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9 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting in a Chair
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9 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting in a Chair

|Apr 30, 2022

On average, office workers spend their entire day at their workstations and barely get time to go to the gym. That's why health problems like obesity are very common among them. Since they can't go anywhere, all they can do is some seated stretches. Nevertheless, common stretches are not enough for staying fit. Instead, they should do some exercises while sitting. Sitting down exercises keep you more fit and active at work by activating your muscles.

Do you wish to stay fresh at work and have an energizing routine every day? If that is so, you should practice some workouts while sitting. Doing so will neither affect your work nor will it take much of your spare time; just a few of them, and you are all good to go. Doesn't it sound interesting? We know it does.

That’s why we have done a refined search on the best exercises that you can do while sitting and shared them in this article. All these exercises are so simple yet so effective that you will thoroughly enjoy doing them during work hours and breaks. We know that reading this would have made you more excited to learn about them. So, let’s have a look at them. 

1. Overhead Press

Overhead Press exercises while sitting

Overhead presses are one of the simplest seated exercises that you can do. All you need to do is sit straight on your office chair and grab a couple of water bottles. Raise both hands up while the bottle is still in your hands, and then press them to your ear's height. Continue this motion repetitively at least 15 times. 

2. Arm Circles

Arm circles are the second exercise in the list that targets your arms. You often feel dull and numb if you sit in one position for too long. So, why don't you sit up tall and move your arms in circles? You can go like first moving both hands in a forward circular motion and then both in the backward circular motion. The good thing is that this exercise while sitting doesn't necessarily require weights. 

3. Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder Rolls exercises while sitting

Shoulder rolls are yet another simple exercise while sitting that is vital to increase your activity and motion while you are sitting. To perform this exercise, you need to first ensure that you are sitting straight. Next, raise your shoulders towards your ears while breathing in, and slowly roll your shoulders back to the normal position while liberating your breath. Ideally, you should repeat this cycle in both directions at least 8-10 times. 

4. Gluteal Squeeze

Gluteal squeeze is possible even when you are sitting on an ergonomic chair. All you are supposed to ensure is that you are sitting straight while performing this exercise sitting down. Next, you should ensure that your glutes are contracted enough to help you prepare yourself for the movement.

Next, you have to contract your glute so tight that you imagine you are trying to lift yourself using this contraction. Once you have squeezed your muscles completely, hold on in that position for a couple of seconds and then release. It is better to repeat it at least 10-12 times a day. 

5. Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch exercises while sitting

The hamstring stretch is an exercise that is ideal for activating your leg muscles. To perform this exercise, ensure that you have the best ergonomic chair so that it provides you with an apt balance. Once you have it, sit close to the edge of the chair while ensuring you are not leaning back.

Next, extend one of your legs outward to make it straight. Once done so, try to reach your toe with your hand and hold in that position for a couple of seconds and then get back to normal. You should repeat this exercise with your other leg too. 

6. Calf Raises

The calf raise is one of the best exercises while sitting because it is known for activating your glutes while engaging your leg muscles. To perform this exercise, you must sit close to the edge of your computer ergonomic chair to ensure that your feet rest straight on the floor.

Once you are done, you are required to squeeze your calves to raise your legs off the floor. Hold them in the raised position for a couple of seconds and then get back to normal. To get the best results, you should do this exercise repetitively at least 15-20 times and in four sets. 

7. Seated Marches

Seated Marches

Seated marches are a simple exercise while sitting to engage your legs while sitting. Everyone is aware of the marching motion that we practiced on scouting days. Here, you are supposed to do the same while sitting.

Ensure that your hands are on your seat’s armrests and you are sitting straight on your chair when you are performing this exercise. If you wish to get the best results, you should do at least four sets of fifteen marches. 

8. Seated Crunches

Since we have talked about arms, glutes, and legs, there should be some abs workouts while sitting as well. Seated crunches are one such exercise. To perform this seated exercise, you have to sit at the edge of your chair and place your hands beside your ears.

Next, you have to bend your legs, contract your knees towards your chest and then extend them straight. You should do at least four sets of this exercise by repeating this motion at least 10-15 times in each set. 

9. Oblique Twist

Lastly, you can do some oblique twists. This exercise is also targeted to your abs and core. All you are supposed to do is sit straight and rotate your waist. Rotate as far left as you can to put a little stress on your obliques, and then get back to your normal position.

Repeat this exercise while rotating towards the right side. Ensure that you repeat it at least 10-15 times, and you hold yourself for a couple of seconds when rotating. Apart from this exercise, you can do multiple desk exercises too if you have the office desk exercise equipment.

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