A New Journey with A Standing Teacher Desk: Why Not?
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A New Journey with A Standing Teacher Desk: Why Not?

|Mar 18, 2021

Online distance learning has become a thing nowadays; all those lectures that were delivered at educational institutions can now be delivered online, without you leaving your home. Although some teachers have been doing this for quite a while by now, this method is quite new for some. In such times, a standing teacher desk can help you get the most out of your teaching sessions. However, certain other online teacher supplies are also vital, as they help in making this journey easier for you.

As far as a teaching desk is concerned, people from every profession, including teachers, have shown interest in incorporating it in their workspace. Are you among those teachers who want to know more about a standing desk for teachers?

Voila, this is the place to be. We have compiled all the necessary information that you must be willing to know. So, without any further delay, let's first see what really is a standing desk for teachers.

What is a Standing Teacher Desk?

As the name suggests, it is a standing desk that has an adjustable height. As a teacher, you are aware of the scientific breakthroughs and researches, so you know how significant it is to have intermittent standing while you work. Working too long can be a threat to one’s health and even cause severe muscle pain.

You can find various reliable standing desks online; SmartDesk2, with its robust steel structure, is a durable home office standing desk that you can consider for setting your home office to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

What is a Standing Teacher Desk

Although you only need a laptop or PC to conduct a lecture, to create an ideal teaching zone and ensure you are active even after teaching for longer hours, you need a standing desk.

Standing desks can be pricey at times, so you can adopt any unique way to get a DIY standing teacher desk to get your job done. To ensure you stay most productive throughout your working hours, it is vital that you set your ergonomic workspace right. Luckily, a standing desk helps you do all that.

Since you know what a standing teacher desk really is, you must be thinking how much benefit you can make. We have discussed all its vital benefits below to give you an idea.

How Can a Standing Teacher Desk be Beneficial for Teachers?

As a teacher, you might be in the practice of delivering longer lectures, especially if you are a university professor. This means you will have to spend long hours sitting with your PC. Sitting for long hours can make you obese and susceptible to several health disorders, including diabetes, severe back pain, and heart problems.

However, a standing desk for teachers helps avoid all health problems, hence keep you healthier and productive. Since there are no physical distractions in this mode of teaching, you tend to deliver all lectures with fluency. Thus, your message is conveyed with ease.

Since the standing desk is an office adjustable desk, which means it usually has a motorized system to manage the height, you can conveniently adjust the table's height while you transition your working hours between sitting and standing.

How Can a Standing Teacher Desk be Beneficial for Teachers?

Consequently, it increases your mobility, improving your mental and physical health. Your students even often get bored when you are teaching while sitting at a single place. They might lose interest if you are not looking much interactive; however, a standing desk helps you keep your students more engaged; thus, your hard work pays you off.  

Previously, several people never considered the importance of having an adjustable desk for teachers and are still not aware of how this desk is different from the traditional teaching desk. You should read further if you are interested in knowing what this standing desk can get you that a traditional desk will not.

How is a Standing Teacher Desk Different from the Traditional Teacher Desk?

If you think of the common difference between the two, a standing desk is designed while considering the work ergonomics. That means this desk is designed to promote better health, thus ensure you stay active throughout your working hours. You can increase your productivity with this desk. To ensure maximum mobility, this adjustable desk for teachers has built-in motors that allow you to alter the height of the desk as per your requirement.

How is a Standing Teacher Desk Different from the Traditional Teacher Desk?

On the other hand, a traditional teacher's desk has a fixed height. You do not have the flexibility of movement while working with such a desk. Hence, you spend long hours sitting in a particular place if you are conducting lectures online.

So, the major difference between the two is the provision of mobility that the traditional teacher desk does not offer, but a modern standing teacher desk does.

Pros and Cons of a Standing Teacher Desk

The pros of an adjustable desk for teachers are overwhelming. There are not many known cons of this ideal setup. Few minor ones that you might encounter are listed hereafter the pros.

Pros and Cons of a Standing Teacher Desk

  • icon checkIn the era when sitting is considered as the 'new age smoking', a standing desk for teachers is a life savior. Having intermittent standing while working daily can help you burn 2000 calories per week.
  • icon checkYour brain releases similar chemicals (endorphins) when you work while standing, as it does when you exercise. These happy hormones elevate your mood and make you feel good.
  • icon checkYou feel more energetic this way; thus, you deliver lectures more efficiently.
  • icon checkYou become more productive.
  • icon timesIf you are unable to divide your time between standing and sitting, standing for long hours will also become chronic for you; thus, it makes you suffer from muscle pain.
  • icon timesThe selection of the wrong height can result in severe back pain.
  • icon timesThe standing desks are usually quite expensive.

EndNote for Teachers

We hope that all your common queries regarding the standing desk have been addressed with this article, and you now think of a standing teacher desk worth a try. Such desks are an ideal part of any home office for teachers, and you can use them to easily create progress reports, checking exams, and even delivering lectures.

EndNote for Teachers

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