9 Best Tips For Employee Development Methods

9 Best Tips For Employee Development Methods

|Apr 13, 2021

The employee development method is one of the most valuable assets that we often underutilized and also underdeveloped. People might think that an employee development plan is a way for new development and opportunities and seems like an excellent idea. Still, in reality, it is a necessity for long-term success for the business. We will discuss some of the employee development ideas in this article.

Employee development methods

1. Training


The employee training method is a way that will help the employees develop the skill through lectures, videos, hands-on exercises, podcasts, individual and group assignments, and stimulation. The training includes both formal and informal approaches towards the development of skills. E-learning, classroom-based or instructor-led classes, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc., will encourage employee innovation. Also, every organization's needs and the subject will be kept in mind, and a specific option will be opted accordingly. For example, a detailed process or trade such as preparing a particular dish for a restaurant or a complex manufacturing process would require instructor-led or hands-on training. These specific tasks cannot be taught with the help of YouTube videos. Informal teaching is suitable for IT support issues or building codes. When training the employee through the formal way will also help build a work relationship with employees. Throughout their career, employees must undergo various training to enhance their skills that are necessary for performing any given task. Organizations should always support employees' skill development that will help them in the future responsibilities given by the company.

2. Job Rotation

Job Rotation

Another employee development idea is the job or task rotation. Employees have the option to rotate tasks with another colleague on a team to put that new skill into practice. This way, you can improve employee productivity when they get a break from the monotonous work cycle. The employer should encourage the employees for job rotation as this will help them get practical experience and develop new skills. By rotating the task, one can learn a new skill or practice what they learned before.

Stretch Assignments: in this method, the management would work with the employees to see where they wish to improve or learn and then accordingly assign tasks to them. These assignments will push the boundaries of the employee's role and make them habituated with a new skill or responsibilities. Stretch assignments can either be horizontal or vertical.

3. Coaching

When we think about how to improve employee development, it is essential to stress the aspect of coaching. Coaching will help the employees polish their skills. In this method, most of the time, senior staff would work one-on-one with newly employed or less experienced staff. Coaching can often take a considerable amount of time. Spending so much time in the chair can cause various musculoskeletal problems.

For this reason, it is crucial to opt for an office ergonomic chair. But owning just an ergonomic chair always does not help. At times people prefer to work while standing up. For this reason, it is also crucial to own an adjustable standing desk. Most of the time this method is time-consuming and also produces clones like the result. As the employee would learn from experienced staff, they would try to replicate the same way of approaching the work.

4. Mentoring


In this employee development method, an experienced staff member would take the less experienced member under his wings and teach them a skill thoroughly. When employers think about how to develop employees, they should opt for this method. A more formal mentoring program is chosen for senior executives and leadership roles, whereas for junior management, a less formal structure is implemented.

5. Workshop or working groups

Workshop or working groups

This employee development method provides the employees a chance to interact with colleagues from internal and external to the company and build a healthy work relationship. The advantage of this method is the access to similar colleagues and dissimilar colleagues. By interacting with people outside the organization, the employees will have new ideas and insights, which helps troubleshoot and open up communications. This method is ideal for teamwork and communication skills.

6. Simulation

Simulation has become more popular due to how effective and engaging it is in nature. For example, learn how to diffuse a confrontational client in person or respond to an emergency situation such as a mock first aid situation. When it comes to the highest level, simulation can include completely virtual worlds such as flight training or fire rescue, where the employees will learn how to deal with non-consequential settings. This method is beneficial as it gives the employee a chance to take textbook learning and apply it in the real world. The employees this way would learn how to handle complex tasks.

7. Conferences

Just like the workshop and committees, conferences are a great way and good employee development method to gain exposure to a tremendous knowledge of both outside industry and interdisciplinary.

8. On the job development

On the job development

Those employees who have an idea about basic training on technical skills will find an excellent method to polish those skills on the job development. This method's primary goal is to provide the employees with everything required for self-study while at work. Using this method, the employees would learn how to apply the method or use something to complete the given task or job. Most organizations use this method as they do not have the time to train every employee for every skill that does not require advanced knowledge.

9. 360-degree performance review

360-degree performance review

In this method, the employer gets the effective feedback regarding the employee from peers, vendors, subordinates, supervisor, and then identifies where they are lacking and chooses employee development methods accordingly.


Training, coaching and mentoring is the most famous form of the employee development method. Employers should place bulk office furniture orders for the employees to train and work at ease.

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