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9 Tips to Prepare Your Wallet for Black Friday Sales

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 18, 2018

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Black Friday offers an exciting time for many shoppers. If you are a true bargain hunter you must be anxious for November 23rd to reach and you are likely fine-tuning your Black Friday strategy. The day will give many shoppers an opportunity to shop for themselves and their loved ones while saving their money. However, if you don’t plan for it you may miss out on the best deal because you don’t have money. Something else that might happen on Black Friday is you may use all your savings and end up broke. Well at Autonomous we wouldn't want you to miss out on Black Friday or end up overspending and penniless. That’s why we have come up with the following tips to ensure your wallet can afford Black Friday sales. OK let’s get right into our tips:

Make a budget now

Once you come up with your list the next thing you should do is budget for it. Your shopping list may require substantial amounts of money and the only way you can afford it is by saving up. That why we advised that you start on your list at the earliest opportunity. You can even start in January after the holidays and begin saving up for Black Friday. You may think that’s too early but lack of budgeting almost always means you might have to buy items using credits cards or other forms of borrowed cash. It’s not bright getting into debt because of Black Friday right?

So to avoid this create your list and begin planning ahead. Because you know approximately how much you will spend you can look at expenses to cut back on so that you can meet the budget. You could, for example, decide to reduce the number of times you eat out so that you can save more and so.

When doing your budget if you find that it is unrealistic for you, you can change your shopping list. No need to stretch yourself too much if something is beyond your budget strike it off the list and put something else.

Check Ads

Now you have a list and a budget this puts you in a good position as Black Friday approaches. You already know what you are prepared to buy and have the money to do that great! Weeks to the event look out for Black Friday ads from your favorite stores. These ads will give you a heads up on what deals the retailers will be offering. Most ads will tell you the deals on electronics like TVs which most retailer usually has each year, smart appliances, clothes, phones etc.

You want to familiarize yourself with this information so that you can compare the offers and you can decide which store you will be spending your money on. For example, Amazon may have a great deal on the new iPhone but after looking at the Best Buy ad you might find out they have a bigger saving opportunity. Since you are looking to save as much as possible don’t only look at the deals offered by the stores you shop at regularly. Try other stores shopping around will most definitely ensure you're left with more coins in your pocket.

Create a shopping list

Creating a shopping list

The first step to ensure you can afford to enjoy Black Friday is to come up with a list of purchases you intend to make. You will definitely be planning to buy your kids if you have any, some toys or your spouse some fancy jewelry. For the guys, you might also be planning to buy yourself that large screen TV so that you can better enjoy the football games with the guys. Write all this down so that you know what you will be getting everyone. Having it all in the mind doesn’t work you might forget what you had planned to buy when the time comes and get confused about purchases so write it down. You don’t have to wait to the last minute to start on your list actually the earlier you start on it the better.

Download apps and check social media pages

Retailer Ads are one way to get to know in advance the best Black Friday deals. Another way to do so is by downloading store apps and following their social media pages.  Amazon, for example, has lightning deals on Black Friday, these are live for short periods of time and can be anywhere between 200-2000 a day. To ensure you don’t miss out on these downloading their app will ensure you get a notification when a deal you saw and liked is live so that you can grab it immediately.

Following your favorite retailers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other page is also a no-brainer. Social media is today used by most business to communicate to their customers about their Black Friday deals. If you want to better plan on how to save more and be left with some money in your wallet this shopping season regularly check retail stores social media pages. While at it you might also get opportunities to save more through collecting coupons, promo codes and more deals that are posted on this sites.

If you follow the Autonomous social media pages you can be sure you will get more deals than you bargained for. Our posts will also give you enough time to plan your finances to be able to benefit from our discounts.

Decide whether to shop in-store or Online

Decide to shop in-store or online

If you follow all that we have said so far Black Friday should be a blast for you. When the time comes you will be ready to make your purchases and all you have to do is decide is whether you will be heading to the store or shopping from the comfort of your home or office.

