office. You can make similar additions in your on-site office too. 

Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, we hope that you have enough insights now to plan an art décor office building or furniture. So, select your favorite ideas and make the relevant changes in your office today.

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