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A High-quality Ergonomic Office Chair can Improve Workflow

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 25, 2018

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Quality ergonomic office chairs are efficient in providing comfort and support to the back of the person sitting on the chairs. A good support of the back ensures better posture which will keep one focused on his job without worrying about back pains. A desk worker spends long hours sitting on his chair which should be comfortable and not hinder in the task. Most low-quality office chairs are made of low-quality materials and have very fewer options for optimum support. A high-quality ergonomic chair will have a range of motion and adjustment options to help the user adjust the chair to his body and have a correct posture while sitting for long hours.

What constitutes a High-Quality ergonomic office chair

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Provide full back support

Full back support is the most necessary component of any good-quality office chair. Our back is not straight and it needs the back support to be curved at angles that support the curve of the back. It ensures complete support to the back when sitting on the chair for long hours without causing strains and back problems. The productivity of the person depends largely on how comfortable he is in his sitting position. A back support that raises to the shoulder or head level is ideal for best support to the whole spinal cord and prevent any strain on the spines.

Aid in sitting posture

Ergonomic chairs are meant to support the spines and help the user to have a proper sitting posture to avoid strains and back issues. A bad sitting posture can be devastating for the person spending hours sitting on a chair. Proper adjustable system and support are necessary to avoid the user leaning forwards with a forward head posture which can strain the neck muscles. To avoid such situations where the person has to adopt a bad posture due to the chair, a high-quality ergonomic chair is best suited for ideal support and comfort.

Joints should be at 90-degree angle

Studies and researches have revealed the ideal position for our joints while sitting on the chair. Expert suggests that your hips, knees, and ankles be at a 90 degree while sitting in a normal position on an office chair. Ideally, the seat of the chair should adjustable for people with different height to have a proper sitting posture at 90 degrees of the hips with the floor. It also holds true for elbows which should be 90 degrees with the shoulder while working on the keyboard. An ergonomic chair with the adjustable features to perfectly support the joints is ideal for sitting for long hours without causing any strains to the back.

Promote blood circulation

While you are sitting on an office chair for hours at a stretch, it is possible to block out the blood circulation to different parts of the body. Our legs are meant to be moved and they are ones at a high risk of getting lower blood flow while you are sitting on your desk. To promote unobstructed blood flow through the legs, it is ideal for an office chair to have an adjustable height for the seat. A 90-degree angle of the legs does not hinder the blood circulation to the legs while sitting down for hours in a similar position without any movement.

Quality of Upholstery

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You should not avoid the importance of upholstery on an office chair. A person on a desk job is intended to spend hours sitting on an office chair. The seat on which a person spends hours must be comfortable and soft to touch and sit for long hours. High-quality ergonomic office chairs come with upholstery that can adjust to the pressure of a person sitting on it for hours. They are also essential for people with lower back pain and spine issues to have a soft comfortable upholstery to provide comfort and support. Additionally, a good-quality upholstery makes the office chairs look better and stylish which can be a mood booster for the person using it.

Adjust without the use of tools

A quality office chair must be easy to use and provide added functionality to the person sitting on the chair. Ergonomic chairs are better than normal office chairs for the flexibility they provide to adjust the various components to match the body structure of the person. It should be easy to operate and adjust for the users to have a comfortable sitting posture. No one likes a chair that needs tools to adjust the supports. One should be able to adjust any support as and when they like while sitting on the chair without wasting much time and effort. A high-quality ergonomic office chair does come with easily adjustable components for smoother adjustment and support.

Adjustable lumbar support

An adjustable lumbar support is necessary to avoid lower back pains and strain to the lower region of the spine. A low-quality office chair can sometimes have a lumbar support which is fixed or not adjustable. A lumbar support is important to support the natural convex curve of the spine in the lower region. Not everyone is of the same height and thus the curvature will vary greatly from person to person. In order to provide the best support to the lumbar region, an adjustable lumbar support is must in a high-quality ergonomic office chair.

Waterfall design seats are best for comfort

A waterfall design seat can help in providing better support to the knees and hips. It essential mean the shape of the seat pan should be curved down at the front. This curve will allow your knees to have a clearance from the edge of the seat pan. Additionally, the seat should be contoured with a slight depression in the middle and higher sides. This will allow for a better support and comfort to your hips and avoid exerting extra pressure on your hips. The material used in the seat should also be soft and comfortable to sit for long hours without strains.