The decision on which way to shop can be tricky because both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose to show in-store you can grab a hold of some terrific bargains which are only given to those who go to brick and mortar stores. They are also the traditional doorbusters that everybody wants to get the chance to take advantage of. These reasons are quite strong if you chose this method of shopping and they may be able to save you a large sum of money which is want we all look forward to when shopping on Black Friday.

For online shoppers, the thought of not having to be pushed around by other shoppers to get the best deals is good enough to avoid the retail store. The good thing is this day’s retailer’s offer just as good deals online as they do at their store. That means if you shop online you might not lose out on anything which is awesome. Whether you choose online or instore the store the choice is up to you but a major factor to consider when making the decision is which of the two will see you spend less.

Start shopping early

A lot of retailers begin their Black Friday Sale before the actual date. Many have saving deals as early as the beginning of November which you can try grab. The best time, however, to be on the alert is the Thanksgiving week. A lot of bargains are up for grabs during this periods and some of this deals may actually be better than the Black Friday sale.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this early bird deals subscribe to retailer emails and download their apps this will keep you in the loop about their discounts. Also if you have loyalty cards to some of this stores you may be able to shop the best deals before others. Target, for example, had their Black Friday sale open on Monday for customers who hold their REdcard last year that may also be the case this year. So you might want to subscribe to the loyalty programs for a retailer you intend to shop with this Black Friday. That may save you a few more dollars.

If you decide to wait until Black Friday to do your shopping ensure you are up early to catch the best deals before they run out. Most online sales start at midnight or earlier and store doors open from 4am onwards.

Avoid Impulse buying

Black Friday is definitely a day you should try and get most of your holiday shopping done. However, you should exercise restraint while shopping as you might end up buying things you don’t necessarily need due to the ridiculously low prices offered. Doing so might leave you with nothing in your wallet and depressed because of your poor choices.

You have a list and a budget stick to it despite how tempting the sale is.  If you know you cannot control your impulse buying you can set aside a few dollars while doing your budget to accommodate this but once that cash is spent leave it at that. The aim of Black Friday we have repeatedly said is to save you money not spend all your money avoid reckless buying this year otherwise you might end up with financial problems and not enjoy your holidays.

Do cash not credit card

Do cash

A lot of credit card fraud happens on Black Friday to protect yourself avoid using your credit card and stick to cash. The risk of fraud should not be the only thing stopping you from using your credit card. The deals to be had on Black Friday may cause you to overspend racking up a huge credit card debt. You will enjoy shopping on Black Friday with your credit card but you will have to deal with the pain of paying the debt you accumulated later.

Avoid causing yourself this stress and stick to using the money you have saved and budgeted for. Once the cash runs out stop the shopping. If what you saved wasn’t enough to do all your shopping you will have learned a lesson and budget for more next year.

Don’t pay more than you should

You may have the money to spend on Black Friday having budgeted and saved up for it. That why you should ensure that any deals you are considering are actually worth it. Some retailers may advertise they have the best deals this Black Friday but when you do a price check you find out what their offering is actually not a steal. If this is the case you should avoid buying such items as you can always buy them later. Focus instead on products that you want and that give you the largest saving possible.

Your saving may also be lost if you don’t check out the shipping costs when shopping online. A deal may give you 30% off only for you to lose that saving when you have to pay for high shipping charges. Ensure you keep your saving in your wallet this Black Friday by shopping at stores that offer free shipping for purchases or delivery costs that are affordable.


Black Friday is now one weeks away and you may be thinking it’s a bit too late to come up with a budget and start saving up for it. Well, that may be true but you might surprise yourself and save up a large sum if you develop your budget and cut some daily expenses immediately. You know what they say better late than never. Having a list and budget will ensure you enjoy your shopping and your wallet doesn’t get left with a big hole. So do the wise thing and follow our tips.

If you are facing tough financial times you can sit back and let others do the shopping this year. Don’t let the Black Friday pressure get you down. You can begin planning for next year’s event now and prepare to bag all the best deals then!

Hope you get the bargains you’re looking for this year, Happy shopping from us at Autonomous!

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