9 Ways to Strengthen Leg Muscles While Working
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9 Ways to Strengthen Leg Muscles While Working

|Dec 14, 2022

Your Job Is great. It's fun, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. But you know what? Working for that challenging Job all day can be hazardous to your health, especially if you have been in the job field for nearly a decade. For example, people who work in an office in front of the screen, sitting on a chair, are at great risk of many health issues. While sitting, you are gaining unhealthy weight and putting your body at risk of developing various physical issues such as back pain, neck pain, posture issues, etc.

This is because our office spaces make us stationary. They encourage zero movements, and you are just sitting in the same posture, same chair every day for 8 hours or so. How will that work out for you? If you are educated enough about the negatives of sitting, you might wish to get up from your desk and run off to a running track. Hence one needs to strengthen leg muscles, which are the most fragile muscles of the body when you practice sitting for most of your day. Thankfully with modern changes in the workplace, you can strengthen leg muscles at home without having to hit the gym several times a day. This doesn't mean you need to give up working out at the gym, but these few changes can help you kill off that sedentary lifestyle and all the negatives it brings. Now, let's explore how to strengthen leg muscles!

To strengthen leg muscles, you must ensure that blood circulation is active in the lower part of your body. And thankfully, there are several ways to achieve that. From office exercise equipment to a routine that involves standing desk, your leg muscles can be engaged in your office routine with the help of a few tips. Below are some ways to encourage healthy leg muscle movements in the workplace.

1. Treadmill Under Desk

A treadmill under the desk is no longer a new concept but is highly popular in most modern ergonomic settings. Treadmills under the desk help your legs move while working, and you can walk slowly to run at varying speeds. It saves time and keeps your muscles active; hence you are more likely to remain active during work hours.

Treadmill Under Desk to strengthen leg muscles

2. Under Desk Cycle

How about having an under-desk cycle instead of a boring chair? Well, you got to work out for that. Under desk cycles are similar to the ones you find in the gym. The only difference is that you can use them while working on your computer, attending meetings, and going about your busy work life. These cycles keep the leg muscles active, encourage blood flow, and strengthen leg muscles for knee pain.

Under Desk Cycle to strengthen leg muscles

3. Sitting Exercises

Active and engaged leg muscles play a great helping role in strengthening leg muscles, but you aren't encouraged to make them work all day by standing. Hence you need to divide your work hours into equal schedules of sitting and standing. And if you worry about your work chair being too stationary or falling asleep while sitting, then sitting exercises for abs and other chair stretches are a great way to fuel your energy while working.

Sitting Exercises to strengthen leg muscles

4. Standing Desk Exercises

Standing desk ensures you practice all types of postures that are healthy in a workplace but standing stationary for longer periods can give rise to issues like leg numbing, pain in the heels, and strain in the lower back. Hence add some easy standing exercises if you don’t own proper office gym equipment. This can relieve the build-up of stress and prevent fatigue in your legs.

Standing Desk Exercises

5. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are highly helpful in the workplace and add great value to your core leg muscles. Keep one foot flat on the ground while seated at your desk and extend the other leg straight out in front of you parallel to the floor. Five seconds, then release and switch to the other leg. Continue until you have ten times elevated each leg. Try drawing a circle with your toes while lifting your leg if you want to make this a little more difficult.

6. Leg Extensions

Simple leg extensions are a quick and convenient workout you can perform while writing or working. First, straighten your leg out and point your toe. Your calves and hamstrings will be stretched if you lift your leg and hold it there for five to ten seconds. Repeat by switching legs as necessary. You can also relax your foot and extend your leg outward to work the lower abdomen, lifting it every 10 seconds.

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7. Run While Sitting

It's about time you add this run routinely to your work life that isn't just planned to leave the office. You can pretend to run while sitting in your chair if you insist on staying seated all day or can't take a few seconds away from your computer. Move your arms and legs as if you were running, alternating them back and forth.

Although it may appear foolish, doing this can increase your heart rate and restart blood flow, which is the most crucial element. So, again, raising your knees higher will yield superior outcomes.

8. Squatting

Not in your dress pants or meeting outfit; we know you cannot squat at home. But for people blessed with the work-from-home opportunity, squatting is a great way to strengthen leg muscles. It is simply one of the best exercises for resistance training. This exercise is excellent for developing leg strength since it engages practically all of the muscles in the lower body. If you decide to start resistance training, this is a requirement for your program. Keep your feet level and lift through your heels when squatting. Keep your torso upright, your back flat, and your eyes straight ahead.


9. Walking

Besides walking while working, add plain walking to your routine to get the most out of your leg muscles. Walking strengthens leg muscles and ensures they are active and toned. Not only will you lose some stubborn pounds if you start to walk, but you will also experience less fatigue and more energy throughout the day.

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