A Complete Guide To Organizing Your Desk for Peak Productivity
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A Complete Guide To Organizing Your Desk for Peak Productivity

|Oct 28, 2020

For one reason or another, a great deal of the workforce relies on remote workers to get the job done. Remote work is nothing new, but it’s become significantly more popular thanks to recent technological advancements. These advancements not only make remote work more convenient but can also increase a person’s productivity. More specifically, there are several ways for you to improve organizing your desk for productivity.

Why Focus on Peak Productivity?

Productivity is a topic discussed through several mediums within the workplace, ranging from psychology to business. A person’s productivity can heavily influence their position within a company, which can be instrumental in their financial future. For simplicity’s sake, the following are some advantages and disadvantages for focusing on peak productivity:

Peak productivity

  • icon checkBosses tend to notice workers who work more efficiently
  • icon checkMore productivity leads to finishing work more quickly
  • icon checkBetter productivity means a person won’t be late on submitting crucial work
  • icon checkThe more productive a person is, the more likely they can earn extra money
  • icon checkProductivity can prevent a person from being fired
  • icon checkLearning how to motivate yourself can be applied to activities outside of work
  • icon timesIt may cost a person some money to buy more efficient equipment
  • icon timesPeak productivity may be challenging for some people to grasp

Naturally, the benefits of improving a person’s productivity far outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, this guide isn’t solely focused on the general topic involving productivity; instead, it should concentrate on office desk organizing tips and productivity desk organization ideas.

Why Focus on Peak Productivity?

Finding the Right Desk For You

Not all desks are suitable for work. Organizing your desk for productivity can be a fruitless endeavor if the desk you’re using is cheap or not designed with work in mind. To genuinely focus on organizing your desk for productivity, you need to buy a good desk suitable for work. Most smart desks should suffice, but the Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office should serve as a baseline of a high-quality work desk for the sake of discussion.

The Autonomous Desk 2 can either be used as a standing desk or a regular desk, which allows you to organize your desk space any way you wish to. This extra flexibility grants you many opportunities to experiment with what should and shouldn’t be on your desk. Believe it or not, but one of the most essential office desks organizing tips includes flexibility. If a desk forces you to set up your workstation in a certain way, it can inhibit your productivity.

Finding the Right Desk For You

As a result, the Autonomous Desk 2 is an excellent tool for improving productivity. As an ergonomic device, it can be adjusted to fit your specific needs best. Not only that, but there are several ways to use it as a standing desk if you wish to be productive in that way.

1. Analyzing a Desk’s Space

Regardless of whether it’s a standing desk or not, you have to ponder what you can include on your desk. If you’re seeking peak productivity, you should primarily focus on your work equipment first. For nearly all remote workers, they need a computer, monitor, speakers, and other computer peripherals somewhere on the desk or near the desk. That equipment should take up a small chunk of your workspace, so now you need to figure out how to allocate the rest of your space.

Allocating the rest of the space depends on your profession. Organizing your desk for productivity differs from one job to another. For instance, some office desk organizing tips for a salesperson look radically different from a music producer’s desk. The former is primarily going to need documents and relevant paperwork associated with their business. By comparison, the latter should have plenty of music-related software, which can allow them to use the rest of their desk for musical instruments if they wish to get inspiration.

Analyzing a Desk’s Space

Regardless of your profession, you should have a good idea of what you need and what you don’t need. Your desk shouldn’t be just work-related equipment. After all, you shouldn’t be working there, 24/7. Instead, you should have some free space on your desk for miscellaneous objects. For example, leaving some room for a delectable meal to chow down on break can be surprisingly productive.

2. Productivity Desk Organization Ideas

First, you should limit unnecessary clutter. Even if it’s work-related, you should never have a messy workplace. Instead, organize everything in an easy-to-access format. How to organize an office desk is simpler than you might think! Next, you need to hide random wires. Your desk shouldn’t have random wires cluttering your space. While this may seem identical to the previous tip, there are some crucial differences.

