9 Promotion Gift Ideas To Say Congrats To Employees

9 Promotion Gift Ideas To Say Congrats To Employees

|May 3, 2021

Having a remote work promotion is an incredible accomplishment. It’d be ideal for an employer to welcome the employee to the new position with a thoughtful gift. Choosing the appropriate gifts is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is where our promotion gift idea list comes to play. 

A new role comes with new responsibilities, and a gift is a perfect gesture to make the employee comfortable. Perhaps they’ll be spending more time at the workplace, or they’ll be interacting with clients and junior workers.

Whatever be the case, your aim should be to give them something they can regularly use. Our list of gifts for job promotion can help you with selecting the right one. Let’s help you shop!   

Top 9 Picks for Promotion Gifts Idea

There are many employee promotion gifts. Make sure to give them something that motivates them to work harder and also makes them feel valued. Take inspiration from the promotion gift idea list, and wrap them up right away!

1. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Does the new position demand the employee to burn the midnight oil? In that case, they’ll appreciate having a desk lamp. A desk lamp will not only help with illumination, but they’re fantastic decor pieces.

You can either get them a modern black Ultra Wide LED lamp or opt for the classic bright red ones. Gifting desk lamps will make them feel appreciated about working extra hours at the office. Also, if they have a new workstation now, it’ll serve as a beautiful decor piece.

2. Laptop Case

lapotp case

Are you looking for gifts for a job promotion? In that case, a laptop case should be on your list. All professionals use laptops for carrying out their workplace tasks. Besides, a computer is one electronic gadget that is delicate and needs optimum care.

Gifting them a laptop case or a messenger bag will make them feel confident. It is a good promotion gift idea for you. Not to mention, you can find hundreds of varieties of laptop cases or bags on the market.

3. Monitor Arm

monitor arm

You’ll agree that a working professional’s desk can look like a mess with the various gadgets and paperwork. Moreover, PCs and laptops also occupy a chunk of the tabletop surface. Using a monitor arm for the desk is an incredible way to organize the workstation and it is also one of useful gifts for promotions at work.

Gifting your employees a monitor arm will increase their productivity. You can buy a two-arm or a three-arm variant as well. A monitor arm is the right gift to say, "you got this!”

4. Small Desk Plants


A new position can be stressful at times. Adapting to new challenges and responsibilities might take time for the employee. You can add a bit of playfulness and freshness with some small desk plants. You can help your employee to unwind and relax for a few minutes between hectic schedules.

You can gift plants with miniature rocks and sands that are stress busters. Alternatively, giving them a desk organizer attached to a plant is also a good idea.

5. Swivel Desk Drawer


Promotion means more work which equates to more stuff for working efficiently. However, keeping everything on the desk can restrict the space and hamper efficiency. Another exclusive promotion gift idea is a swivel desk drawer.

swivel desk drawer is a gift that every dedicated employee will appreciate. These drawers can save stationery, paperwork, cables, and more. As a bonus, you can get them a drawer that doubles as a mouse pad.

6. An Affirmation Mug

affirmation mug

Employees in a new job role would need a pinch of motivation now and then. Gifting them an affirmation mug with a quote or compliments is the right way and good promotion gift idea to do so. It’ll give them the right push to perform better and help them adjust to the new role.

Plus, it’s easy to find affirmation mugs as they come in varieties. Affirmation mugs make lovely gifts for promotion at work.  They carry a personal touch, and it is a gift that the employee will cherish for a long time.

7. Ergonomic Chair

ergonomic chair

Did the job promotion come with a new workstation? If so, you can consider upgrading the chair for them as an employee promotion gift. Besides, if the new job role calls for extra long work hours, an ergonomic chair is your best bet.

The chair will make them feel comfortable and ensure that they adjust to the new role. Besides, you also want your employee to de-stress from intense work pressure. Therefore, gifting an ergonomic chair sounds like a good plan.

8. Anti-Fatigue Mats


Working for long hours in the office is an invitation for stress and physical pain. However, with a promotional gift idea such as anti-fatigue mats, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. If you have home office standing desks like Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) (Home Office) at the office, anti-fatigue mats will make a thoughtful gift.

It’s also worth mentioning that anti-fatigue mats can improve the productivity of the employee. The mat helps them beat physical pain from standing and working all day. Hence, they ought to feel less tired and more productive.

9. Privacy Panels

privacy panels

Because the employees are working in an open space, they might feel a lack of privacy. Moreover, sitting beside a fellow worker who constantly speaks on the phone can be disturbing. You can make things easy for a promoted employee by gifting them with privacy panels.

Privacy panels are not a typical promotion gift idea, so the employee wouldn’t see this one coming! It’ll block out all the noise and ensure the employee has all the peace they need to concentrate.


This exceptional employee incentive ideas list will bring a smile to your employee’s face. These promotion gift ideas take inspiration from the day-to-day requirements of working professionals.

These gifts will make their work more efficient. Getting a job promotion is a significant accomplishment, and it deserves some unique gifts! A thoughtful gift is a beautiful gesture that your employees will appreciate. You can place your bulk office furniture oder today!

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