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A Smart Guide to Shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 10, 2018

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the best time for shopping and getting the essential items at the most incredible prices. Thanksgiving is just a month away. Retailers and shoppers are going to have the best time shopping during Back Friday. The popular retailers have already revealed some parts of their deals and discounts.

As Black Friday is one such time in the year when all the retailers come up with the most incredible deals, a customer should make use of the opportunity to make the most profitable purchases during the time. Here are some of the tips that help the individuals in getting ready for shopping and making the most out of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

1. Make the List

1. Make the List

When Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrives, you should be equipped well to handle the time and make the best out of the opportunity. There is no point of approaching the opportunity without the right tools as it would really spoil the time. Do not blindly shop during the time of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Doing the homework, listing down the items that need to be shopped during the shopping season and shortlisting the items that have got the best deals are some of the things that the customers should focus on for making the best out of the deals.

Shopping without the homework and creation of the list of items that need to be shopped makes one shop for things that may not be necessary. There are also possibilities for missing out some necessary items if one shops without any proper planning and list. The shopping list is also the best way through which one can find out the items that have got the most appealing deals. Identifying the finest deals and then purchasing the items that have got the most appealing discounts makes it really great for a customer during these times.

There are many e-commerce websites and apps that also helps the customers in creating the lists that one wants to purchase during the shopping. Adding the items to the list forehand is a great help in easily purchasing the items that are available at great discounts. Shopping list that is created on an e-commerce website or app also helps one to easily share the same with family or friends to get the items that they want as gifts during ThanksGiving.

2. Ask for Best Price

The Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals should be looked into not just on an e-commerce website but one should check for the deals available at different online retailers as well. A customer should understand that BlackFriday is really a good shopping opportunity and getting stuck with a single retailer would only make them lose the good opportunity to get the most incredible deals available online.

Customers should make use of a good price comparison tool like PriceGrabber, ShopSavvy or Google Shopping for finding out the best price that is available online during the BlackFriday can make the shopping perfect for a customer. Spending the time on your own to find out the best deals manually would be very time consuming and it would be always good to make use of a tool to do the homework. 

The price comparison tool helps in ensuring that no one gets overcharged. The satisfaction of shopping during BlackFriday is to find and use the best deal that is available during the shopping period. Checking some premium membership or reward cards that are available with different online retailers would help in making the most out of the saving seasons. If you have visited a store for shopping during Thanksgiving or Black Friday, it is also good to ask if they can offer the product at a lower price than that from another retailer. Some stores may be willing to provide price matching during holidays.

3. Utilize the Rewards Program

3. Utilize the Rewards Program

The rewards program is another tool that a customer should be equipped with for making most out of any shopping season. The Black Friday or Thanksgiving deals can become really worthy if one explores and utilize the best options available as rewards. Check out the offers that the different credit card company offers.

It is good to do the research and find out the most useful reward programs that are provided by the credit card companies. Check for the best credit card companies in the market and explore their reward programs. Compare the programs, most of them offer cash back or some amount of discounts. The discounts or cash backs may also be dependent on the place from where one shops.

It is good to find out about the reward program and choose what would be most appropriate for you. If you do not find so many options with a retailer, a reward program that offers discounts and deals while purchasing from that retailer would not be of any help to the customers. The credit card reward program that is most useful and profitable should be picked to make the best out of the shopping season.

4. Shopping Early

Black Friday is not a shopping event that lasts for just one day. The best deals and the sales of Back Friday are usually released during the Thanksgiving week. The idea that retailers have is to ensure that they get the best rate of sales during the Black Friday. They also leak out the offers and discounts to ensure that the customers get attracted and visit their shops or websites. They make use of all the promotions to get the attention of the customers and bring a hike up in the sales curve.

The promotions make the deals and discounts much familiar to most of the customers who are looking towards making the best out of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. This creates a lot of demand on certain items that people have an eye on and so it is very hard to get the same. One should start shopping much early so that there is no worry about the items that are in need going out of stock.

Shopping early helps in purchasing whatever one wants in the best possible price possible. The best deals may start from Thanksgiving week and one should look towards it and also buy whatever is required, much before the items go out of stock or no more on the deal. Think about shopping at the earliest for making use of the best deals and buying the required items.

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5. Doorbuster Sales

5. Doorbuster SalesThe doorbuster sales are always popular during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It may not be always a good option. The doorbuster sales are usually put forward to attract people to the shop so that the retailers can sell some other items in the shop. The doorbuster sales are usually announced during early hours of a day and so the sale can really be useful to you only if you reach the place on time and you are one of the first few in the queues.

If you are late for a doorbuster sales, spending time there would not do any favor as, by the time the turn comes, the item that is on doorbuster sales would not be available at all. Most of the shops that go for doorbuster sales, would not have a lot of stock of the item that is on doorbuster sales. Doorbuster sales are mostly used as a promotion by retailers and so one should go with it only if they reach the place right on time.  

6. Using Social Media

Social media is always the place that can offer the maximum amount of information. Most of the popular retailers have their Facebook pages that are filled with information about the sales, discounts, and offers they have for the Thanksgiving and black Friday. If one needs to know about the sales and discounts much on time then the best way to do so is by liking the facebook page of the retailer as it would give the information earlier than one can imagine. Getting the information right away can easily help one call to action, thereby, making a lot out of the Black Friday deals that are available in the market.

The social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are very active platforms that one can follow and use to have instantaneous information about the new discounts and offers available from different retailers. Getting information as early as possible is what a customer should try to do so that the Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals can be utilized well.

It is quite possible that the retailers may even make use of Instagram for revealing any secret coupon codes or for previewing the deals. It is advised to be available on all the social media platforms so that the customers get the information much on time for utilizing the available deals and discounts during the shopping time. A customer should try to use all the platforms that are capable of providing information about the sales as soon as possible.

7. Protect from Data Breaches

Data breaches are very common incidents, especially during the shopping seasons. The customers should be well aware of the different security issues that they might have to face during the shopping time of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The customers should decide the gadget that they would use for shopping. The gadget that they choose for shopping should be protected with the right kind of software so that any malware is identified along with any malicious activities.

Another important aspect to take care for staying away from the malicious activities and identity thefts is to limit the usage of the credit card. Choose a credit card that one would use throughout the shopping season so that the identity thefts can be avoided. It is also possible to use cards and avoid any issues with respect to online transactions but not utilizing the benefits of credit card would make the Shopping season incomplete.

There are many credit card services that offer additional safety features that would help the customers in getting the rewards and discounts without the threat of any security issues. Before the shopping season starts, find the credit card that provides the best rewards and the security features that are very convincing.

8. Know the Return Policies

8. Know the Return Policies

The return policies of various retailers need to be explored on to find out the ones that can be very reliable for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. There is no point of buying from a retailer that does not allow to return the items. Purchasing from online shops would be a solution only if the online retailers have return policies.

It is advised to check how the item works so that if there are issues, return policy can be utilized to get the money back or get the item replaced. Being unaware of the return policy and not checking whether the item bought from the retailer is working can put the customer in great trouble. A customer should go through the return policy of the retailer well to understand about it before buying the product. It would always help in not getting into any issues.

It is the best shopping opportunity that one should make use of in a year to get the necessary items at the most incredible prices. Thanksgiving and Black Friday can be utilized effectively if one is prepared well for it. Equipping oneself with the right kind of tools and necessary information could make the shopping a very effective one that would help in saving quite a lot. Compare and find the best deals and utilize the best reward programs for a shopping that is very effective and profitable. Make the upcoming shopping festival the best by utilizing all the tools that are available.

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