  Wires are more dangerous than random junk

  Wires are more sensitive and tend to be more expensive than paperwork

  Wires can be more difficult to hide

The third tip is to label everything you need. For example, a folder with the label of “clients” stands out a lot more than an identical folder with the title “business reports.” It’s a simple yet effective measure to improve productivity. The fourth tip related to increasing your productivity is to understand general productivity tips and how it connects to your desk. It may seem strange at first but stretching and breaks can drastically help get you closer to peak efficiency.

Productivity Desk Organization Ideas

3. More Office Desk Organizing Tips

Whenever possible, you should aspire to keep your desk as paper-free as possible. Besides being more eco-friendly, possessing less paperwork means you don’t have to look for it physically. Instead, try to use various software like Microsoft Word or Notepad to track specific business-related work.

Next, using something to elevate your monitor is a surprisingly effective way to increase productivity. Your monitor should be on the desk, but is it too low? Placing a stack of books or a box to elevate it can help you lack an ergonomic office chair. There are several ways to stay at eye-level with your monitor. Bending your neck either up or down isn’t healthy, and that extra stress can inhibit your overall efficiency.

More Office Desk Organizing Tips

4. Summary of the Various Tips

Organizing your desk for productivity can seem like a challenge at first, but you should be fine if you follow these simple tips.

  1. Limit unnecessary clutter

  2. Move wires to a better location

  3. Use labels if possible

  4. Utilize general productivity tips in conjunction with these tips for maximum efficiency

  5. Try to be paper-free

  6. Stay at eye-level with your monitor

All of the above tips can help a remote worker perform more productively. Alongside analyzing your workspace and using a top-notch desk (such as the Autonomous Desk 2), these tips can significantly improve your overall productivity. However, these tips alone cannot guarantee that you can achieve peak productivity.

Summary of the Various Tips

A Desk Alone Cannot Achieve Peak Productivity

While the best sort of desk can notably increase your productivity, you need to practice general tips to achieve the best possible result. This fact heavily ties into tip number four, where you use both general and specific recommendations to work more productively. Organizing your desk for productivity heavily relies on some of the following tips.

A full guide can more easily assist a person in understanding a more productive lifestyle. There are several home office tools available to people if they seek it out! As a full guide, you can find several critical details for a more general overview involving productivity.

A Desk Alone Cannot Achieve Peak Productivity

For example, the best desk set-up in the world cannot help a person achieve peak productivity if they’re constantly distracted. Likewise, a person with a terrible desk can be more productive if they focus solely on their work. Do not expect your desk to be a crutch to fix lousy work habits! Instead, use it to elevate your current good practices! Improvements are surprisingly simple to implement, so try to focus on utilizing them gradually.

Organizing Your Desk For Productivity

By now, you should have a more in-depth understanding of productivity and how a well-organized desk can influence better work. Organizing your desk for productivity can be a lucrative way to get better at your career! More productivity means more opportunities. If you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s always something you can do to improve your workspace.

In addition to the desk itself, you need to figure out some compatible equipment. If the desk you purchase or currently use can only support up to 200 lbs, it won’t be reliable for anything heavier than that. Not all jobs have to worry about that problem. However, it’s always something to keep in the back of your mind.

By organizing your desk for productivity, you should be able to work far more efficiently. However, you might need a chair to best complement your desk. In the scenario you’re using a Autonomous Desk 2, an Autonomous Chair 2 can be a massive boon to your overall productivity. Organizing your desk isn’t just about what’s on it, but it also includes what surrounds it.

desk organizer

Most people ignore the seat they use or the flooring below the desk. These minor oversights can hamper your overall efficiency, so you should try to pay more attention to it. Likewise, adding extra objects like a light source for nighttime can boost your productivity.

The objects placed on your desk and around it can have the greatest influence on your productivity. It isn’t just limited to a comfy seat like the Autonomous Chair 2 (although that does help). If the computer you’re using is slow, then you cannot possibly be productive while remote working. Every object around your desk needs to be well-suited for your work. Not only that, but you need to do proper maintenance on it whenever you can!

Closing Summary

By now, you should be able to organize your desk and its surrounding spaces better to assist you with your work more productively. This complete guide includes some obvious and not so apparent tips and tricks for being better prepared for your remote job. Any remote worker should be able to implement these tips and strategies to reap in the numerous benefits associated with a more productive lifestyle.

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