Varied adjustable option

An ergonomic chair comes with varied adjustment option that allows the user to make changes to the chair according to his body shape. When you are purchasing an office chair you must take into consideration the adjustment options it has for all the directions. An adjustable seat with adjustable back and adjustable armrest will ensure a proper sitting posture.

Normal chairs do have few adjustments like the seat height and backrest but have fixed armrest and lumbar support. More adjustable options make an ergonomic chair high-quality that allows for minute adjustments necessary to provide better support to the body. Adjustable lumbar support is not always present in most chairs but is very necessary to support the lower back and reduce strain in the lower spines.

Encourage movement

A good-quality office chair will allow smooth movement of the body parts for better blood and oxygen circulation across the body parts. Sitting constantly on office chairs can cause hindrance in the blood flow across body parts which can cause numbness. A high-quality ergonomic chair will encourage the body to move along with providing support to the body during movement. Before you decide on buying a new ergonomic chair it is wise to test it for the support while movement of the body parts. Get a chair which will let you move smoothly with optimum support to the body parts.

Proper resting for arms and shoulders

Your arms and shoulders are the two body parts that work the most while you are working on your computer. A proper armrest is necessary for optimum support to your arms and shoulders while working on the computers. Your shoulder blades should align with the side of the body to avoid strain on the shoulders and neck. While using computers and keyboard it is ideal to have a 90-degree angle with the elbows to avoid strain on the arms.

A good-quality ergonomic office chair will have a adjustable armrest that can move up and down and tilt the angle for best comfort. It can offer flexibility to the arm that can help to work for long hours without having a strain on the upper back and neck.

Reclining option

The backrest is great for support to the back with optimum support at angles that needs support while sitting on chairs for long hours. Our back is not straight and has curves at angles which require support to avoid back pain and damage to the spines. The reclining option is great to have in an office chair which allows the user to sit back and recline to relax his back. This option is great to have a relaxing break while you are sitting on chairs for a long time.

A high-quality ergonomic office will allow for comfortable reclining angles to rest your back from sitting straight constantly. Some chairs do offer to fix the reclining angles to even a sleeping position that can act to provide power naps in between stressful working hours.

A footrest is added benefit

A footrest is not always a necessary feature included in the ergonomic chairs but they can be very useful for people of short height. It can raise their foot to a level that allows a good sitting posture with the arms resting parallel to the thighs for a comfortable typing position. It is advisable to have your feet firmly on the floor for better sitting position and avoid strain on the muscles.

Although seats on an ergonomic chair are adjustable it cannot always ensure that the feet are firmly on the ground. A footrest will ensure that the foot is relaxed and firmly on a solid surface to prevent strain on the legs.

Easy maintenance

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A high-quality ergonomic office chair is easy to maintain and keep it in working condition for a longer period of time. Overtime any office chair will accumulate dust and start to deteriorate in functionality. Cleaning it regularly with proper maintenance will ensure that the chair is in good shape. Especially, the joints and wheel are in danger of damage as they have to handle a tremendous amount of pressure constantly. It is necessary for keeping the chairs to have a proper movement that allows for support to the body at optimum angles. A good-quality office chair will provide easy dismantling of the parts for maintenance.

Warranty and repairs

Buying an ergonomic office chair is just the initial step to ensure a healthy working environment in the office. However, keeping them in the right condition and working for a longer time it will need regular maintenance. Some joints and nuts will loosen overtime from constant usage but the repair option and support from the brands will ensure the chairs are in good shape without falling apart too soon. A good brand will ensure that it provides repair support to the chairs even after sales and over the years using the chairs.

Warranty of the chairs is also a consideration for people investing in high-quality expensive ergonomic chairs. Some brands provide a lifetime warranty and other such attractive warranty options to help in maintenance of the chairs over time.

Where can you get a High-Quality Ergonomic Office Chair

There are many options to choose from when it comes to getting an ergonomic office chair. We have some great-quality ergonomic office chairs that are built with quality and comfort in mind. You can always get any one of our chairs and test them out before you decide to keep them permanently. Our range of chairs are made with high-quality materials with support for choosing the best one that is suitable for your need. We also have special discounts for bulk orders.

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The OsmoChair is our most premium office chair that is designed to provide the best support to your body. It has an adjustable leg rest and angled headrest to provide optimum support to the body. It comes at an attractive price of $349 with a 30-day free trial. Keep visiting this space or provide your email ID as we will have some special Black Friday deals and you will not want to miss them.

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