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9 great videos about DIY stand up desk ideas from Youtube

Autonomous Autonomous | Apr 19, 2019

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Standing work areas are hot as of now, anyway can be on the costly side. The therapeutic focal points of not sitting on your butt for the duration of the day are winding up progressively surely understood. People are jumping up in cubical based conditions like a beast round of whack-a-mole! Essential concern, it's exceptional that people are seeing the dangers of a stationary lifestyle facilitated by the mechanical organization economy and revealing the reasonable upgrades to fight back (you should love jests!) stature adaptable standing work region with major materials.

You may have heard that sitting down is horrible for you. Frankly, a stunning proportion of research exhibits that sitting, for example, everything else we acknowledge, will, at last, execute us.

According to the New York Times elucidate:

‘It doesn’t matter if you go running every morning, or you’re a regular at the gym. If you spend most of the rest of the day sitting — in your car, your office chair, on your sofa at home — you are putting yourself at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death’.

So we all need standing desks, that is clear. Nevertheless, here's another issue: Standing work zones are amazingly expensive. A mid-go standing work territory will run you on any occasion $300; the normally model is $275, and the top level stand-up work territories will run you about $1,500. Thankful yet again, science.

Luckily, there is an alternative as opposed to striking your venture account. Here we find out 9 ways to create your DIY desk with less budget. Here are 9 videos from Youtube about how to make your own standing desk & you can get the ideas to create yours

1.DIY Plywood Top for a Standing Desk from DIY Pete & Stand Modern

●        Make Your Cuts

Choose the width, significance, and thickness for your work region. I'd endorse a base thickness of 1 inch. 3/4 of an inch may work, yet including some extra thickness will make your table more grounded. I made my table 1 inch thick by covering a sheet of 3/4 inch birch packed wood to a 1/4 inch thick piece of birch squeezed wood. On the table saw, we cut our sheets to quantify. The last size of my DIY standing work territory ended up being 78″ long by 30″ wide by 1″ thick.

2. How to build your own stand up desk for 22$

●        Collect Your Custom Desk top

At the point when most of your heaps up for your work zone are cut, its chance to cover the 3/4″ squeezed wood to the 1/4″ piece. Incorporate a ton of wood stick in the midst of this method, focusing on the edges and corners. Screw it together from the underside using 3/4″ screws. Incorporate clasps and let the glue dry for the makers recommended time.

3. How to make an Electric SIT and Standing Desk

●        Sand the Desk top

Give your work zone a brisk outline with 220 coarseness sandpaper and your orbital sander. Put aside extra exertion to encourage the edges and corners, making it as smooth as you'd like. By then work your way down through 320, 400, and 600 coarseness sandpaper. Prep everything for finishing and wipe any buildup off with a tack material or a to some degree sticky microfiber texture.

4. Cheapest Homemade standing desk Conversion

●        Complete the Desk top with Lacquer

For my DIY Standing Desk, I required a to some degree reflexive finish with a strong surface. I locate that clean ties down better than polyurethane and used completion for this endeavor. Apply one layer of completion and let it dry. By then wet-sand it with 600 coarseness sandpaper before the accompanying coat. I go over an uncommon wet-sanding framework in the video that works mind boggling for smoothing out any finish. By then incorporate a second layer of completion (you could keep including more coats at whatever point needed) and let it fix. Complete an especially light wet-sanding with 800 after your coats and after that buff out the consummation with a microfiber material. This procedure obliges an exceptional, solid fulfillment.

5. DIY standing desk - Take advantage of your Standing Desk


In this post you'll make sense of how to set aside some money developing your own one of a kind DIY Standing Desk and where to get a base.

Like in the chronicles underneath in the YouTube videos.

6. DIY adjustable standing desk - Extended Physical Activity

Standing work zones help you devour more calories for the term of the day. The more you move while you stand, the more calories you will expand.

7. Standing desk 2.0

  • Extended Focus

I've seen that since I advanced to a standing work region, it's less complex to focus on my work. I have greater essentialness for the term of the day, and I've found that my mind winds less when I'm standing. Different people I've talked with who moreover use standing work territories state something fundamentally the same as They concentrate better when they're moving for the duration of the day.

8. How to build a Standing Desk/ Drafting Table

While the finished endeavor works fundamentally better than anything you may imagine a fixed together aggregation of the frame parts would, there are as yet a couple of issues.

For one, the work territory isn't versatile, inferring that not in any manner like with some undeniably expensive models, you won't more likely than not sit down at your Standesk 2200 when your legs get exhausted. That is horrendous, in light of the way that despite standing work territory advocates recommend you sit for most likely a bit of the work day.

In case your work zone is adequately tremendous (and you have a second PC or screen), you can essentially sit down by your standing work zone and do work there when your feet start feeling tired. In case it's not, your most consistent choice is to get a higher seat (in a perfect world a foldable one that you can stash unexpected when it's not being utilized) and keep that for conceivable later use for when you have to sit.

Another issue is that in the event that you're not wary in building up the Lack side table, your screen will shake when you start forming. That is in light of the fact that—shocker—Ikea furniture isn't for each situation unfaltering. Guarantee you attach the table's legs as solidly as could be permitted and put two or three shims under any uneven legs to make them level. That handled an expansive part of my issues, anyway if the wobbling proceeds, consider putting furniture pads under the table legs for a pinch of shock osmosis.

9. DIY 45$ for Standing/Siting Desk

In the event that you're thinking about including an under work region treadmill to your workstation, you'll likely need to avoid the Chinese-made bases as they are temperamental at progressively vital stature settings, and including a treadmill base underneath will raise your height by 5″ – 6″. As the work territory rises, the broadening leg sections accomplish a point where there is little spread. Presently, the base's sidelong shakiness additions to the point of bother. You would incline toward not to be wherever near the most elevated purpose of the height reach out on this base if you care about soundness. To intensify the circumstance, forming rate and accuracy will, as a rule, go down as the work territory gets shakier. In case you incorporate a screen a screening arm, or possibly an under-work zone support plate (which you should for the best ergonomic position), the instability will be heightened further.


We have collected for you 9 amazing videos about DIY desks from Youtube, hope you can get your ideas & build your own great standing desk!

One more thing, if you want to make your DIY desk easier, faster, you can try our SmartDesk DIY Kit today! Enjoy!

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