A Complete Bulk Office Chair Buying Guide for Business
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A Complete Bulk Office Chair Buying Guide for Business

|Aug 9, 2021

Having the right equipment in your office is one of the ways to improve productivity and efficiency. According to research carried out in 2013, individuals that do not have a comfortable work environment don't deliver great on challenging tasks. The use of comfortable chairs and desks in the office will maintain the posture of employees and prevent them from retaining unnecessary tension in their bodies.

If you find your employees too exhausted and often catch them pressing the back of their head, then chances are they are having improper posture. You might need to invest in an ergonomic office chair that is the new comfort in the workplace. To help you, this article covers the bulk office chair buying guide with all the information about wholesale office furniture that could increase productivity.

What Are the Effects of Posture On Productivity?

The problem with improper posture is that not all of us realize we are sitting in the worst possible posture until it gets too late and our back is susceptible to constant pain, and the neck muscles start screaming for help.

Even then, it is considered sleeping in the wrong ways, but nobody pays enough attention to office ergonomics. The ergonomic chair features ensure the posture is retained and the body experiences zero to minimize stress during sitting. There are many downsides to having an improper posture in the workplace, and it is not all about work productivity.

Poor Posture Causes Depression

Bad Posture Causes Heartburn

People suffering from chronic depression can experience worsening in their condition if they don’t sit properly. The University of Auckland published a study that states slouching can cause a decrease in efficiency, and people prone to depression felt well when they improved their posture.

Bad Posture Causes Heartburn

Improper seating slouches the body organs. After having a lunch break, you cannot just sit in a slumped position, which will hinder the digestion process, resulting in bloating and acidity in the stomach. This will also cause heartburn.

Reduced Lung Capacity

Slumping can cut down the lung capacity by 30%, and you cannot experience deep breaths to relax the lungs properly. If your body does not receive much fresh air, then your organs will not be properly oxygenated. Hence the reason you feel tired and observe frequent headaches at work thus reducing productivity.

Poor Memory

Poor Memory

You cannot manage to have a weak memory in the workplace. You can experience a serious loss in productivity if you have an improper seating posture. You are also likely to remember bad times more than good times, affecting your mental health and decreasing productivity overall.

A Complete Bulk Office Chair Buying Guide

If you are searching for a complete wholesale office chair buying guide, then chances are you have realized the importance of having high-quality furniture in your workplace. And that is a great thing as you will experience not only improved productivity but also happier employees. When looking for the right office chair for your office, here are some bulk ergonomic chair factors that you need to keep in your mind.

1. Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

A real office chair that wants to make you productive and healthy will not compromise on back support. Great office chairs have a bolster for the lower back, and even better ones have a flexible bolster. You can modify the position and placement of the bolster to adjust your back and make sure there is no extra strain on the lower back which is a majorly affected area during long sitting hours.

2. Flexible


Secondly, a great office chair is flexible. By flexible, we mean it must have the ability to adjust arm position and length. While a lever at the bottom is common for most office chairs, not all of them have a pneumatically adjustable lever, making adjustment even easier and eliminating all the creak sounds. You cannot compromise on the back tilt, as some people like to have a solid back hold, and some like to tilt more.

3. Wheel


Wheels are the most important part of the office chair because it allows the user to move freely without getting up and losing focus for the tiniest things. Rather than slipping too much with the wheels, a good office chair has wheels that grip the floor yet make smooth movements.

4. Fabric


This is undoubtedly one of the most important features. The fabric shouldn't be rough against the skin, nor must it get very hot. Breathable fabric for office chairs is the ideal choice, and it makes sure the person sitting on it doesn't sweat and feels uncomfortable. Also, the fabric should be versatile to drop with the body's shape, unlike something sturdy like rexine that is too hard to move.

5. Aesthetics

Comfort is a great thing, but you shouldn't entirely pass on the aesthetics. The look of your office has a huge role in defining the impact on employees. According to various studies, our surroundings play a vital role in our motivation and how we behave. So how can a person expect greatness out of something ordinary?

Try opting for colors that go with your entire theme. Choose chairs that are not only comfortable to sit on but also pleasing to look at. If you are going for colors, then having different colors of chairs isn't a bad idea.

6. Cost Considerations


You have a bulk buy office chair considering all the factors, but it is not wise to drain your entire budget on office furniture. To make sure you maximize the benefits of spending, buy furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, invest in chairs that can be used for meeting as well as working. They should be easy to move and not too heavy to carry to the meeting room with you.

7. Ergonomics


As discussed before, comfort in a workplace is not to be ignored, so having ergonomic furniture in an office is beneficial at so many levels. From having footrests to a posture maintaining back support, armrests that prevent shoulders from slouching, and an adjustable level to reach the screen for proper vision, taking care of ergonomics is an important thing.

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